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Chapter 9


~One Week Later~

Some thoughts are inevitable. They are like nightmares that never go away. I sat in my bed looking at the ceiling just thinking about the events that took place within the last week. All the conversations that were exchanged were enough to make my head explode, and the worst part is that I haven’t seen much of Alec lately for the last week. Just thinking of him takes me back to the first conversation we had.

Alec opened the door for me to enter. I walked in and let Logan off the leash. I turned to look at him. “What happened this morning?” I asked.

"I’m sure Damon explained to you what happened.” He blankly stared at me.

“Is that a problem?” I curiously asked because of his tone.

“I don’t need others spreading my business around.”

“I’m your mate. There is a difference.” I said.

“Is there really?” He questioned.

I physically wanted to growl at him for being so closed off. “You know what! Why were you even in my bed in the first place. That’s the problem.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

His fist tightened and he closed his eyes. I heard a restricted growl. “All you need to know is that it won’t happen again.”

“I don’t even know what happened this morning honestly!” I gasped throwing my hands in the air.

“It was just a nightmare. That’s the only reason why I slept in your room. Damn, don’t worry about it.” Alec blurted out.

“I worry about you. You still have nightmares?”

“People with privileged lives like yourself don’t understand,” Alec stated.

“Privileged lives? I died, thankfully I came back but you have no idea what I risked. How is that privileged?” I folded my arms.

“Have you ever went through war?” He asked.

“No, and I’m sorry that you had too. But all that is over with. Stop letting your past get in the way of your future. I try to help the best way I can, but I can not help if you won’t let me,” Alec didn’t reply back. “What are the nightmares about?” I asked.

“Losing my parents, death, war, etcetera. Why do you need to know, so you can just use it against me?” He stared at me accusingly.

I rolled my eyes, “You have trust issues, I swear. If I wanted to hurt you then I wouldn’t have put my life on the line to gain back your eyesight, remember the one thing you wanted.” I emphasized the word wanted.

Alec turned his back to me, “It was not what I wanted. I quickly found that out.” He continued, “Maybe we could work something out.” Alec still faced away from me.

“Work what out?”

“Would it be okay if I moved a couch into your room to sleep at night?” He asked.

“I guess that’s fine.”

I groaned in frustration at why I couldn’t get some peace in my mind. I stood up and went to my bathroom to splash water on my face. I stared at myself in the mirror for a longing time. It wasn’t our first conversation that frustrated me because I was happy that he opened up to me. Well, at least enough to tell me about the nightmares he has. It was the second conversation about all the women that Alec had, but at least it was comical.

I was just finished making breakfast, my passion. I placed two plates at the dinner table and waited for Alec before I started eating. I planned to have the conversation after we ate.

Once we were done I patiently waited. “Damon told me something interesting,” I said.

“Oh really? What?” Alec was not paying attention.

“So what about all the women you been with?” I almost laughed at how quickly his head snapped up. “Careful babe, you are gonna get whiplash.” I sarcastically mocked.

“What about them?”

“Where they hot at least?” I said with humor. I rested my chin on my wrist and I casually stared at him.

“Some. But not as much as you.” Alec tried to smoothly get himself out of trouble.

"That’s grand. Let’s share one.” I smirked.

His reaction was priceless. His eyes widened in surprise as he gaped. “What?”

“You heard me. Did you bang any redheads? I want a redhead women with green eyes.” I said with a serious face, but deep inside I was laughing to cover the pain.

"The fuck? What the fuck is the matter with you!” He gasped.

“What is the matter with you.” I retorted.

“You were dead.”

“I bet you feel like an ass now though because I’m alive,” I said.

“A little.”

“But you’re right, I can’t really say much because I was technically dead for a while.”

I walked back into my room. I was mad that he had sex with multiple women and I was quite jealous, but then again I was dead and there was nothing I could do to change what he had done. It was just better to not think about it. Besides, I remember when my brother Chris, at my old pack, had his first break up before he found his mate. After that break-up, he became a manwhore that had a lot of explaining to do when he found his mate. Therefore, Alec and I may not have been actually together but sometimes men can do dumb things when bad things happen.

My phone beeped. I checked it and Alice had texted me. She would come over soon to help me get dressed for the ceremony because she bought the dress, and she was going to do my hair. I laughed as I recalled how she first greeted me because it was similar to the first time I ever met her. It was the two days after the conversation with Alec.

I was watching the television in the living room when the doorbell rang. I stopped the television and walked to the door. The continuous knocking was heard along with a sweet force, “Open up Alec! It’s locked.” I smiled as I heard Alice’s voice.

I opened the door and hid behind it. When I shut the door, as she walked in, her attention turned to me. Her eyes widened in fear and she screamed. I swore that the other side of the earth could hear it. I wasn’t prepared for the pain when she threw an apple at my forehead. I don’t think it would have hurt as much if she threw it at a normal speed. I winced and felt my forehead and sure enough, there was a lump starting to form.

“Ouch! Why do you always try to fight me when you see me?”

Alice covered her mouth to stifle a cry and her eyes started to water, “Is it really you?”

I didn’t say anything. I walked straight up to her and engulfed her in a hug. She squeezed the life out of me and I couldn’t breathe. “You are killing me!” I wheezed.

