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Chapter 7


I began to put away all of my stuff in the closet. My wooden mortar and pestle were already placed neatly the closet. All I needed to do now was gather my herbs and put them in the wooden box that Insuvai gave me. I sighed as I observed how small my stash of herbs was. Maybe Alec would allow me to get a greenhouse.

I instantly became excited at the thought. I never really liked the thought of having a garden, but since I became a full-blooded witch it was more like a need. In order to feel more linked to the earth, all witches loved to have a garden. Insuvai showed me how you feel connected to the plants and trees, which was only something witches could do. Achira, Insuvai, and Velvezhi have their own garden in Denali. Ever since I’ve seen it, I wanted one of my own. For two reasons, I wouldn’t run out of any herbs, and it was such a blissful feeling. It was tranquility. It was like how werewolves felt connected to the moon, and how vampires felt connected to the sun.

After I put everything away, I unlocked the door and made my way downstairs. I entered the kitchen and was surprised to find Damon sitting on the barstool talking to Alec. I was behind Damon so he didn’t see me yet. I watched as they continued their conversation, and the whole time Alec had a smile resting on his face.

“Are you gonna tell me what you are so happy about? I have never seen you smile so much before.” Damon asked.

Alec nodded his head in my direction, which was behind Damon. Damon took a drink from his water bottle as he turned around. He eyes widened in shock and he fell out of his chair. He was clutching his throat as he choked on his own water. I howled with laughter and walked over to pat his back. I looked up at Alec and he was smirking as he leaned over the counter. The long scar over his eye, that once took away his sight, stood out to me again. It gave him a mysterious edge yet sexy look that suited him.

I was brought back to reality as Damon continues to choke. I patted his back some more, “Are you okay?” I asked.

“What is this!” Damon asked astonished.

“Surprise? I came back from the dead.” I said jokingly.

“I’m being serious!” Damon said while straightening his posture.

“I am too,” I replied.

“Your face though.” Alec cut in while laughing.


“Long story. I’ll explain another day.” I waved it off.

“You are actually real,” Damon said as he continuously poked my cheeks. I frowned.

“Yes, I am real. Now stop it.” I referred to his pestering. Damon engulfed me in a hug. As I hugged him, I heard a growl followed by someone clearing their throat. Damon and I looked at Alec.

“Sorry.” Alec apologized sheepishly. “It is the alpha in me,” Alec said while rubbing his neck.

“Did you just say sorry? That’s a first.” Damon gaped at him. “Anyway I came to tell you that your anger management class is soon,” Damon said to Alec.

“Anger Management?”

“Yeah, Alec has been going for a couple months now,” Damon answered me. “You know what? Why don’t you go with him, Leah.”

Alec growled at Damon. “That’s a horrible idea.”

“Well, I think it’s a swell idea,” Damon smirked at him. I noticed how the tension increased drastically.

“No,” Alec growled.

“Leah could see the progress you made. All of it." Damon argued back.

“Okay, what is going on?” I asked.

“Nothing at all.” Damon innocently said.

"Fine.” Alec seethed.

“Um, okay. I’m going to get dressed.” I said and ran upstairs. I decided to change into a pair of jeans and a tight-fitting black shirt. After that, I brushed my straight dull hair to detangle it. I frowned because my hair has never looked like that before. It still looked presentable, but it just looked lifeless.

When I was done I went back downstairs again only to hear minimal chatting. “You know Leah does have werewolf hearing, so why would you even say that?” I heard Alec’s angry tone.

“Because it’s the truth,” Damon replied.

They must not have heard me come down and didn’t want me to listen because as soon as I walked into the kitchen the talking stopped. “Hey, you ready to go?” Alec asked looking at the kitchen floor.


“Come.” He commands.

I follow him through the house and we ended up in the garage that I didn’t even know existed. “I’ve never seen this before.”

“That’s because the door always had a padlock on it,” Alec answered.


“You’ll see.” He grinned. Alec turned the light on and I immediately saw something covered by a huge tarp. “When I lost my eyesight I thought about destroying my car that I got when I was sixteen. It was just a constant reminder of not being able to see. I’m glad I didn’t.” Alec says as he pulled the tarp off in one quick motion. I gasped in awe.

