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Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 4


I never thought that I would be alive today. I never thought that four months would go by and I would learn more spells and rituals than I ever learned in my life. I never thought that I would be boarding a plane to travel to Romania and fling myself back into Alec’s arms, but yet, here I am. I did believe that he has changed, I felt it in my gut. And if he didn’t change then this time I would leave for good. I was more powerful than before, and I would live for an eternity as long as no one killed me. The mate bond has broken and I was happy that it would no longer cloud my judgment. Now looking back at my old life I could now see that was the only reason why I stayed. I was stupid and naive because the mate bond had a strong pull. I refused to leave him, but now if he would hurt me then I would be gone in a heartbeat. I even had a compromise in my mind for him. I just had to see if he had changed or not, but it was worth a shot. All I knew is his chances were running out, so he better not mess this up.

Not only did Achira and Insuvai teach me all they knew about magic- they taught me how to control my element better, and they said I was a fast learner. I already knew how to fight, but since I wasn’t a wolf any more things were different. I knew the structure and technique of fighting, I just had to become stronger and faster than the rest. In the last four months Achira, Insuvai, and I spent most of our time in a hotel, in town.

For two reasons, it was away from Velvezhi, and they had a track and field in town. I did so much training the last four months that even the seats on this plane did not sooth my aching muscles. It was a good thing that the seat next me to was empty because I did not desire company.

I didn’t get much sleep due to practicing and exercising, and I was happy that I was able to finally sleep. Insuvai refused to let me get much sleep because she told me if I was dumb enough to go back to Alec then she was going to teach me how to defend myself. Now that I could actually sleep, I didn’t waste time falling asleep when the air took off in the air.

“Ughhh. Not again. I just did that.” I cried out.

Insuvai glared roughly at me. “Do it again. It was not good enough.”

I slowly stood up from the ground and started to run again around the track. When I was done running five more miles I collapsed at the finish line. Being a werewolf helped with stamina and speed but I wasn’t one anymore. Insuvai said I would have to gain my speed, stamina, and muscle back because I was dead for ten months. I lost half of my body mass. She said that being a werewolf was easy, but being a witch was hard. She started to give me a lecture on how witches work for what they have and werewolves were gifted and blessed. She even rambled on about how she didn’t understand how werewolves could complain and fight one another when they have everything they want. After her speech, she gave me a list of exercises to do. My body already ached but I did them anyway. Gaining my muscle back was physically the hardest thing that I’ve done, but Insuvai wanted to make sure that I could fight a werewolf without magic.

“Faster!” Insuvai yelled at me across from the track. I huffed but quickened my pace. If only she knew how this felt. I stopped at the finish line and blankly stared at her.

“What are you doing? Start running!” She pointed her hand at the track.

“Why don’t you run like this? It’s harder then you think! Why don’t you take your own advice.”

Her eyes narrowed into slits at my words. “What do you think I’ve done all my life. I’m speaking from experience! I had to do the same thing, and I still do. Even Achira and Velvezhi have worked from the ground up. We trained and trained since the Salem Witch Trails, since Columbus sailed the seas, since the ancient times, and even before that. You think that I haven’t done this before?” She mocked, “Then let us have a race,” Insuvai challenged.

We both got at the finish line. “Three, two, one, GO!” Insuvai shouted and I took off.

I was still faster than humans but I was unsure if I could beat Insuvai. It was worth a try. I suddenly realized that I was ahead of Insuvai and I turned my head. She didn’t even start yet, but I still continued running. When I was a quarter way around the track, Insuvai took off. I sped up because she was like a hound that was gaining on my heels, ready to surpass me. My heart skipped a beat as she shot up to my side like a slingshot. While giving me a wink, she ran past me and crossed the finish line long before I did. My breath was uneven as I ran, and I stared at her with wide eyes. When I came to a stop she gave me a triumph smile.

“How?” I gasped.

"As I said- I worked for everything I got. Now do it again.” She commanded.

