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Chapter 15


Alec engulfed me in a bone-crushing hug immediately when I opened the door. I hugged him back. He breathed in my scent and lifted me into his arms, then softly placed me on my bed. “I’m not the most perfect person Leah. Definitely not fit for being your mate.”

I couldn’t stop my hand from trembling but I rubbed his muscular arm. I was slowly pushing away what happened earlier. I knew that us talking would change everything. Things will be different for now on. “It is okay Alec. Everyone has secrets- some that we never tell a soul, but for us, I think we have a lot of talking to do. Including me. If we talk about things that we’ve been hiding then it would be an improvement for our relationship.” I told him. I watched his reaction and he nodded in agreement.

“I agree. Which is why I am actually going to tell you about the war. It might be a lot for you to take in because no one knows the real truth.” He said.

“In the history books, it says that it was over land disputes,” I told him.

“History books?” He questioned. He acted like this was the first time he heard that he was in history books. He had to know this, or maybe he actually didn’t.

“You didn’t know? The elder council decided to put you in the history books because of how legendary the war was and how ruthless you ended it.”

“It didn’t end.” He shook his head. “At least not to the point that everyone thinks.”

“We will be okay. I promise.” I quickly hugged him.

He hugged me back then grabbed both of my shoulders forcing me to look at him. “No more secrets between us. Promise?”

“I give you my word,” I promised.

“I don’t know where to start with the war.”

I couldn’t believe that he was finally about to open up with me. This was the one true thing that I wanted to find out. “What started the war?”

He chuckled darkly but not sinisterly. “It started over the first girl that I have ever truly loved. I thought that she would’ve actually been my mate. I use to think that she was perfect for me, but she wasn’t.” He paused as a painful expression passed over his face. His neck turned red and his voice was deeper. I could instantly tell this was going to be the hardest thing he has ever told me.

“It is okay. You can take your time.” I comforted him.

“I never truly loved another girl, but Victoria. All the other girls that I had sex with were meaningless, including Bella. She absolutely meant nothing to me. All the girls I had sex with were a coping mechanism. Before you died I actually started developing feelings for you. After you died, it was like losing another person I loved all over again so I handled it in a different way. By having meaningless sex as a distraction. That’s how I handled the thought of you being gone forever and I do regret it.” He confessed.

“Wait. You actually developed feelings for me? I don’t understand because you were mean to me up until I died. How did you have feelings for me and when?” I questioned.

He sighed and held out his hand, “Follow me.” He commanded.

I grabbed his hand and followed him into the hallway. We stopped outside his office and I instantly became nervous.

“Um, this is your office? I have never been in here.” I told him. How did his office have anything to do with our conversation.

“I have something to show you.” He said as he opened the door. He leads me to his desk where he picks up a picture frame. He studied it for a long time before letting me see it.

I looked at the picture and immediately recognized it. I was baffled that he had kept something that reminded him of me. Especially, in his office, because he had to have seen it every day. It was when Alec slept on my shoulder and I told Insuvai to take a picture. It was a couple of days before I gave my life for Alec’s wishes. The smile on my face was radiant and my green eyes sparkled with light. I didn’t know how I could be so happy when I was so close to death. I guess that showed how selfless I was.

“When did you start having feelings for me?” I asked curiously.

“The day when I thought I lost you in the plane crash. After that, I knew I had feelings for you, but then I started to push you away again.”

“Why?” I simply asked.

His expression looked unreadable, “I was honestly afraid to let someone get close to me. It terrified me to know that someone had actually broken down some of my walls.” He emphasizes with his hands.

“What did Victoria do to you?”

“She betrayed me. She went the Alpha of the Sete de Sânge, Crow Lonuţ, and willingly gave him a blueprint of our pack. She pretended to be in love with me, but I fell head over heels in love with her. She told Crow information regarding my pack, which he used against us during the war. You always wanted me to open up to you, and I thought it was just a trap to betray me again. I wasn’t sure that your attentions were pure but now I know they are.” He spoke. I was starting to discover why he had major trust issues. It was all starting to make sense. The reason why he did the things that he did in the past.

“I know this doesn’t matter but was she your first at everything...” I asked.

“She was my first love. The first person I had sex with, and the first person I fully opened up with. I meet her when I was thirteen and we were just friends then because we were in the same pack but we became closer when I was fifteen, But she was also the first person that betrayed me by going behind my back to sleep with Crow Lonuţ.” He said. I felt disgusted toward Victoria, not only did she sleep with an older man at a young, but she betrayed my Alec and I wanted to destroy her.

“What happened after that?”

“After that Crow decided that he wanted our land, but he wanted to make us suffer first because we weren’t the same as him in regards to nationality. So he kidnapped Alice and me. He held us in captivity and when I had my eyesight I watched him...” He gulped hard. His eyes looked to be lost in a deep abyss, hollow and full with despair. I almost didn’t recognize him.

“I watched him forcefully rape my sister when she was twelve. I was sixteen- almost seventeen.” He turned away from me in shame. “There was nothing I could do. He chained me to a wall and forced me to watch in order to show dominance. He is truly a sick monster.” I gasped at his words. I couldn’t understand why a person would do that to anyone. Especially, a young teenager. Why would anyone force a brother to watch their sister being raped? That must have been a very horrifying experience for both of them. No wonder why no one knew the real truth.

