Lacia D'Opidium

By Miguel Angel Ojera All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi

Chapter 14

Destiny is something they say that no matter what actions you do you will be unable to escape from it. No matter what you did, you will always seem to be going in that direction. Perhaps this was the direction that I was supposed to go on. It had become evident the past few days since we had found this medallion.

Lacia explained what the legend said about this thing. Her grandmother had misunderstood the legend of this medallion. They called it the medallion of souls. Thus, she thought that the medallion would have a way to contact the soul of her dead mate. This however was not the case. The medallion, Lacia explained, was used by Lord Brahma for countless millennia to transfer the essences of people into new forms.

I of course thought that the legend was folly and that Lacia was too much of a simpleton to believe that sort of thing. But the more I was hearing what she was saying she wanted me to do the more I began to wonder about this thing.

She wanted me to use the medallion on her to extract her soul and keep it hidden from this creature pursuing her. As absurd as the idea of something as simple as a medallion to extract the spirit of a Beghrest, the thought of having to do it was not sitting well with me. I honestly didn’t believe the damn thing was going to do anything at all, but what if I was wrong? What if this thing did actually extract her soul then what?

“Then you’ll have to keep me away from that creature.” Lacia said simply.

“Could I not do that now without having to extract your soul?” I asked.

“You saw what that thing did to everyone else?” Lacia said. “Do you honestly think we can survive another attack from that thing?”

“Then it would be folly to try and do this anyways since he will be able to dispose of me,” I said.

“I have confidence in you being able to follow through.” Lacia said in her manner that always made me give in to her now-a-days.

“Tell me what I have to do.” I said sighing.

Lacia explained to me how this medallion worked. There was a tradition that Lord Brahma did every few thousand years per legend. He gathered one of his top dignitaries and had them perform this ritual. Lord Brahma would stand in front of the dignitary and that dignitary would chant something that when I heard Lacia say it made me wonder how she was able to reach such low guttural noises considering she was a female. This would, evidently turn on the medallion somehow.

There was a new problem evolving however I couldn’t let Lacia just go like that. I didn’t know when it started to happen, I know it wasn’t when we first met or even when we started to journey together after the massacre that happened to our people. She was starting to become special to me and the more special she was becoming the less I was willing to let her go like that.

“I know that it’s going to be rough on you,” Lacia said suddenly one day.

“What do you mean?” I asked playing coy.

“I know it will be difficult for you to do what I asked you to,” Lacia said. “You have to remember I am trusting you to keep me safe, even in a spirit form.”

“What’s wrong with keeping your physical form safe?” I asked.

“Nothing, nothing at all,” Lacia said she acted as if she wanted to say more but was restraining herself from saying it.

“Then why don’t you let me keep you safe as you are?” I asked, and I decided to get myself closer to her just to be in a closer space to her.

“If he didn’t show up maybe that could have happened.” Lacia said, she stopped me from getting closer.

That was when I heard the similar popping noise off in the air again, that made me look up. One second there was nothing in the air the next there was one of these flying boats. Just like the last time I had seen these, it was solid black, and it floated in the air motionless as if it was being suspended by some sort of invisible force.

Lacia suddenly grabbed my arm and gave me a pleading look.

“If it’s him again I don’t know if I can fight him off again,” Lacia said.

I looked at her and didn’t know what I was going to do, I had to think fast before this pack leader had appeared again.

“Please Behemet, do it now,” Lacia pleaded, and placed the medallion in my hands. I looked at the medallion and looked up at her. Terror was clear across her face.

The way that she acted was the way that she always got me to do something. I gritted my teeth and grabbed the medallion from her. I walked back and looked up at the floating boat and then back at Lacia. I raised the medallion. I heard the wind around me start to whirl and I imagined that day that I first met Lacia in my mind’s eye. That day those drummers had introduced her to my life.

I could hear it in my mind’s ears, I heard every beat I heard the one with the massive drums bang onto the drums. I started to chant that chant that she had taught me.

I started the deep guttural noises like I had heard Lacia do before. The sound of those drums of that day I met her were banging away in my mind’s ear. I started to remember everything that had happened between us. That day we had met, that day she come to the Marron village and smelled me after I had just mated.

I felt regret ball up in my throat, but I was not letting it get to me I needed to finish the chant before that pack leader appeared from the ship.

I continued my chant, I heard the drums in my head bang louder and faster and more intense. I pictured those drummer around me banging away at the drums. They were twirling their heads, rocking them heavily back and forth and I continued my guttural chants.

