The Trespasser

By amyjowhite All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 9

Unknown POV

I walked down the street getting ready for work. I was already late from a crazy dream I had last night. My arms ached and my eyes were begging me to rest but I couldn't. If I missed work today I would be fired and I couldn't let that happen.

I walked inside after finally doing my tie and tucking in my shirt.

'Good morning honey, free for lunch?'

Great Michelle. I hated her. She was always trying to get my attention and I wasn't interested. I only cared about boxing, dealing with my anger management and my mum.

'Sorry Michelle I'm busy'

'Oh ok I drop by and get you some coffee then'

Uggghh. I mentally groaned. I quickly passed her almost running into my small cubical. I immediately started up my computer and got to work, I was so behind.

'Late again?'

It was my boss, aka the most annoying man I had ever met. He would always pick on me because apparently I steal all the girls. Its not my fault, I want noting to do with them anyway.

'Sorry sir I-'

'Just get to it'

I didn't answer back. I had been in so many fights in the past and I was't prepared to start another one. I just clenched my fists and stared out the window to calm myself. The Canadian scenery was beautiful. The city was amazing this time of year, I loved living in Toronto.

'It really is amazing isn't it'

I turn around to see Michelle standing there. She looked ridiculous. Her skirt was so short it wasn't needed and her blouse revealed way too much cleavage even showing her bright red bra. Her gold hair was now down in waves and her green eyes stared at me with lust. Why can she not get the point?

'What do you want Michelle?'

She was frustrating me by the second and I was clenching my fists so hard that I could feel blood trickle down my palms.

'I just got you some coffee and I was wondering if you were free tonight?'

'No. I told you I'm not interested and I'm seeing my mum tonight.'

It was true my mum was in hospital and it didn't look good. She was attacked 3 days ago and since then I have been by her side constantly. It also started up my weird dreams and my anger issues got worse.

'Oh come on, I know you want me. Just stop lying about your mum and spend one night with me. You wont regret it I promise.'

She winked and thats when I lost it. she thought I would make that up and then ditch my mum over her?!

I stood up feeling a burning feeling in my head. I could feel shoots of burning blood burst through my body causing me to tremble and fall to my knees.


Sounds around me were muffled and thats when I heard the voice.



'No, Its just me'

'Whats happening to me?'

'You are shifting'

Crunching bones, ripping of clothes and the growl of thunder echoed through my ears and I look down seeing chocolaty brown fur. My paws were massive with sharp black claws which could cut through flesh easily. Then I looked down at Michelle. She had fallen to the ground trembling with fear before she screamed.



Adela's POV

Me and Otho were walking down the side of the nearest human town in our shifted form. According to Otho we were now in Canada and I could tell it was colder but beautiful. We looked out into the town and found a small charity shop on the side.

His green eyes stared into mine and then back at the shop. He wanted to go inside. I nodded and we walked over to the shop. It was empty and the owner must have locked up but we had our ways, well Otho had his spells.

He shifted and read out very complex enchantments till I heard a click and the door creaked open.

It was a small shop and very dusty. There was toys, books, jewelry, clothes and knick knack collectibles.

'Otho what are we doing?'

He looked back at me smirking.

'Well as much as I'd love to see you naked its best we wear some clothes.'

I blushed realizing the state I was in. I walked over to some clothes trying to find some that I liked. There was some great stuff in there and I enjoyed picking clothes. In the end I picked a baby blue silky top with black washed jeans that I rolled at the ends with fake converse and a black body warmer and scarf.

I walked around the corner seeing Otho in jeans and a maroon v neck and brown climbing boots. He was reading a news paper left on the desk and seemed deep in thought.

I walked up behind him and place one hand around his neck and the other through his hair resting my head on his back.

'What ya reading?'

His heart beat was getting faster which made me smirk. I loved how I made nervous.

'I think we have found ourselves the son of the god of power.'

Me and Otho had read through the newspaper and even found some books in the library down the street on mythical gods and goddesses of the supernatural. There was 6.

The Goddess of Wisdom (Otho's Mum)

The Goddess of Trust (My Mum)

The God of Trust

The God of Power

The Goddess of Elegance

The God of Pain

It was getting dark outside and me and Otho were getting tired. ran back into the woods taking off our clothes and shifting. When we found a place to sleep, a rocky area around a cliff and a lake, I snuggled up close to him and then I realized. I hadn't marked Otho yet. But did I want to mark Otho? Did he want to mark me?

The Newspaper Report

Camersons Catastrophe

This Morning in Camersons Inc. it was reported that a bear unusually appeared in the offices causing a huge commotion. Many were injured during the bears angry attack and are all recovering in Toronto's General Emergency Clinic.

A witness, Michelle Border 23, gave us a description of the scene. 'It was my co-worker. I came to get him coffee and he started shacking uncontrollably and I ran to get help. When I returned a huge bear stood in his place as if he was the bear himself.'

The Co-workers name was Donovan Hollow 19 and hasn't been sighted since the accident occurred. Is their supernatural in Toronto?

Until further information the police have kept the bear in our most qualified science lab who will determine the final results. Are the fairy tales true? Are there others out there?

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