The plane shook disturbing me from my sleep. My breathing hitched and my palms became sweaty. Flashbacks of our plane crashing flooded my mind and I regretted getting on. My breathing became uneven as the plane shook once again.


All I could picture was the plane falling to the ground. Crushing and killing all of the passengers.


I could imagine the airbags deploying and the plane plummeting. Fear consumed my body and I tightly clenched the arms of the seats.

“Leah stop, I’m here.” A voice snapped me out of my own fears. I looked over and saw that the empty seat was not vacant anymore. Big brown eyes cascaded into my green eyes. I relaxed at his presence.

“Don’t worry everything is fine. Nothing will happen.” The boy said.

The plane roughly shook again and a small cry came out from my lips.

“Hey, talk to me.” The boy’s voice was so soft and comforting. “Don’t focus on the plane focus on me. Ask me a question.”

“What’s your name.” I tried to distract myself.

“My name is Charlie. Some call me Char.”

“Leah.” I stuttered saying my own name due to nerves.

“I know,” Charlie said. “What’s your favorite color?” Charlie asked.


“Mine is blue. I always wanted blue eyes.”

“What’s your favorite animal,” I asked him. I began to feel calmer while talking to Charlie. He was such a pleasant person to be around.

“It use to be a wolf, but now it’s a bear,” Charlie said.


“Because I’m not a wolf anymore,” Charlie said.

“It hurts,” I replied referring to both of us losing our wolves, a part of our inner selves.

“I know. But that’s a pain we can share together.” Charlie replied.

“My favorite animal is now a bear too,” I told Charlie.

“Are you happy about going back to Alec?”

“Somewhat yes. I just hoped he has changed.”

“Me too,” Charlie said.

“Excuse me, ma’am, are you okay?” A flight attendant asked me with confusion in her eyes.

She must have heard me talking to Charlie and probably thinks I am crazy. “I am fine,” I told her. She gave me a weird glance but walked down the aisle.

“Sorry,” Charlie muttered.

“It is fine.”

“I hate being on this plane,” Charlie said.

“I can relate there.”

“I mean who even invented planes. It is the worst idea I’ve ever heard of.” Charlie criticized.

I chuckled, “Same.”

Charlie became serious, “Did they compensate the survivors?”

“I actually am not sure. I think Alec probably forgot all about it.”

“Well it’s probably too late now, it’s already been little over a year,” Charlie said.

“It is so boring on this darn thing, and the seats are horrible,” I complained.

“Awe you little baby.” Charlie taunted.

“Hah. Very funny.”

“Yeah, that’s what my family use to say.” Charlie had sadness in his eyes as he spoke.

“What happened to them,” I whispered as the flight attendant walked up the aisle.

“My family never liked being in a pack because my sister was human. So we had no protection. One night a rogue broke into my house and killed them all. He left me and my sister alive. We were actually on the plane to go live with my aunt.” Charlie finished.

“I’m so sorry. You didn’t deserve that.” I apologized.

“It is okay. My sister is now in a peaceful place. Witnessing her family get mauled by a wolf was horrifying.”

“Did she know about you being a shifter,” I whispered the last part.

“No. Sometimes I wish she would have a human family. One that wouldn’t bring her much pain. But now she is reunited with all of us.” Charlie happily stated.

“So you get to see them?”

“Of course, when I’m not with you. I like seeing both of you. They basically view you like family, because you were brave enough to try and save me.”

“Your family sounds nice.” I complimented him.


I really got to understand Charlie the more we talked on the plane. I talked to him until the sun went down. It seemed like time went so fast when I was with him, and I cherished every minute of it. I wondered if one day I could talk so freely with my mate as I talked to Charlie. Charlie was truly a wonderful person. As we talked I began to feel tired. It was night time and even though I had a nap earlier, I still felt tired.

When I woke up the next morning, Charlie was gone. I was left to entertain myself. After hours of boredom and anxiety, the plane ride soon came to an end. With pleasure, I gladly hopped off the plane. I would never be getting on another plane again, I can’t believe I set foot in it in the first place.

