Lacia D'Opidium

By Miguel Angel Ojera All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi

Chapter 8

A few days ago, perhaps 6-7 days ago by now. I had decided, for my mother’s sake, to help get food for the village. It was not because my father asked me to, nor was it because of my preoccupation of the future of the tribe. Everyone else could have died for all I care. My mother on the other hand, she was there when my father was off being the Supreme Chief of Bel’hatore. I was not going to have my mother’s grave on my conscious, I had decided.

So, after another stupid ceremony, this was a good hunt ceremony, I had seen these ceremonies before and they were not as fanciful as that one I had experienced all those years ago before I had reached my adolescent years.

We had decided to hunt Rybahks, these were creatures that heavily populated the Bel’hatore Forest. Those who were not from Bel’hatore Forest have never seen a Rybahks before, so many probably would not know what I am talking about. A Rybahk was a type of moose, it is the closest thing I could compare it to, when I was younger I had seen a moose one day when I went over to Kyzl with my father to attend a White Wolf Council meeting, so it was only thing I could compare it to.

The Rybaks were just as big as a moose, if not bigger, sometimes it would take up to two Beghrest to take down a Rybak, because they were big. If you ever seen a moose you can see how huge that creature is, a Rybak is about the same size. So, we hunted them in the Bel’hatore Forest.

I had never gone hunting in a pack before. I had been always going with my father when I was younger. My father hunted differently then a pack did. I noticed this right away. My father systematically hunted down a herd of Rybaks and chose picking a young one or an injured one or anything of that sort. The pack that I was apart of was different. We surrounded a heard of Rybaks before ambushing them.

We took down this head of Rybaks, easily 6 of them. They of course were no match for a pack of Beghrest. We quickly took care of them. It was a good hunt. Seeing how they did a ceremony for anything, I decided to celebrate the successful hunt.

“We should celebrate the good hunt,” I said when I dragged an adult female Rybak, to the rest of the pack. The rest of the pack looked at me confused.

“We should head back to the village,” one of them spoke up.

“We have a tradition to celebrate a good hunt,” I said. I was a bit irked.

Everyone celebrated everything all the time. For the first time ever, I had suggested celebrating this, I was a bit shocked that the pack was acting as if they did not want to celebrate this successful hunt. The idea very much irritated this.

“We have to head back to the village we can celebrate the hunt when we get back to the village.” One said.

At this point I had become very furious about this and started to talk derogatorily at them. Perhaps I should have heeded their warnings. If I had perhaps I would not have gotten into the situation that I had gotten into.

I eventually convinced the pack not to be daft. Who had ever heard of not celebrating after a successful hunt I asked them. I made them feel very idiotic for suggesting to not celebrate. Eventually they all gave in and decided I was right we should celebrate.

And so, we did. We had brought with us some wine, we Beghrest always packed wine it was like in our nature to drink it, aside from drinking water. We all had a canteen of wine, and a canteen of water. However, I knew that the canteen of wine was only to drink a few sips here and there however, we downed the wine like we would water during this celebration. We were celebrating, after all I thought.

The celebration continued, it continued for about three days. Three days we could have spent heading back from the hunt to feed the starving. Three days I wish I could have had back. If we had those three days perhaps I would not be in the predicament that I was in.

On the second day, perhaps it would have been that day, yes it was the second day…on the second day we had taken the Rybaks we had captured and started eating them. We justified this action we were celebrating the successful hunt after all. We downed the Rybaks.

It was the third day, when I realized we were several Rybaks short of where we should have been at to feed the village, so we quickly had to hunt again. It took us several hours to capture the same amount of Rybaks a second time. Once we captured those Rybaks we headed back to the village. And that was when my down fall began.

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