“Oh sorry. Hehe.” Alice stopped hugging me and stared at my face. Her eyebrows furrowed, “There’s still a bruise, and it’s getting bigger. Shouldn’t that heal up by now?” Alice questioned while observing my forehead

I shrugged my shoulders. “We have a lot to catch up on,” I told her before she started to bombard me with more questions regarding my forehead.

“Indeed we do. I thought you were dead?”

“I was. Maybe we could go to your house and talk.”

“Of course. I still have your phone. I dare Alec to say you can’t have one now.” Alice laughed.

The pack ceremony was tonight at eight. I was nervous about being in front of a large crowd of people because his pack was the largest in Romania. I never was a good public speaker but that is something I would have to get over. After all, I would be the Luna of this pack and I should be comfortable speaking in front of them. They would basically be my new family, but I could never forget my previous pack. At least this time, Alec was actually accepting that I would be the Luna of his pack. The only problem was that I wasn’t sure what would happen tonight since I’m not a wolf, but I called Insuvai two nights ago. She assured me everything would be fine, but that didn’t stop me from worrying.

I was nervous and antsy. I knew one single phone call could fix this problem, but I wasn’t sure if she had the same phone. Insuvai gave me her phone number to her current phone but she constantly changes it. I stared at my phone for a longing time. I finally picked it up and dialed her number.


I sighed in relief when I heard her voice. “Insuvai, I have a problem.”

Her voice turned hard, “Do I need to come down there?” She asked.

My eyes widened, “No. But the pack ceremony is in a few days.”

“Oooh. You’ll be fine.”

“What will happen?” I asked.

“All that will happen is after the blood binding, there will be some sort of pain. Try not to show the pain, or they will know your not a werewolf. Anyway, you’ll be able to mindlink. All species are able to mindlink if they do the blood binding when joining a wolf pack.”

“How do you know?” I asked.

“Stop being dumb. I joined many packs in medieval times. Wolves loved witches back then, Praised them. Actually, I’m joining Logan’s pack soon.” Insuvai said.

“Alpha Deniero?”

“Indeed,” Insuvai replied.

“Ya’ll getting married too?” I joked.

“He was actually talking about that.” Insuvai laughed. “When we do, you’re going to be in the wedding.”

“You with him now?” I asked.

“Of course. Achira and Velvezhi are too. Maybe we’ll come to visit.”

I heard the doorbell ring throughout the house. It must be Alice ready to prepare me for the ceremony. I hope she wouldn’t bring any makeup.

I jogged down the stairs to open the doors. I was greeted with Alice and two other girls with the dress and bags in their hands. “Luna, you ready?” Alice greeted me. She knew I hated formalities.

“It is Leah to you.” I opened the door wider so they could step in. Suddenly, it was like I was being dragged into the bathroom and there were too many conversations at once to even know who was talking.

“My name is Lily.”
“My name is Miranda.”
“I can’t wait for tonight.”
“You have pretty eyes, Luna.”
“Her hair is kind of dull tho.”
“I can fix that real quick.”
“Stop talking Miranda you are scaring her.”
“Lily you started first.”
“I’ll make you think I started first.”

“Would you all shut up? Don’t make me regret this.” Alice snapped.

I chuckled, “It is fine. Now, who’s Miranda and who’s Lily.” They both said me at the same time. I stared at both of them as they laughed. Alice started setting up a hair curler in the bathroom.

“I’m Lily.” A dark skin girl said. She had black straight hair with red highlights that framed her face well. Her light brown eyes shined with much happiness and her gold eyeshadow made them stand out. The deep purple lipstick made her look like a goddess.

“I’m Miranda. We are twin sisters.” I looked at the other girl with dark skin who had the same exact style when it came to makeup. The only thing different was that her hair was curly and it had blonde highlights in it. Other than that they looked exactly alike.

Alice began to pull out makeup from her bag. “I don’t like makeup,” I told her.

“Well, that sucks.” Alice monotonously said.

“Just no foundation please,” I begged.

“Fine. As you wish princess.” Alice hissed at me.

Lily and Miranda’s eyes became wide at Alice’s disrespectful tone. “Do you wanna through hands Alice?” I jokingly questioned.

Alice’s eyes widened, “No. Not at all. We already did that once.”

“I can still feel that frying pan.” I antagonized.

Alice’s eyes narrowed, “I said I’m sorry like a million times.”

“What about the apple?” I questioned while laughing.

“Shut up.” She snapped. There was a moment of silence before Alice and I burst into laughter.

Miranda and Lily stood uncomfortably by the door. Their stances were very strained. They stared at us like we’re crazy at the way we talked to each other and the shocked looks on their faces only made Alice and I laugh more.

“Do you guy always banter like this?” Miranda asked, not believing what she saw.

“Yes, as long as Alec is not around,” I answered.

“And what did you mean about the pan and the apple?” Lily asked.

“Alice hit me with a frying pan and an apple when we first met,” I answered.

“Hey! In my defense, I thought you were an intruder or a rogue.” Alice defended herself. “Anyway, let’s get this done. We wasted enough time already.”


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