Lacia D'Opidium

By Miguel Angel Ojera All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi

Chapter 6

Years passed since my outburst at the ceremony. Hardly anyone talked to me after that and I felt that that was for the better. I did not want to get dragged into things that I wanted no part of. It was perhaps two…maybe three years ago when it was the second time I had seen Lacia D’Opidium.

I did not bother to know what the name Opidium meant. It sounded like it had to do with some sort of ridiculous legend or some idiotic symbolization of some kind that I was going to get rid of once I was the Chief of Bel’hatore. For a while I had considered running off and joining the Marrons, after all Kalit had a grudge against my father, and he would open me with open arms if I ran down there.

In fact, one day I decided to do just that. Take off to the village of Marrons and live down there until I was old enough to take over the Bel’hatore forest on my own. I did not need to be coerced by my father or anyone into accepting any of the ridiculous rituals they had. I figured I would take my chances with Kalit and the Marrons.

The night I left my village I just decided that I had enough of the village and I wanted to go somewhere else until I was old enough to take over as the Supreme Chief of Bel’hatore. I packed three days of food into a satchel and began walking towards the western part of the Bel’hatore Forest. It took me of course about three days to reach the village of the Marrons and when I got there I was met with surprise but when I explained to Kalit what I was doing there, he gave a snort and snarl.

“Hmph,” he snorted as I finished telling my tale. “So much like Alqamar to continue ridiculous traditions like arrange marriages and the like!”

I knew that the Marrons, were different than the Gris and the Obscuros. They had a much looser society structure and did not have things such as shamans or medicine Beghrest or even ceremonies of any kind.

Kalit was a powerful brown Beghrest, he was around 10 feet tall and he always had this nasty scar on his face. Per my father the scar came from a giant insect that would dwarf any fully grown Beghrest, per Kalit it was Alqamar himself who had given him this scar. Kalit had never seen any giant insect and he always thought it was weird that Alqamar had claimed this was what had attacked Kalit.

“You are welcome here Behemet, I shall support you when you reach full potential to become the Supreme Chief.” Kalit said.

Being in the Marron village was much different than being in the Gris Village or even the Obscuros Village. There was so much freedom that I experienced here. I could do whatever I want, I could go and hunt on my own and no one cared. I could go off and drink alcoholic beverages and no one would care amongst other things.

I also didn’t have any chores to do. I always had, as long as I lived, chores to do. It was idiotic, why would the future Supreme Chief of Bel’hatore do chores? Especially the chores that my father had me do. I oversaw such dull things as corralling the cattle we had for food and milk for the young, going off and gathering firewood and things of that sort.

Here I didn’t have to worry about that. Here Kalit provided me with servants who would bring me food. Kalit would send servants off to the Bel’hatore forest for wood and he had the servants’ coral the cattle. I thought to myself that when I was the Supreme Chief of Bel’hatore I would emulate this sort of society.

By the time I had come to the Marron tribe, I was in my young years of adolescence. Being in that young age females finally started to interest me. I never knew that Kalit had a daughter who was a bit younger than I was. I had been at the Marron tribe for a few months before I had met her.

Unlike when I had met Lacia D’Opidium earlier, meeting Kalit’s daughter was a bit more exciting for me. Llena, was her name, she was a brown female Beghrest like her father. Though she was on the outer edge of adolescence she had her female features developing. And she was developing nicely. It was around the time I first mated with Llena that Lacia appeared in my life for a second time.

Llena and I clearly had an attraction to each other. We always fraternized with each other and spent several hours just talking to each other. I felt more at ease with her than Lacia. One thing led to another and we made love one day.

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