Nightshade - The Pure Blood Angel

By DaisyMayeG All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action


Aneska Monroe, six years ago she fled to the human world and vowed never to step foot in the nightshade realms again, otherwise known as Belladonna. Her unique skill set makes her a target to all the nightshade creatures, from strong celestial warriors to rabid and ruthless demons. They want her power! Although her story is long forgotten by those who once hunted her day and night, she must still constantly watch her back and cover her tracks. The death of her parents is a big loss to bare. Too many identities for too many jobs, too many personalities and way to many secrets to bury. Aneska just moved to Leeds, a city in the northern part of England, her full time job is to keep her head down and be anyone else except herself. Hiding what she truly is will aid her in surviving the human world. Along the way she is hunted by those who are curious yet dangerous, maybe even a little spark will ignite inside Aneska telling herself to trust this supernatural kingdom of angelic warriors and the new generation of council members that claim to lead her to a life where she will no longer need to look over her back.



Belladonna, also known as Deadly Nightshade, poisonous and possibly lethal! There’re just two of the names that are given to the ancient realms that hide under human societies noses, these realms are inhabited by many species beyond what science and modern technology can explain. That is why it remains hidden and away from the greedy minds of people.

My name is Aneska, Aneska Lotis Monroe, i’m 18 years old. I guess my true identity is just one of the secrets above all the others I have. It’s hard to fit in. Hard to survive in the world of humans, but I have become accustomed to their ways over the years and now blend in perfectly, although I admit I still struggle from time to time.

My parents died protecting me from the angel blooded hunters, once they found out I was...unique that was when they all came after me, I became the biggest target in the nightshade realms. That was at the age of seven, after that day I fled to the human world and over the years made and become many identities, travelled to vast amounts of countries and cities, rural to urban lands. But throughout 11 years of running, I haven’t once stepped back into the nightshade realms...willingly.

I earn cash by doing quick jobs that require easy skills like singing gigs, selling my artwork, sometimes I even find myself entering dance battle competitions. The pay isn’t much for basic mundane skills like that but it helps. Along with all the different personalities and identities I have for each job, it’s pretty basic stuff to stay on top off. Although about 2 years ago I got pulled into crime organisations and gangs that admire my very specific skill set. These people still don’t know my true identity...or anything about me really, and I prefer to keep it that way. I’m not proud of the things I do for these criminals but if that means surviving then i’m in, and they know that.

It’s best to keep moving from town to town, avoiding those who hide their true selves from the humans. I even sailed around the Mediterranean sea for a few months, secluded and safe, but that sadly could never last forever. As I grew up, the creatures of the 3 realms slowly forgot and gave up the hunt, although i’m never going to be free of running, I see and recognise the different creatures that visit the human realm all the time, they are always there, lurking, hiding in the shadows but i’m just a forgotten story to them, which is a good thing of course. A single scent of myself is an alarm bell, so I cover my tracks and keep my head down.

The nightshade world is split into three different realms, the shadow realm tends to “stay in the shadows”, the creatures of the night is what their called. They keep to themselves but are very possessive of their own lands, only visiting the humans when it’s necessary.

The celestial realm or the angelic realm, take up most of the portals around the world, its highly populated and very hard to infiltrate or escape. The highest tech and fastest cars are only a small part of these combined kingdoms, I guess you can say their the most humane. These creatures, are all about order and peace, that can bring the brightest light into the darkest places. They are half angelic, which means those born with even the slightest bit of angel blood are a descendant of the ancient, god-like angels that used to guard our lands. Unfortunately angels are extinct...

Many ancient kingdoms lay in this realm, lead by the ones with the most angelic blood. leaders control the kingdoms with strength, but over the years the angelics have become more power hungry, starting wars and taking more land, advancing greatly because of their strength. They simply lost the ways of the angels after the pure bloods went extinct.

Then there’s the demonic or so called spirit realm, it’s pretty self explanatory due to the name. Chaos normally springs there at first, but then it can spread like a plague. Just a simple outburst of demonic energy and all hell will break loose....literal hell!

The creatures there are foul and rabid, but there is a strong civilisation of demon bloods that rule a kingdom, they can be fair but also ruthless, taking no pity and mercy to those who defy their rules or even those of opposite blood that step foot into the kingdom ran by the darkness.



Thanks for clicking on my book, i’m going to try and post often enough but I am in college so work is up to my head at the moment. I just love to put my ideas out there.

This prologue is the basic stuff i’m going to give you but throughout the story things will unravel, new creatures and worlds will be introduced as we go and things will become clearer. My work can sometimes become quite confusing so if you have any questions then please ask.

It would be amazing if you commented suggestions for extra scenes or characters, or if anyone had any covers or art to send me then please do. It takes a lot to write these so i’m going to try my hardest ;)

Thank you xxx

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