I lightly touched his chin and guided his eyes to meet mine. “It wasn’t your fault Alec. It wasn’t Alice’s either.”

He stared at me with his entrancing brown eyes, “I never felt so helpless. Hearing her screams made my heart break.” His breathing became ragged and his face was red. This truly tortured him. I could only imagine that her repeated screams of agony in his own mind are what keeps him up at night.

“I’m so sorry Alec, I had no idea...”

“It is not your fault.” He admitted. “On top of the torture Alice received, he found ways to torture me.” He started to take off his shirt, and the light was on. “All of these scars, they represent the pain he inflicted on me.” Alec pointed to a long scar on his biceps. It looked like a clean incision.

“That was from the time he cut me with a sword.” He points to another short scar. “He also cut me with a santoku knife. I can’t even remember all the weapons he used.”

He turned around to show me his back, “He use to flog me when I would cry out in pain from the physical punishment. He had a fetish with using multiple torture techniques, most from the medieval times, and he had many older weapons.”

I walked up closer to him. My eyes squinted as I tried to register all the information he was giving me. My arm seemed to involuntarily move to trace the scars on his back. He flinched at first, but he willingly let me trace the scars on his back. I could tell that he was refraining himself from making me stop.

“Why would he do this...” I said out loud. Everything that he had become was because of this alpha named Crow and Victoria, they made Alec cruel and distant from everyone.

“The most important thing he stole from me was my eyesight. I already told you what caused that before, but Crow repeatedly cut into my skin until he permanently left the damage. He would continuously take the voulge and reopen the wound across my face leaving me ultimately blind.” Alec traced the wound horizontally across his face from his ear to his other ear, which obviously crossed over his eyes.

I stayed silent as he continued to speak.

“As he was torturing me he would always tell me that I would never have a mate. That she would take one look at me and be discussed. That she would think I was weak or that I simply did not deserve one, and I actually started to believe what he said. I started to believe that I didn’t deserve the love and affection of my mate. That I would be nothing but a monster to her.”

“Anyway.” He continued, “Pictures and videos were sent to my parents of Alice being raped and war was declared. Eventually, I was rescued by my parents from Crow, but I was already permanently blind. Sadly, Alice wasn’t able to be rescued because she was already relocated.”

“When I was back at the pack, I remember the day when my mother and I were walking just to clear our minds of the war that had been going on. It was a couple of days after I was rescued. I was talking to my mother about what happened and then she was attacked. I was blind and I couldn’t do a damn thing but hear her screams and cries as she was torn into by wolves of Crow’s pack. I made a promise to myself that day that I would never stop training. Months went on after that. Endless battles with casualties on both sides died. I trained hard every day to fight and defend the pack.”

“Then it happened so fast but soon my father died in battle and I took over the pack pretty quickly.” He said.

“Many people died...” trailed off sitting down on the couch in his office. I rubbed his smooth back because he still had no shirt on.

“The war was agonizing and filled with bloodshed. I don’t want to think about it anymore.” Alec whimpered. “I can’t put it into words of how gruesome it all was. From the endless months of torturing to the very last day that Crow disappeared.”

I watched as tears flowed down his face. He held his head low and when in reality he shouldn’t have. I finally understood all the pain he went through.

I hugged him tightly. “Alec. You did the best you could. You are a survivor, never forget that. Also, you are important and you mean a lot to me.” We both hugged each other.

I couldn’t help but feel bad for him as I listened to his story. Never in a million years did I suspect for the war to be this personal. I felt a massive amount of anger toward Crow.

“Alec?” I asked.

“Yes?” He answered.

“Who is threatening us?” I asked curiously.

He looked up at the ceiling and rubbed his temples. “No one knows that Crow is not dead, except Alice and I. When I was young, I captured him and I kept him in the dungeons. I went into the dungeon one day and found that he was gone. I waited for months to see if he would attack before I pronounced him dead. To this day I don’t know how he got out but I do know that he is somewhere out there.”

“Is he ever going to try to kill us?”

“I won’t let that happen.”

I wanted the change the subject.

“Alec it’s my turn to tell you something important,” I confessed.

“What is it?” He asked.

“Well it’s hard to explain but remember when I died and I came back to life,” I said.

“Um, yea?” He said confused.

“Well, I didn’t come back the same...” I trailed off.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“Well there were consequences and basically I lost my wolf.” I decided to just blurt it out because I knew that if I didn’t say it now then I wouldn’t say it at all.

“Wait, what?” He asked. He was oddly still and quiet.

“So basically, I have a witch bloodline. Insuvai, Achira, and sadly Velvezhi are my relatives. Velvezhi, the one that killed me, is my grandmother who obviously hates me. When I died they performed a resurrection spell which made me come back to life, but in order to gain your eyesight, I had to give up my wolf and other consequences that went with it.”

He didn’t say a word for about five minutes. “You gave up your wolf for me?” He asked.

I simply nodded my head.

“You should have told me that you were a witch a long time ago.” Alec stood up and left.

“Alec wait!” He ignored my pleas.


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