Timeless: The tower of Torvus (Book 1 of the Timeless series)

By SweetRosé All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Four kingdoms united and ruled by the most mysterious and powerful of them all: Umbradale. It was a restricted place, but all the four kingdoms could hear from afar the ring of the bell of that mysterious clock tower. In the kingdom of Auradols, lived a girl named Nerine, born with a yellow golden clock eye. No one in her kingdom can top her immense curiosity and her huge passion for History, especially Umbradale, her favourite subject of the year. Except, some studies of the subject turned into some secrets discoveries, and a clock tower turned out to be more than just a monument, and her clock eye more than just a distortion...

Chapter 1

“In the continent of Mirabilorbis, four Kingdoms existed: Egnisis, Imberlin, Tellusius, and Auradols. But an organization within those four grew stronger, its members occupied half of the most important statues, and at the year 2300WE (World Existence) a war broke out between the organization against the four kingdoms. It was, as described, the most atrocious, horrible and gruesome event that happened in history, too many deaths, too many losses, it ended up somehow, by the organization taking over, drawing new limits to each kingdom, and in the middle of them they created a new one, Umbradale, the center of the continent and the one who is uniting the other four and ruling over them.” Said Ms.Belletor, while writing on the board the summary of her speech.

“How come one organization was able to defeat four kingdoms?” Asked Nerine

“That’s undefined, no one knows how, and if someone did, well, he did not live to tell us” Ms.Belletor replied back then continued to explain the lesson. ”After then, each kingdom was specialized in something according to her most abundant resources, Egnisis and Tellusius were both experts in industries, the first one in the manufacture of all type of metals while the second one in the manufacture of woods and clothing, Imberlin in agriculture while Auradols provided energy. The weather is also different, Egnisis is very hot while our homeland, Auradols, is very cold, as for Imberlin and Tellusius, they both have a decent weather.”

“What about Umbradale?” Asked Nerine, again.

“Umbradale is a very discreet, we know nothing about this kingdom, as we also, cannot visit it or step a foot in it, but if you’re that curious, then you should know that Umbradale is specialized in politics and business concerning the four kingdoms to make sure everything is moving smoothly and according to her will. But how the people there look like, and how is their lifestyles, those are things we have no information about. All we know is, Umbradale is constituted of people with higher status and social classes, the only way to see Umbradale, is to be born in Umbradale” Ms.Belletor said emphasizing the word ‘born’ and started writing again while explaining furthermore.

Nerine still couldn’t understand what was so special about Umbradale, and how it was formed out of nowhere. Lost in thoughts, the school bell rang, and the class was dismissed, everyone was talking, gossiping or chitchatting on their way home, except her. She didn’t have any friends, more so, people never welcomed her, and they always treat her as an outcast, not that she did mind, she never found a person’s company to be entertaining, but she always keeps wondering what makes others view her weirdly. Because, and just like any other inhabitant of Auradols, Nerine was a pale girl with long white hair.

“Maybe it’s because of my eyepatch.” She thought. If there was anything that differs Nerine from the rest of the Auradols residents, she was born with one blue left eye like the rest of them, but a yellow golden right eye, in which the pupil was in form of a clock, a frozen clock, or maybe a broken one, who knows? Nobody knows, and no one should know, hence why the eyepatch. Of course, questions never cease:” why are you wearing an eyepatch?” “Did you lose your eye?” “Can you see very well?“...If she were to explain herself, she’s actually half blind, Nerine can only see with the blue eye.

“How was your day at school?” Clovia, Nerine’s mother wondered while organizing food on the table.

“It was amazing, I got the chance to know more about Mirabilorbis than ever” Nerine replied, pouring some juice, then, out of her sheer curiosity, asked her mother.“Do you think we will ever be able to see the sun?”

“The sun? If you’re wondering if we could one day see it in Auradols, that’s impossible. But if you travel to Egnisis, then you may. However, our people tend to travel more to Tellusius or Imberlin, some who did go to Egnisis got so many skin diseases for lack of severe protection and died because they couldn’t handle the heat, or at least they get sick. It’s actually one of the punishments executed if one of us ever broke the law. And not just us, Egnisis people wouldn’t survive here either, they also wonder if they could ever see the snow and ice one day”

“That’s fascinating, I mean it’s always snowing here and ice never melts, we’re so used to it” Nerine replied, sipping her orange juice. “Tell me, mother, do you know anything about Umbradale?”

“Umbradale... There’s nothing to know about it, don’t get your head filled up with anything related to that kingdom, it's full of political nonsense and vicious things, and you're too young for that"

"What do you mean I'm too young? I'm 17 years old, and how come you know about that? Isn't the kingdom so secretive and conservative that none of the four kingdoms know anything about it?"

"It's true, we don't, but there are lots of stories and rumors going around, it's up to the person to choose whether to believe in it or not, most of us do"

"I've heard stories too, especially about that clock tower, it is so fascinating..." Nerine said, eyes looking up

Clovia froze for a second and turned to face Nerine

"Clock tower? What did you hear about the clock tower?

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