The Alpha's Call

By Bianca Alejandra All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 11- Silas

Two days had passed since I’d last seen Sebastian and I was feeling the withdrawal of his presence. He and some of the pack’s warriors had gone to patrol the outer borders of pack territory. I was left to oversee the rest of the details for the upcoming Mating Ball. With only two days to go my hands were in constant motion. Magnolia and I had somehow managed to get work done. It was probably due to the fact that I had been working with Teresa instead.

Magnolia split the list of remaining things that needed to get done before the ball and I gladly jumped at the opportunity of working with anyone but her.

I enjoyed working on the list but I was looking forward to a short reprieve when Sebastian finally made it back. Which was why I paced anxiously along the southern edge of the pack house, waiting for the pack warriors to trickle in.

The first naked males walked towards the house and I quickly averted my gaze. They had no qualms over their lack of clothing. They chatted animatedly while I tried not to blush. I needed to work past my squeamishness if I wanted to fit in here.

A howl tore through the conversations around me and my heartbeat skyrocketed. Sebastian was calling for me. My excitement got the best of me and I tore out of my clothes and shifted. I hated doing that since clothes cost me some of my hard earned money but my enthusiasm was too much to contain.

A couple of the warriors chuckled as I raced by them. It wasn’t long before I collided with Sebastian. We nipped at each other’s heels and rolled around on the moss covered ground. I soaked in his presence, filling in the hole of his absence. He nibbled at my neck while I pulled at his ear with my teeth.

A trickling sound caught my attention, water. I nibbled his ear, playfully tugging, before trotting in the opposite direction of the pack house, towards the water source. We raced, bumping bodies and enjoying the freedom of the run.

We reached the edge of a stream with algae covered boulders scattered throughout, water flowing freely over and around them. I lowered my muzzle to the ground and drank, Sebastian at my side. Once I had my fill, I moved to watch him. His black coat was more than one color with specks and stripes of gray and white throughout. He was magnificent, all muscle and power. The white patch of fur around his eye, eye-catching.

He took advantage of my distracted mind and quickly turned. He lowered his front quarters to the ground, wagging his tail. I tilted my head in amusement.

He wanted to play. I was about to spring into action when a smell caught my attention. Sebastian’s ears flicked to the right, hearing something I must have missed. The smell couldn’t be mistaken.


My fur stood on edge, waiting for Sebastian to decide our course of action. I wished I had already been inducted into the pack. Mind lynching would have come in handy right now. Sebastian looked into the distance and back at me, torn. He didn’t want to put me at risk.

So I decided for him.

I tore off through the woods at my top speed, towards the harsh scent of rogues. I could feel Sebastian’s anger at my actions but I could also sense a deep-rooted fear that made me want to stop and apologize.

I pushed the thoughts aside. We needed to find the rogues. It would lead to Caspian’s mate. I was sure of it. I hoped.

What I didn’t understand was how the rogues managed to get onto pack land again without being noticed. Sebastian and the pack warriors had just returned from the territory lines.

I had a few seconds lead on Sebastian but he had quickly caught up. We followed the scent to a grove of trees in the middle of a bare tract of the woods.

The rogues were gone but they had definitely been here. I was ready to follow the scent but Sebastian whined, pulling my attention. He trotted to a tree a few feet back and shifted. I took in his toned legs, sculpted torso, and swoon-worthy backside before I pretended to look away.

“Lyla. Shift,” he said as he pulled a bag from the burrow of a tree.

He slipped on a pair of grey sweats.

Hmm, convenient. I wondered why Alpha Hugo hadn’t thought of this. “We leave bags of clothes stashed around pack land,” he said confirming my thoughts as he laid a tank and sweats at my paws.

He stared at me impatiently. I growled at him to turn away. He sighed, exasperated, but looked away, clearly understanding my meaning. I let the shift come and hurriedly slipped into the clothes.

“Why aren’t we following their scent? I asked.

He turned to face me and I was shocked to see the simmering anger in his eyes. “Don’t ever do that again?” he whispered roughly.

“What? I knew you would have asked me to return to the pack house. I wanted to help so I didn’t give you the chance to do just that. And besides, you can’t tell me...”

He was on me before I could finish that sentence. My back hit the trunk of a nearby tree, all air left my lungs. His canines were poised at the base of my neck, not piercing my skin.

I shivered, torn between arousal and anger.

Anger won.

I shoved him off me, moving him only an inch, but enough to scramble away. His blue eyes were wild with lust and fury.

I narrowed my gaze at him. “I am your Luna. I will not be treated this way.”

He roared. “And I am your Alpha. Learn your place.”

I recoiled a bit at his words but I steeled myself and straightened my spine. “I know my place and it is by your side, not behind you. I will never be second rate to a man. I’ll help you run the pack. I will defer to you when it comes to decisions because as you said you are Alpha but I will not go along with your order blindly because of that title. Or will I do something I do not agree with. I will offer my advice and I expect that you consider it as you would your Beta’s. I know respect and trust come with time and I hope to earn it but not this way. I will not blindly follow. I will not accept your rough handling of my body when you are angry, whether it be accidental or purposely.”

Sebastian opened his mouth to speak but I rushed on. “I let the incident in my room with Caspian slide thinking something like that wouldn’t be the norm but here you are again thrusting me into a tree.”

I breathed rapidly, my heart racing. “Get a hold of yourself, Alpha.”

Sebastian’s tense shoulders fell. The anger drained from his face, leaving him deflated, but in an instant, he was on alert again.

The stink of sulfur and sage hit our nose a second before the slow applause caught our ears.

A dark sensual laugh followed. “Well Bastian, I see the Moon Goddess gave you a feisty one.”

Sebastian bristled and quickly pulled me behind him.

“Silas,” he growled.

I peered around Sebastian. A young man stood casually leaning against a tree, hands in his black leather jacket. He waved and grinned.

Sebastian growled again. “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, you know. A little of this and a little of that,” he said, running a hand through his dark locks.

Sebastian was edging the territory between human and wolf, his beast just beneath the surface of his skin, waiting to wreak havoc.

“Can’t I visit my best friend?” Silas asked.

I inhaled sharply. This was Sebastian’s best friend. The one who had murdered his parents and several pack members? Silas heard my intake of breath.

“Oh you’ve heard of me then, sweetheart?” he asked, amused. “I didn’t think Bastian remembered me anymore. He never calls. He never writes.”

I growled.

His chest rumbled. “Sebastian always had a sweet spot for the feisty ones. I honestly thought he’d end up with darling Magnolia. Those two were hot and heavy back in the day.”

My heart faltered.

Silas’s grin spread from ear to ear, catching the missed beat.

“You need to leave Pack Land,” demanded Sebastian, the Alpha’s command laced into the words.

“Oh Sebby boy, you know that won’t work on me, “ he tsked. “Don’t worry though, I’m leaving. I just wanted to lay my eyes on the woman who is going to bring my long thought out plans to fruition.”

Sebastian slowly stalked closer to Silas, making sure to keep me behind him.

“I should be going now but I should offer my congratulations. She is one fine piece of ass.”

Sebastian pounced but Silas was already gone, disappearing into the folds of the world, leaving behind wisps of sulfur and sage.

As soon as I thought he was gone, he reappeared fifty yards away in the opposite direction. “Oh and Bastian, If I were you, I’d hold onto her because a little birdy told me she has a second chance mate wandering around your pack house. Oh but wait, you already knew that. Didn’t you Sebby?”

He winked in my direction. “I’ll be seeing you soon, gorgeous.”

And with that he was truly gone, turning my world upside down.

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