Lacia D'Opidium

By Miguel Angel Ojera All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi

Chapter 10

When we walked out of the hut it was as if we had entered a different world. I froze in place when we walked out, and I took in exactly what was happening. In the sky there were these floating objects. They were massive, probably the size of the central hut. There were at least 20 of them.

They were all relatively the same size, they floated silently above the sky about 20 or 30 meters up. They were solid black, I was certain that if they had appeared at night we, more than likely would have not seen these things, they were so black. I did not understand what I was looking at, the closest thing I could compare it to was a boat, but this boat was floating up in the air and that did not make sense to me.

I was trying to wrap my mind around this when I suddenly realize that there was something else that utterly changed my very core. I saw the same strange purple-blue light burn through the air vaporizing Beghrest who were trying to run away from these lights. I followed the lights and saw where the source of the light was coming from. They were these… things.

They were these massive things they had very strange reflective armor. It completely covered their body. Their bodies…their bodies were something else entirely. They were massive. This was something that I had never seen before. They were, in fact so massive, that they dwarfed my father. They had to have been at least 18 feet tall, that was at the very least because they towered high above us.

“What the devil are these things?” I said.

There were many of these creatures and they were marching in what seemed to be in a controlled unison. There was at least 50 of them maybe 100 of them that I could see. This however were only ones that I could see, somehow, I knew that there had to be more.

I looked over at Lacia for an explanation. She had a look of shock on her face however there was something about her face that made it seem like she knew about these things somehow.

“You!” DA’mon said appearing through the scattering people. “You have summoned these creatures to us!”

“I did no such thing!” I said.

“There is no time for that,” Lacia said as she looked up when there was a sudden crash that ripped through the entire Bel’Hatore forest. Something had zoomed past us and crashed into a hut near us. The hut came crashing down from the force of the impact.

We looked up in the direction in which whatever it was had been thrown from. We looked at the forest and saw that there was a line of about 20 platinum armored soldiers walking towards us. I had seen something like this before to almost recognize what this was.

“A royal precession?” I asked.

The platinum ones were followed by one that looked like he was the one who had thrown whatever it was. We looked back at what had been thrown by this creature and we saw my father break out of the ruble and crawl out of it severely injured.

“Father?!” I said and headed towards him.

It was the first time I felt that there was this great fear in me. This thing, whatever it was, it was strong enough to throw my father with such force that he nearly broke him in half. My father was covered in deep scars and gashes all over his body. His platinum furred body was soiled with crimson colored blood.

“Behemet,” my father managed to say as I grew closer to him and he raised his hand. “This thing is a monster, stay back.” He coughed up blood and looked over at the creature that had thrown him.

The creature looked like it did not have a care in the world. It was walking with this sort of poise of knowing he had won. He had such a pompous aura to him. From where I stood I could barely see through his visor, and it was the first time I had seen what was behind these visors. It was some sort of reptilian creature.

I could see only faint details in the visor of this creature’s helmet. It looked like a lizard that we called a Velico, it was a large lizard that lived to the south of the Bel’Hatore forest. But the Velico that we knew about was at its peak height about four or maybe five feet tall. This creature was three times bigger than a Velico. It had some sort of strange thing covering its eyes. It was some sort of strange covering, they were round, orange in color and had slits going horizontally across them, I had this idea that perhaps these things were so the creature could see.

Some of the male Beghrest suddenly came around my father and myself and we all stood in front of this creature. There was at least 30 Beghrest, Obscuros, Marrons, Gris, it didn’t matter we all were standing there in front of this creature and its entourage.

It gave a laughter that sounded like a horrible cackle this too reminded me of the Velico, it was known to give a similar cackle when hunting with its packs. The other creature started to laugh with him. Suddenly without too much effort it had appeared in front of us. It grabbed me and flung me hard at a nearby hut. I went flying backwards and crashed through the hut. I quickly got back up and watched the creature easily toss the other males across the Bel’Hatore forest.

I still didn’t understand what the name of Brahma this thing was. It was much larger than we were. It was also a lot heavier, every time it moved it gave thunderous footsteps. Despite this, this thing was moving with unnatural speed. It was able to move so fluently almost in a bouncing manner. It was as if despite his weight it almost seemed like he was moving around like it was nothing. It was a sight to be seen.

I scanned the area around me and I didn’t understand what was happening this one creature was just devastating all the males. I saw him break male after male after male. With such ease, it was terrifying. I looked at this creature as it dropped another Beghrest to the ground. I couldn’t tell if it had killed him or if he was just bored with the Beghrest and was merely tossing it to the side as if it was something not worth it’s time.

Once the last Beghrest fell to its feet it turned towards me and that was when I felt this tremendous sense of fear. We Beghrest feared no other creature, but this creature put the fear of Brahma in me. It made the hair on my back stand on end. This was something which seemed to be an Apex predator, something that we as Beghrest considered ourselves to be.

We always thought that we were the top of the food chain, however when I saw these creatures and when I looked at this creature as it stared me down, I realized I was not the top of the food chain this thing was. Whatever it was, it must of have been the chief of the pack it had with him.

The creature suddenly disappeared from where I was staring at it. It suddenly appeared in front of me just feet away from me. Such speed, I had never seen such speed before. It looked like it was about to dispose of me like it had the other males when all the sudden something came out of nowhere and hit the creature in the stomach with such force that it made a loud thunder-like sound crack through the Bel’hatore forest.

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