Lacia D'Opidium

By Miguel Angel Ojera All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi

Chapter 4

Standing there next to Baharus was a female that was dwarfed by the much taller Baharus. I remember looking at her and thinking she looked strange. She was about my height, and for a female, this was tall for our age. She stood with this very beautiful smile across her face that perhaps would have won over any male who was not I. I remember thinking to myself she was too skinny, she was too strange and why was she wearing a dress?

Sometimes females would wear clothes before they were of married age. I forgot what logic was given to me about that, but Lacia was wearing a black dress. There was some sort of sparkling stones around the top part of her dress wrapped around her neck. She had a pretty thin frame, but that was when I compared her to her father, in reality she probably was average amongst females our age.

I had been told that females could sometimes grow their mane a lot on their heads and often was thought to be considered hair. She had hair, it seemed and someone had pulled it back and wrapped it in what looked to be a small bun. She also had jewelry on her ears, long silver tear-drop shaped earrings of some sort. I had heard of females wearing earrings before too, but she was the first I had seen wear them.

Lacia was still smiling brightly as everyone around was applauding. Her eyes were this almond shape I had never seen eyes like hers before. I was intrigued by this attribute but that was because I had never seen that shape of eyes before, however I remember wondering to myself what the big deal was about her. She had a very thin frame, she had thin arms and to me it looked like a huge gust of wind could break her. She didn’t seem to have any definite female features yet, as far as I could tell.

“My fellow Obscuros,” Baharus said, this time not in the deep guttural voice he had been using for the chants from earlier. “We have gathered here to celebrate the future union of my daughter, Lacia D’Opidium…”

The village erupted happily when Baharus pointed at his daughter. Lacia gave a bashful smile and looked down when she was put on the spot like that.

“And my son, Behemet D’Gris” My father said suddenly being behind me and putting his arm on me. I nearly jumped. In fact I think I did, but he had put all his strength on my shoulder to keep me down. I had no idea how my father had snuck up on me the way he did, but if anyone could move as stealthily as a shadow could it was my father.

I was put on the spot with hundreds if not thousands of eyes suddenly turning towards me. I did a similar bit that Lacia did but I didn’t smile I just nervously looked down at the ground. I still didn’t understand what was going on, in fact, it was several minutes later when it started to sink in what had transpired.

“May the future be bright to them!” My father said.

“And may Lord Brahma bring them knowledge!” the Obscuros chanted.

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