“Aston Martin? I always pictured you as a truck guy, but oh well.” I laughed.

“Do you like it?” He asked.

“It is beautiful. How could I not?” I eyed his shiny navy blue convertible Aston Martin. “Can I drive,” I asked with puppy dog eyes.

“Maybe, but not now. This is the first time I get the chance to drive it in years.” Alec explained and he swiped the keys that were hanging on the wall. “Get in.”

We both hopped in the car and he started it. The garage opened and he floored it out into the driveway. I gripped the door handle with all my might, “Sweet Jesus, I’m too young to die.” I cried out. My heart started to pound inside my chest. He was going to make me a nervous wreck.

“Look, it’s been awhile.”

“Obviously.” I snorted. “Which is why you should just let me do it if you are going to drive like that,” I begged.

“No.” He rolled his eyes.

Alec slammed on the gas again and was swerving from side to side. I screamed, “Oh my god! You are trying to kill me.” I started to hyperventilate. My grip on the handle tightened even more to the point where I thought it was going to break.

“Calm down. Everything is fine. I have it all under control.”

“Typical male,” I muttered under my breath.

He ignored my comment and continued to drive. When Alec turned on the main road he started to drive like he had some sense. Then again, it was true that he had not driven a vehicle in years, so I guess I could cut him some slack. “I use to be a good driver,” Alec said.

“It is fine. So anger management...” I said.

“Damon practically forced me to go, but it has helped,” Alec answered.

“I can tell.”

“It has been painful since... you died.” There was raw pain in his voice.

“I’m here now,” I assured him.

“I know but I did a lot of bad things, Leah.” Alec forced out through gritted teeth. His hands tightened on the stirring wheel. “Let’s talk about something else.” He changes the conversation.

“Okay. Do you enjoy your newfound eyesight.” I just decided to be straightforward and ask the question because I was dying to know.

“It is good. I could finally do a lot of things again. But I quickly found out it wasn’t what I wanted.” Alec slowly said.

“It wasn’t?” I asked. Alec took his eyes off the road to look at me. “Watch out!” I yelled as a huge animal barreled across the road in front of us. Alec snapped back to the road and slammed on the breaks. If it wasn’t for my seatbelt I would have been in big trouble.

Alec’s eyes grew wide and for a second I saw a hint a fear. Wasn’t he the most powerful alpha and werewolf shifter on this planet, what would he have to fear? I shook the thought out of my head. My breathing was uneven and I trembled. “What was that?” I asked. I was embarrassed to ask, but it was simply to fast to see. If I was still a shifter, then I guarantee I would have seen it.

Alec’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion and he quickly got out of the car. This immediately alerted my sense, telling me that something was wrong. I opened my car door and followed him to the opposite side of the road. “What is wrong?” I asked.

“Leah, what color wolf was that?”

“Uh, it was too fast,” I admitted. All I saw was a blur.

"It can’t be," Alec said to himself and I heard it.

“What?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about it. Get in the fucking car.” I flinched at his harsh tone but I did not argue, and his facial turned void and hard like stone. I’ve seen it many of times before I died, and I had to fight my inner self from going into shutdown mode that I have mastered before.

When he continued to drive into town I didn’t say one word. I didn’t move a single muscle either, it was like I was paralyzed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to overreact like that. Can you forgive me?” He finally broke the silence.

I broke out of my trance and looked at him. “Okay.” My tone was also void and on full defense mode. He sighed and pulled off to the side of the road.


I continued to stare out the windshield without blinking.

“Leah.” He called once again.


“Are you alright?”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “I need to know what was all that about?” I asked.


“Alec,” I said sternly.

He sighed, “It is nothing you need to worry about. Just a wolf that’s all.” I could sense a bit of edginess to his voice. “We’re gonna be late.” He continued to drive.

For the rest of the ride, I looked out the window. The trees were still green and full of life, but fall was right around the corner and I couldn’t wait. I felt a warm sensation on my hand. My eyes immediately looked at my hand and I relaxed when I saw his hand holding mine.

