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Chapter 6


“Excuse me?” I asked blinking a couple times. What the hell is Stockholm Syndrome? “What did you say?”

“Stockholm Syndrome. Do you know what that is.” Alec’s voice quivered as he carefully looked at me like I was going to disappear at any moment. Alec’s warm hand was placed over my cold hand. “I can’t believe this.” He studied my face and body, but most importantly my eyes.

“No,” I spoke.

He drew in a deep breath then his eyebrows furrowed. His eyes pierced through mine as his gaze dropped to our hands. “Why are your hands so cold?” He asked.

“It has always been like that.” I lied with a steady heartbeat.

“No, it hasn’t. I don’t feel sparks either.”

He was right. Witches were cold to the touch but we felt warm inside. “Well, it’s not like you really held my hand as mates were supposed to do. So how would you even know? My hands have always been cold like your heart when we first met.”

Alec grimaced in pain, “I’m sorry...” His voice was soft and it showed vulnerability. He looked like an innocent man but I quickly reminded myself of what he has done. He would have to earn my affection if he has even changed.

“What is Stockholm Syndrome?” I asked wondering where he was going with this.

“Well, it’s basically when someone gets kidnapped and the person, that got kidnapped, starts to develop an emotional relationship with the kidnapper. If you think about it- it makes perfect sense because I basically kidnapped you. Then you started to have feelings for me no matter how cruel I was. I’m sorry that I ever did that to you.” Alec said and looked down at his feet. He looked ashamed and his shoulders slacked. I started to feel bad for him, but I wouldn’t show it.

“So why are you telling me this?”

“Because you’re going back to your pack.” He said firmly as he looked into my eyes.

I gasped, “What! Why?”

“Because it’s not right. You’re honestly just confused. I don’t know why you even came back to me because I don’t deserve you. You need someone better.”

“I just got here and you want me to leave! Do you know how long it took me to get here?” I was angry that he would just try to kick me out on the first day I arrived.

“No that’s not what I’m saying!” He argued.

“Then what are you saying!” I yelled.

“I care about you, Leah.” He gritted out with confused emotions written on his face. It was almost like it was hard for him to talk about his emotions and how he felt.

“Oh okay. That makes no sense. So you care about me but yet you want me to leave and not come back.”

“That’s not what I said!” He stated. I crossed my arms waiting for him to explain. “I care about you. I really do. All I’m saying is that you need to go spend a week with your old pack and then decide if you really want me in your life. You need time to think. Away from me...” He sadly trailed off. I had sympathy for him because I finally understood what he was saying, but now he needs to understand me.

I hopped off the barstool and walked over to him. “Listen... I had four months to think about things. Four months. I already decided what I wanted to do and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to see you first.”

“You’ve been alive for four months?”

“Yes. Anyway, I’m not saying I don’t want to see my pack and family. I do, but that’s something we are going to do together. Well, if you even want to make things work...” This time it was my turn to falter off with my words.

“I do!” He blurted out quickly and grabbed my shoulders. It seemed like he never wanted me to leave, but my mind reminded me that his changed behavior could possibly be a trick as well. I blushed a little and he regained his poster, “I mean I do. I want to earn your trust and affection. I want to correct my mistakes. This time I will not fail you.”

I was caught off guard by his words. He sounded so sincere. “You do?” I asked uncertainly.

“Yes. You have no idea how much I wish I could change what I’ve done! Now, I finally can do that.”

I smiled then frowned. His face contorted in sadness like I was going to reject him. “Okay,” I said.

He looked rejoiceful. “Does that mean you’ll give me a chance?”

“Yes, but there will be rules, boundaries, and limits.” I sternly spoke crossing my arms.

“Of course. Anything you want.”

“I am allowed to have a phone to contact my family. I will be sleeping in my own room and you must knock to come in. No abuse anymore. I will NOT tolerate it anymore. The first time you hit me- I want you to take a long look at that door.” I pointed to the front door, “Because I’ll be walking out of it and never coming back.”

Alec gulped but nodded his head. His forehead glistened in the brightly lit room. “I won’t ever do it again. I’m sorry for the pain I caused you.” His shaky voice promised.

“As for the rest- I can’t think of now, but if anything comes up I’ll let you know,” I said and he nodded his head. I was actually surprised that he took my commands well because I thought the alpha inside him would refuse what I had to say. I guess he did have a little progress inside of him. It was like he took anger management or something to calm him. Rem did mention Damon so maybe he had something to do about that. I shook my head at the thought because they had always despised each other so I don’t even know why he joined the pack. “Oh and one more thing!” I just remembered something, “This might sound a little weird, but... Once every month I want to be alone. I wish to be in my room by myself with the door locked. I want no one in there- no exceptions.”

“Why?” He asked.

“For personal reasons.” I was short with my answer and he obviously could tell I wasn’t going to give him a good reason. He just dropped the conversation with a simple okay.

“May I hug you?” He asked.

