The Alpha's Call

By Bianca Alejandra All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 5- Gossip

I watched Sebastian carefully as he weighed my request. It was a simple one but I didn’t know him enough to say he would help. He bit his lip contemplating the situation.

“You want me to help your ex-boyfriend?” he asked annoyed.

“Please?” I pouted, hoping it would work.

Teresa had used the technique on several of her conquests throughout the years and it astounded me how well it worked for her.

I continued, “He knows he heard his mate. He felt it. How would you feel if you weren’t able to have found me?”

He looked at me skeptically as if that would ever happen to him. Thankfully, It wasn’t long before he agreed, albeit hesitantly.

He ran his hand through his already messy hair. “I guess we could go through the roster of wolves currently on our lands. It might take a while, but it’s a start. I’ll have Caius check in with the other pack Alpha’s to see if any of their members have been unclaimed by their mate.”

I let out a sigh of relief. For a second, I didn’t think he’d agree.

“Thank you, Sebastian,” I exhaled.

“I’ll help him get started tomorrow.”

I nodded gratefully.

“Oh and tomorrow you’ll be meeting my ranking officers and other close members in the pack.”

I gulped heavily. I’d wanted to meet them, but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t be a nervous wreck.

“Okay,” I said sounding more confident than I felt.

“Don’t worry, It’ll be fine,” he reassured me, obviously picking up on my emotions through the bond.

It would only get stronger once we marked each other and did the deed. I wondered what it would be like to be bedded by him, to be touched and kissed by him.

His eyes darkened as he sniffed the heady scent I was giving off. A seductive growl rumbled through his chest. It only encouraged the already pulsing heat below. I moved to back away from his advancement, only to be met by the bed.

His pupils were dilated and brighter than any two stars in the night’s sky. I scrambled onto the edge of the bed, ready to run if I needed to. I was willing to work on our relationship but that didn’t mean I was ready to sleep with him. Even though, my body was saying the opposite.

He stopped a foot from the edge of my bed, eyeing me from head to toe. The heavy feel of his gaze scorched everywhere it landed.

After another second of visually undressing me, he shook his head and backed away.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Lyla,” he breathed as he turned towards the door.

He gave me one last look before shutting it firmly behind him.

I exhaled and let myself fall onto the soft bedding.

Every second in his presence was a moment that could lead to weakness, that could lead to letting myself go and letting him ravage me the way I wanted him to.

Even out of his presence my mind thought naughty and delicious things that we could do to each other.

Several loud thumps against the wall from the room next door pulled me out of the dirty scenarios playing out in my head. The big bad wolf was huffing and puffing it seemed. The walls were virtually soundproof so I wasn’t able to hear what Sebastian was rambling about.

A door slammed and a moment later a quick knock on my door had me scrambling off the bed. I leaned against my door and listened, waiting for Sebastian to say something. I had no doubt it was him on the other side, his heartbeat in sync with mine.

He whispered roughly through the door. “Please control your thoughts for the time being. I can feel your emotions if they’re strong enough and right now they’re screaming at me through the bond. I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay away if you don’t,” he said, not leaving any room to misinterpret his meaning.

I swallowed forcefully. The beat of his heart moved away from me and I knew I was alone again.

I raced to the restroom and quickly threw myself in the shower, drenching my body in cold water. I let out a sigh of relief as my mind calmed itself. After, I dressed quickly for bed and let my eyes fall closed, allowing the sway of sleep to pull me into a new day.

“Wake up, Lyla. I don’t have all day to dedicate to waking your ass up.” Teresa’s voice was annoying in the morning. “Sebastian is holding your meet in an hour,”

I groaned as I tossed away the covers, making sure to make my distaste known. I mumbled curses underneath my breath and scowled the whole way to the restroom.

“Look here, Chica. I don’t need your attitude this morning. If you don’t want to go meet your fine ass man, then I will,” she grinned, looking down at her gold painted nails.

Her mischief was clear as I gazed at her in the mirror from the restroom. I growled loudly, knowing she heard me if her laughter was any indication.

“Don’t you have a mate to see to?” I mumbled as I brushed my teeth, but she heard me.

“I already saw Reed this morning and he’s busy with his pack at the moment,” she sighed happily.

“Already? It’s so early,” I said as I dried my face with one of the many white hand towels in the restroom.

“Girl, it’s nearly noon,” she laughed.

I wandered out of the restroom, astonished that I’d managed to sleep so late. I had to blame it on the massive bed and its soft bedding.