I remember that day that she had protected me from this creature that was now chasing her, that day that I saw her flash light a lightning bolt and hit the creature with a flash of lightning with the power of thunder behind her punch. I remembered how she looked, scared that she had to make herself do something she never thought she would have to do.

I heard the bangs hit the drums faster, and faster, more and more intense. The drummers I remember from back then I could picture them all, they were all around me and all of them were hitting the drums faster and faster rolling on their drums quicker and quicker. I could feel the vibration that I was feeling back then it was making my very core and my very soul vibrated.

I saw in my mind’s eye that day that day, just a short while ago that day she had been sitting on that boulder. The orange glow of the sunset in the background, her looking as beautiful as she always did, and I felt even stupider for never have noticing, I remember that dive and that second, I had seen her body glisten as she had dove, into the pond to find this damn thing I now had in my hands.

I pictured those drummers around me they were swirling, and they were moving faster and faster around me. They started to hit their drums faster and faster more violently I felt this vibration hit my very soul as I continued my chant, in all honesty it felt like several hours had passed and yet I knew only a few minutes had.

Then I saw something odd, it was a feminine shape, it wore platinum armor with a great golden bird of some sort on it’s chest. The figure looked sideways at me and as if knowing I was there. I had no idea who this female was. But she seemed to recognize me. I then saw something unbelievable lightning exuding out of her like she was some sort of conductor of very element itself. I realized it was her, it was Lacia, a future form of her. A form that thanks to me she will have.

From the medallion a blue flash emerged. It hit Lacia and she dropped to the ground. Something came out of Lacia and went into the Medallion. I held the medallion in my hand and looked at it. I then turned over to Lacia’s body and ran to it. I grabbed her body and felt myself weep.

“Protecting the female eh?” the creature suddenly said.

I was taken aback, it was able to talk Beghrest, I looked at it questioningly. I did not understand how that was remotely possible. But there was something about the creature’s voice as if it was something metallic speaking for the creature, it itself was clicking and making these weird noises. I could hear it speaking behind it’s helmet that it was wearing. I recognized it as the one that Lacia had hit with a lightning bolt earlier. How was it still alive? I had no idea.

“Pitiful creatures,” the creature laughed. I held the medallion tightly in my hand as I looked at the creature. This thing felt evil, there was nothing else to say about it. “You creatures are so frail, I must have made her die in fear. Pity.”

The creature raised his hand revealing a strange looking mark on the back of his hand. It was a white star on a red background with these two snakes crossing each other in the middle of the star.

"Hayat Tawilat 'iilaa Eltanin," the creature hissed a second later I heard that weird voice say, "Glory to the dragon."

The creature suddenly vanished. I looked up because I had heard a loud bang in the sky. I saw the floating boat be there one second and then disappear. I looked around to make sure no more floating boats were in the air. I saw none. I looked at the medallion and down at the body of Lacia. She looked like she was sleeping, and I felt my heart sink.

“So, you did end up doing it like she thought you would.” I heard a voice said I turned around and saw him. That primate he had returned this time he was standing next to me and put his hand on my back.

I looked around confused. I had no idea what had just happened. I looked up at Hanuman who put down his strange mace that he had in his hand, to stretch out. When he dropped this mace it caused a small crater around it. I looked at it shocked. It looked like it weighed a ton from the crater that it had created. I wasn’t sure if I could lift that thing .

I looked around and I did not understand where I was. It looked like somewhere totally different. I looked over at Hanuman who looked back at me.

“What in the world are you?” I asked.

“I am a being just like you,” Hanuman said simply.

“You are something beyond what I understand.” I said.

“Perhaps,” Hanuman said simply. He looked down and saw me grabbing onto the medallion like I would not let it go for any reason. “I can’t believe her idea actually worked. That lizard stopped chasing you because it thought she was dead.”

“What did it want from her?” I asked.

“Well you’re holding on to it,” Hanuman said pointing at the medallion.

“The medallion?” I asked looking at it and back up at Hanuman. “Why?”

“That creature could have done something extremely evil with that medallion.” Hanuman said. “I told Lacia that it wasn’t actually after her, it was after the medallion, so she decided to hide herself. She was certain that the creature would stop chasing you if she did that. I can’t believe it actually worked.”

“We don’t have to worry about him for a while,” Hanuman said.

“How can you be so certain?” I asked.

“We are quite far away from him now,” Hanuman said he motioned forward. I looked out into the valley in front of us. I did not recognize this valley at all. Off in the distance in the sky was a massive…thing floating in the air it covered half the sky. “Welcome to Rho.”

It was then that I recognized I was not in my own world. The sheer awe of this being made me vow to protect the Opidium, as long as she existed I will be there to protect her from that creature no matter what form she took.

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