I simply just nodded my head. He quickly reached out to grab me and I couldn’t help but flinch. He withdrew his hands and looked remorseful. This time he slowly and gently reached out to me and gave me a delicate hug as if I would break at any moment. I hugged him back and for a second I let my guard down to enjoy the moment. He inhaled my scent, “I can’t believe you are actually here.”

“Well, you better believe it because I don’t plan on leaving unless you do something stupid,” I said.

“Can we add something else into the rules?” Alec asked as we broke away from the intense hug.


“I want to take you out on a date every week. Like bonding time.” For the first time, he stammered on his words and his cheeks turned red. You could tell he wasn’t good with these kinds of things. He looked so adorable. Well, he looked more than adorable.

“Sounds like fun,” I assured him.

Something began to smell horrible and it didn’t take a werewolf to figure that one out. It smelt like burnt toast. Alec’s eyebrows scrunched together in confusion, then realization spread across his face. “Oh shit, I forgot!” Alec quickly rushed over to the kitchen to turn off the stove.

I laughed, “I’m going upstairs. I’ll be down in a little bit. Have fun fixing that.” I chuckled some more.

“Hey, I can cook!” He defended himself.

“Sure sure,” I said sarcastically as I exited the kitchen.

“I can cook better than you!” He shouted and that instantly caught my attention.

I poked my head around the corner to look at him. “Oh really?”

“Really really.”

“You wanna bet!” I challenged.

“In matter of fact one day I do! I couldn’t help it this time because you’re just so distracting.” His deep voice was enchanting. It was almost like he was intoxicating. What was he doing to me? He had such an effect on me, but I needed to remain strong. It was hard to remain emotionally strong when all he was doing was being nice. Either way, I guarantee if he hits me one time, then it’s over for him.

I jogged upstairs and went to my room. As I entered, I observed everything and nothing was out of place. Not one thing was moved and it was exactly how I remembered. I suddenly realized that I forgot my suitcases so I went back outside to retrieve them. Once I picked them up from the porch area I brought them inside and put them in my room. I locked my bedroom door preparing to do a spell. I opened my bags and unloaded all my herbs, belongings for spells, and my own grimoire. I put my crystal ball and the herbs I didn’t need in my closet. I shifted my focus to the spell I was about to do.

Before I started my spell, I put a tiny amount of sage in my small fireproof wooden mortar that had special cravings. I took a match out of my bag and lighted the sage on fire. I placed the small mortar on the ground because I always do my spells on the floor. No werewolf could here me due to the burning sage and I was ready for my first spell alone. This was the moment of truth. I smiled.

I skimmed through my grimoire to find a spell I could use to change my scent. Therefore, I could smell like a werewolf and there would no questions regarding my changed scent of a witch. Once I found the right spell to cast I retrieved some of the herbs that would be needed. Then I practiced reciting the spell to make sure there would be no mistakes in my pronunciation. Technically, I didn’t need herbs to do most spells because I was a direct descendant of the original witches, but I liked using herbs and so do my ancestors.

After I was done, I spread out a small red blanket on the floor that I could sit on. I cut off the lights and sat down on the blanket, then I put some candles around me. I made sure they were evenly spaced out before I lighted them.

First, I added some witch hazel oil, Mugwort, Chamomile, and Lupine to my larger mortar. Then, I used the pestle to grind it all up. I lit another match and dropped in the bowl. I was instantly engulfed with a sweet smell as the thick smoke drifted up into the air. I breathed the smoke in and it calmed me to the core. I was in a peaceful state that only witches could feel. To a witch, there was nothing more important than performing magic, other than growing plants.

“Pukai eṉ uṭalaiyum, maṉataiyum, āṉmāvaiyum nirappuvatāka. Eṉ uṇarvukaḷ vantu ōyntu viṭukiṉṟaṉa. Eṉṉaik kaḻuvik koṇṭu pōy viṭuṅkaḷ. Eṉ vācaṉai māsk ceytu atai aṟiyalām. Oru līkāṉ avarkaḷ eṉṉa terintu koḷḷa vēṇṭum.”

“Pukai eṉ uṭalaiyum, maṉataiyum, āṉmāvaiyum nirappuvatāka. Eṉ uṇarvukaḷ vantu ōyntu viṭukiṉṟaṉa. Eṉṉaik kaḻuvik koṇṭu pōy viṭuṅkaḷ. Eṉ vācaṉai māsk ceytu atai aṟiyalām. Oru līkāṉ avarkaḷ eṉṉa terintu koḷḷa vēṇṭum.”

I chanted the spell a couple more times until a new feeling invaded my body and that was how I knew I successfully completed the spell. I sat in the dark enjoying the silence and peacefulness to myself.





A knock on the door interrupts my precious time. “Leah, are you alright? I couldn’t hear you and I was starting to get worried.” Alec’s worried voice called to me. I put out the burning sage so he could hear me.

“Yeah, I am fine. I’ll be done in a second.” I said.

I heard the door jiggle. “Why is the door locked? The lights are off too.”

“Alec stop asking so many questions. I’ll be down soon.” I told him.

“Okay. I’m sorry.” He said.

I smiled because I never heard him apologized so much in one day.


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