The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 10

Donovan’s POV

Darkness. Pure darkness. However I didn’t feel alone. I knew someone, something was there. But it was hiding.

‘You have good instincts my son’

A man approached me. He had dark brown hair which was shaved down short. He was extremely tall and muscular and dressed in black looking powerful but friendly. What appealed to me the most was his deep orange eyes with red streaks, just like mine.

‘What just happened?’

The Change my son, let me explain ′


‘So your telling me that I’m half bear and I’m apart of a process called a the Change were two different species fall in love?’

‘Yes but there is more to it than you think’

‘Why me?’

‘You are not alone my son. Don’t worry they will find you, this is just the Change taking form. Good luck my son, make our people proud.’

He left leaving me now alone in darkness. That was my father. The God of Power. I’m half bear and have to go looking for my other mate because its what I was destined for?

Emotions ran through me rapidly. Mom, what would she do without me, she wasn’t safe. My job, that I have now lost, was all I had to pay the bills. My secret other side is now released to the world what was going to happen to me? Why can’t I wake-

Light burst through the dark hole that surrounded me causing me to blink uncontrollably and block the beams with my hand. When my eyes finally adjust I look around. I’m in a blank room and I can sense people watching me though there are solid walls up with no windows or doors. There is only a small hole in the wall which had a plate of food sitting next to it. I shuffled over and pick up the food. It was raw meat.


‘Okay, I’m sorry but who are you?’

’I am Cratus. Your bear side'

'And how long have you been there'

'Always now can we eat'

'I can't eat that I'll get food poisoning'

'Just shift'

I concentrated on my bear form before my bones cracked and I felt the fur grow from my skin. I looked down seeing paws and smiling at how easily I can become such a feared predator. Cratus took over slightly running straight for the meat and gobbling it down.

'Why can I sense people watching?'

We looked up and around the room and I scratched at the walls.

'A one way window'

I growled. Someone was watching us, observing us. We must have been captured after the accident.

'Let me talk to them Cratus'

I shifted immediately bones cracking back into place. I looked around the room not seeing anything but the grey paint.


No response. My words echoed through the room bouncy back at me across the walls as if mocking me for talking to myself, but I trusted my instincts and I trusted Cratus. He was apart of me after all.

I sat on the floor facing my back against a wall. I didn't realize I fell asleep until someone was shacking me awake.

'Donovan right?'

My eyes rested on the figure. It was a woman with dark silky black hair, light fair skin and her deep purple eyes. Her hand reached out to me and I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes. What had just happened? How did she get in here? Who was she?

'Don't worry I'm here to help you. I'm here to bring us all together. To complete The Change.'

I didn't need another word. If she knew about this then she could be trusted and somehow I sensed that she was telling the truth.

'Mate is close'

'What do you mean?'

Cratus didn't answer so I just took the girls hand and got up. What did mate mean? And is it good that its close?

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