I eyed my bed.

“If my room had a bed like that I’d probably have slept late too,” she assured me. “Unless there was another reason why you were so tired,” she grinned, wiggling her eyebrows up and down in a suggestive manner.

I threw her a flat look. Her banter would be the death of me. I should have been used to it after all our years together, but it felt different when it was about Sebastian. It rubbed me the wrong way.

I ignored her and began ruffling through my clothes that had been neatly hung in the closet and folded in the dressers. I really hoped it wasn’t Matthew who went through my things.
I could just imagine him folding my underthings. I cringed internally.

I quickly glanced at Teresa in hopes of figuring out what to wear but I should have known better than to look at her outfit as a standard for the day. She wore a pink leather skirt that covered just enough of her ass to be considered passable and a white camisole. Her long thick hair was pulled into a sleek high top bun. Her face was painted masterfully and she wore it well but that wasn’t me.

I sighed and returned my gaze to my closet. What does one wear to meet their future pack?

I pulled out a pair of high waisted skinny jeans, a simple v-neck shirt, and my combat boots. I didn’t miss the grimace Teresa gave my clothes. I quickly changed and allowed Teresa to tame my hair into two french braids.

Before she could ask about makeup I shook my head. Her small pink lips landed in a pout. Instead, I only allowed myself time for mascara and eyeliner.

The smell of a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit was calling my name. My nose lifted in the air and followed the scent to Teresa’s bag.

She smirked. “I wondered how long it would take you to find the food.” She pulled it out and tossed it at me. “It’s a good thing you don’t wear lipstick or you’d have ruined it with that first bite.”

I made no effort to talk as I devoured my food. Her nose wrinkled at my manners but who was she kidding? We were werewolves, animalistic by nature. We ate as a pack and that wasn’t a pretty picture. This was pretty tame compared to that. At times it seemed she forgot about our other half.

It wasn’t like it was in all the werewolf books we’d read where human and wolves were both separate entities. We were one and the same. When we shifted it was only our thoughts. The body of the wolf was our body. We were the Goddess’s children and she loved her creation.

Or she used to. I really hoped that this year’s startling amount of mates meant that we were finally getting back in her good graces.

I washed my hands and cleaned the oil stains from the sausage patty from around my lips before heading out with Teresa.

Just as we were about to descend the steps to the second floor, voices drifted up towards us. They weren’t voices we recognized but that wasn’t what stopped us. It was their topic of conversation, half breeds.

“They say half breeds infiltrated the grounds last night and that they didn’t realize it until after the moon party finished,” one whispered.

The other made a noise as if she didn’t believe it. They continued walking until they were out of sight.

I looked at Teresa who looked as surprised as I did. She shrugged her shoulders. She hadn’t heard that rumor.

If there was any truth to what we just heard then it meant half breeds had snuck onto Royal pack land without Sebastian’s knowledge. Either there was a serious flaw in their security protocols or there was someone helping them from the inside. Both made my insides cringe.

There was nothing inherently wrong with half breeds but their makers were a different thing. No civilized wolf would break the rules on the half chance that their bite would turn a human. It had to have been rogues. If rogues were pulling their strings then their presence on Royal pack lands was a problem.

We continued our descent to the ground floor in search of Sebastian or Caius.

Just as I was about to move onto the next room, Teresa’s face clouded over. She was being mind-linked. A part of me felt sad that I was no longer allowed to connect to my pack that way. It was a lonely feeling.

“I have to go Lyla but my father would like to see you later today if you have the chance,” she said giving both my cheeks kisses before she turned and hurried out of the room.

I wondered what they’d said to her that had her leaving in such a rush.

I turned to open the swinging door to what I assumed was the kitchen. I could hear several voices laughing and joking just on the other side of it.

But again, their topic of conversation held me behind the thick swinging door.

A male voice spoke up. “I hear our new Luna is fucking hot.”

I cringed.

Voices mumbled under their breath, not liking the way the male was talking about me.

One of them spoke up, a woman. “You shouldn’t speak of our Luna this way. Alpha Sebastian wouldn’t like it.”

A voice scoffed, speaking in a soft southern accent. “Hot? I heard she was ugly, not much to look at. She’s probably not even a worthy warrior to be considered for the position of Luna.”

The female voice was layered with more than just curiosity, with a vileness that made my stomach uneasy. Her opinions were personal.

His chest pressed up against my back. I should have realized he was close by but I was so engrossed in their opinions that I hadn’t heard him sneak up on me.

