Lacia D'Opidium

By Miguel Angel Ojera All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi

Chapter 11

Time seemed to have passed without me realizing it. I had no idea what had happened. My ears had started ringing from the thunderous noise. I had seen a white flash and the flash seemed to have leveled a lot of trees around us. The pack leader was missing. But there was a huge singed path in front of me.

The creatures that was part of the pack looked at the singed path and started running towards where they’re pack leader had disappeared. I was left in awe. I had no idea what had happened at first. But then I saw her. Lacia D’Opidium standing in front of me. Her right hand was smoking with this grey mist. She was breathing hard. Half her dress had been singed to a crisp by whatever in the world that white flash was. It had almost seen like a lightning strike.

However, it seemed like a controlled lightning strike, and it seemed it had originated from Lacia. That was when I realized where I had seen the name Opidium.

“That legend of Opidium, it is true?!” I said looking at Lacia.

“I have no time to explain we have to get out of here before he comes back.” Lacia said and I looked out at the singed path left behind by whatever Lacia had done. I thought that there was no way anything could have survived that force. I decided not to take chances with that thing coming back. It had decimated all the tribes that were in the Bel’Hatore forest with great ease by itself pretty much. I did not want to stick around to find out.

Opidium, is what the ancients called her. A demi-goddess that per legend was the daughter of Lord Brahma and a high priestess of the Beghrest that lived during the time. Legend spoke of this High Priestess she was extremely beautiful extremely intelligent and highly revered in fact the city of Kyzl was named after her.

One day Lord Brahma had come to her and told her she had been chosen to bare a child that will bring storms in it’s wake. Opidium, he called the child. A name that meant literally The Storm Bringer. It was said that Opidium was born a female, and she was just as beautiful as her mother, with godly powers like her father. Until I saw Lacia D’Opidium, demonstrate her power, I always thought it to be a legend.

“You have to explain what the meaning of this is,” I said. “Are you a descendant of Lady Opidium?”

“I am,” Lacia said. “On my mother’s side I can trace my heritage back to Lord Brahma himself and that high priestess Kyzl.”

“And just what is that pack that attacked us?” I asked.

“These creatures are something not to be trifled with. For a long time, my family have been waiting for them.” Lacia said.

“But what the hell are they?” I asked. “They tower even above the size of my father, and what of these floating boats?”

“Surely you have heard of the Vahanas,” Lacia said.

It was true I had heard of these. They were described as some sort of floating machinery. This too I had chucked it up to being part of the myth. However, seeing these things fly over in the sky above the Bel’Hatore forest that was hard to describe.

“Why did they attack us?” I asked.

“I don’t know, they must have known I was here.” Lacia said.

“So, they are after you?” I asked, and I took her silence as a yes. “Why would they be after you? Is it because of your lineage to Lord Brahma?”

“It has to be,” Lacia said. “When you think about it, if you were an invading pack would you not have invaded Kyzl instead?”

“When you put it that way,” I started.

“That means that they must have somehow known I was here.” Lacia said.

“That thing you did to that pack leader…what was that?” I asked.

“My ancestors called it Thunderstrike,” Lacia said. “It was the first time I ever had to use it against anyone or anything for that matter. Every female that has been born in my family has learned how to control this.”

“So, what is the plan exactly?” I asked.

“That creature will be back,” Lacia said.

“That thing could have survived that?” I asked I took her silence as a yes.

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