“You are really paranoid.”

“Sorry,” I muttered.

“No, it’s my fault.” Alec looked heartbroken, “We are here, and I’m going to have to get gas on the way back.” He pulled into a parking lot and I studied the medium sized concrete building. The next thing I know Alec opened the door and held out his arm for me. I gladly accepted and walked into the building with him.

Alec and I walked into a room and took a seat. I looked around curiously because I’ve never been in an anger management therapy group before. I looked at all the humans but my eyes settled on one in particular. She was frowning in our direction. She had blond hair like mine, but with brown eyes. Mine are green.

I nudged Alec, “Who is that? Over there- frowning at us.”

“No one. Just a friend.” Alec said a little too quickly for my liking.

“Um, okay.” I quit talking because the session had started.


When the meeting was over, Alec practically dragged me out to the car to leave. I buckled my seatbelt. “Why such the rush. I didn’t even have a chance to breathe.”

“It was started to get crowded and overwhelming.” He answered. Alec put the keys in the ignition and started the car. He left the parking lot and went to a nearby gas station. After pumping the gas, he went into the store and bought us some drinks.

I sipped on my lemon ice tea as he was driving out of town. A pet store caught my eye on the outskirts of town. “Oh, lookie a pet store!” I exclaimed. I love animals, but I’ve never been a cat person.

“You want one?” He asked.

I looked at him with big eyes. “I can have one?” I asked excitedly.

“No cats.” He said. “I hate them.”

“I’m not a cat person either.” I agreed with him.

Alec smiled and did a legal U-turn. I bounced in my seat and clapped my hands. Alec chuckled at me, “Too cute.”

When we arrived at the store I immediately went over to the dog section. I didn’t want a small dog because I prefer bigger dogs. I skimmed through the section and even seen the bunnies too, yet none of them caught my eye. I shook my head unsatisfied.

“I don’t see anything I like,” I said.

“We can go somewhere else.” Alec offered. I nodded my head.

“Taci!” I suddenly heard the shopkeeper yell at a whining dog. I frowned at what just happened. I turned to the corner of the shop at the source of the whining. I saw a medium sized dog that was white and fuzzy. He had brown eyes. I looked at him and felt empathy as he clawed at the small cage he was in. I walked over to the cage and kneeled down to see him. He stopped whining for a brief second and sat down. His paw rested against the side of the cage door. He whined lowly and looked at me with the saddest eyes. It was like he was begging me to take him. “I want him,” I told Alec.

The shopkeeper noticed me staring at the dog, “Vrei să-l cumperi?” His voice was lacking interest as he stared blankly at me. I heard Alec growl at the man. I stood to my feet and quickly grabbed his hand to calm him. The man didn’t seem to notice.

“Da, te rog,” I answered the man that I would indeed buy him.

“El este un nou venit. El are doar un an, iar el este un amestec hainic și de bucurie.” The shopkeeper informed me that he was only a year old and he was a Husky and Samoyed mix.

When the man let him out of the cage, the beautiful dog jumped on me and licked my face. It seemed like he was thanking me. I petted him with happiness. Alec bought a leash, harness, and dog food, then we were officially heading back to our house.

“You’re lucky he’s in my car,” Alec playfully grumbled. I could tell he didn’t think this through because we found out quickly that he sheds a lot.

“Men and their cars.” I rolled my eyes.

“What are you going to name him?” Alec asked.

“I don’t know yet,” I said while looking at him in the back seat. He was panting and he stopped to stare back at me. He tilted his head at me in an adorable way.

“He looks like a Logan to mean.” Charlie suddenly appeared on the seat beside my new dog.

“He kinda does,” I replied.

“What?” Alec looked at me weirdly.

“Um, just talking to myself. I think I’m going to name him Logan.” I said. We focused our attention on the road.

Suddenly, I heard a funny noise and turned my head back. I gasped and covered my mouth to try and hide my smirk. Alec immediately skidded to a halt.

“What the actual fuck!” Alec yelled.

I couldn’t contain my laughter anymore as Logan peed on his back seat.


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