I couldn’t wait to I return to a pack setting. Even if I didn’t have my wolf, a pack still felt like home to me because I was always raised in a pack. I began to wonder how Alec would react to seeing me for the first time. I smiled because I could picture his reaction- he would probably piss himself. Then again, I don’t know how he first reacted when I was killed. I never bothered to ask Insuvai or Achira what happened after I died, and they never bothered to tell me either.

I also couldn’t wait to take a shower and get a change of clothes. I knew I smelled to high heaven. Insuvai had bought me a couple of outfits but since I was constantly working out, I was always dirty.

Insuvai had already planned out everything when I arrived in Romania. She went online and paid a taxi driver to meet me at the airport and drive me to Alec’s pack.

I meet up with the taxi driver, at the airport, who held out a piece of cardboard with my name on it. I told him the address to Alec’s pack lands, and then we both got in the yellow car.

I never knew what the address was because he never told me. However, Insuvai taught me how to find out using my magic. I checked in on Alec once and observed how he was boxing with a punching bag. I didn’t do it again because I thought it was like invading someone’s privacy.

Witches had the power of checking in on people and knowing certain things. Every witch had a crystal ball and they could see what others were doing at that moment, or they could ask the crystal ball a question. It was one of the perks of being a witch. Another cool thing I found out was that some witches had birds as pets. They were not small birds like finches or parakeets, they were big birds like crows, vultures, eagles, and hawks. Insuvai asked if I would like one, and I told her yes. I wanted a vulture because I always thought they were cool. When Insuvai told me the abilities that you could share with your bird, that only made me more interested. She told me that once you bonded with your bird for a lifetime, you could feel each other’s pain, you could read each other’s mind and communicate, and that bird will defend you till death. I always wanted a pet but my parents hated animals, even though they were animals themselves.

I was busy wrapped up in my thoughts when I noticed we were pulling in the driveway of the pack. It was all familiar due to the day that Rem snuck me out of the pack.

I didn’t want the taxi driver going further into the pack. “You can stop here. I can walk.” I told the taxi driver. He didn’t say anything he just nodded.

I shut the taxi door and started walking with my suitcase that contained my new outfits and my new crystal ball. I also had some herbs for small spells. It was a good long walk to the village compact, but it was a strange and eerie walk because there was not a soul in sight. There was not even one wolf on patrol.

The first house that I noticed was Rem’s house, and now that I saw his house I knew how to get to Alec’s. I cut through the woods and walked through the forest on the way to see Alec. I couldn’t help but smile because I had a good feeling about this. I glanced around the woods as I walked and I still spotted no one. Maybe it was because I didn’t have supernatural hearing but I couldn’t hear anyone either.

I approached his house and a familiar feeling invaded me. The feeling of warmth. I walked to the front door then stopped because I could finally hear something. It was loud sound of something moving in the backyard. I walked behind the house and saw Alec moving some branches and pieces of wood along the forest line. I was happy when I finally saw him, but it wasn’t the same as if I would still feel the mate bond. I approached him slowly just observing what he was doing. I couldn’t believe I was right behind him. I saw his muscles ripple across his shirtless back as he launched big logs deeper into the forest.

It was hard to find my voice as I stood behind him. Thinking of all the possible scenarios of what could happen, I was just afraid and nervous. He would find out sooner or later when he turned around and I didn’t want to wait anymore.

“Alec,” I called him. He continued with what he was doing. Maybe he didn’t hear me. “Alec,” I said it more loudly and firm this time.

His body tensed and he looked around till his eyes settled on me. His eyebrows furrowed but he didn’t say anything as he threw the last log. Then he started walking with big and heavy strides. I watched his emotionless eyes with confusion. It was not the facial expression I expected.

He shook his head as he walked past me, “You’re not real.” Alec whispered to himself and shook his head with hurt in his voice. I watched as he walked to his house and entered through his door.


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