I dared not move. He leaned down and inhaled my scent at the base of my earlobe.

I gasped.

I fought to control my raging hormones and the instant pool of wet heat that seemed to be a constant occurrence at his proximity.

He purred seductively into the base of my neck. He started to say something but was interrupted by a voice on the other side of the door, it was the same male as before.

“I don’t know. Someone said they saw our potential Luna right before she shifted last night and that her body gave him an instant hard-on.”

My mouth fell open. I didn’t even get the chance to take in Sebastian’s expression before his loud growl roared through the house. He pushed open the door and stared into the eyes of the small crowd in the giant kitchen. They all surrounded the huge island that was piled high with all sorts of breakfast foods.

I scurried in after Sebastian. He stormed over the vulgar male and picked him up by the scruff of his collar. Sebastian’s canines elongated and I was sure if I could see his eyes they’d be glowing.

Everyone in the room looked on, not bothering to stand up for the male. No one except, a golden blonde, blue-eyed beauty. She placed her dainty hand on Sebastian’s forearm, inciting a growl from him, but he hadn’t pushed her away.

One of the many strings of my heart was being pulled in an uncomfortable way. I didn’t like this female or the casualness of her touch on my mate.

My canines began to slide out as a growl made its way past my chest. My gaze was zeroed in on the hand on my mate and the female that held it there.

Several heads turned in my direction but none of them held my attention like the blue-eyed she-wolf.

Her eyebrow rose in surprise as she took me in and she reluctantly lifted her hand from Sebastian’s arm, but she didn’t move away from him. Instead, she turned her gaze on him once again. “He was only gossiping, Sebastian. Let him down,” she purred.

He didn’t listen to her, instead, he pushed the male roughly against the nearest wall. The smell of fear oozed from the young man. He quickly turned his head, showing his neck in submission to his Alpha.

It was wrong to be turned on by the situation and the big bad wolf’s violent actions but something about it made something in the pit of my stomach flutter.

I slowly walked up to Sebastian and laid my hand over the exact spot the female had touched, wanting to remove her scent from his body. The action wasn’t missed by her narrowed eyes.

“Sebastian,” I said loudly. “Let him down.”

Not even a second later, the man fell to the floor in a heap, and the room exhaled a breath I hadn’t realized they were holding.

Without a word to the members of his pack, he took my hand and pulled me out of the room and led me to an office somewhere on the first floor. He slammed the door behind me and began pacing the room.

“Sebastian,” I said impatiently. “What’s wrong?”

He turned on me, eyes blazing. In a rush, he picked me up and sat me on the mahogany desk behind him. His breathing was erratic and heavy. His blue eyes gazed down at me, full lips slightly parted.

“Can I kiss you?” he asked.

The question shocked me. A part of him wanted to mark me as his.

I shook my head no although I really really wanted it. If he had taken the kiss without asking, I wouldn’t have fought him and I think he knew that. He was giving me the choice to move onto the next step in our relationship. His masculine hands gripped my thighs as he laid his forehead on my own. His pupils shifted from side to side behind his closed eyelids. The irregular beat of his heart finally reached a stable rhythm.

“I’m sorry you heard that,” he exhaled, finally looking at me. He removed his forehead from mine. “It wasn’t the first impression I wanted to give you of my pack.”

“It’s fine, Sebastian.”

“It’s not,” he disagreed. “How much more of that kind of talk did you hear before I showed up?”

“Not much,” I lied.

He groaned. The smell of the lie heavy in the air around us. His hands no longer gripped my thighs but the thumbs of his hands were now rubbing soothing circles on my inner thighs.

I needed to change the subject and get away from him. His nearness was making it difficult to think and there was something I wanted to discuss with him so instead of pulling him to me like I wanted, I pushed him away and jumped off the desk.

I turned to face him. He now leaned against the desk I was sitting on and watched me.

I inhaled, readying myself for the possible answer he’d have to my question. “Who is the woman with the golden hair to you?”

If she was anything near to what I had with Caspian I was sure I’d lose it and start trashing the place but I held back, waiting for his answer.

His eyes widened and he moved a step away from the desk and began to pace the area ahead of it. The answer wasn’t going to be a good one.

The pain in his eyes was clear. Another of my heartstrings was being pulled. I crossed my arms in front of my chest as if they would protect me from the pain I was about to feel.

“She’s my fiance. Was my fiance,” he added quickly.

And I lost it.

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