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Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 13


A/n: This chapter contains graphic violence at the end, but there is NO domestic abuse involved.

3 Months Later...

Three months have passed by since our group date at Alec’s restaurant. Not much has happened with rouges or any intruding wolves. It’s like they disappeared but we all know that’s not the case. Alec and I have not really done anything to improve our relationship either. We haven’t been fighting or anything like that but we haven’t exactly been romantic either. We are kind of at a standstill. Other than facing the pain only two times like the witches said I would, nothing was new. I was lucky those two days because Alec was gone to visit another pack, and I just stayed in my room with sage burning at all times. It hurt like hell and by the end of the night, my throat was dry. Everyone just assumed that I was in a depressed state because Alec had left. Don’t get me wrong, I was upset that Alec had left but I stayed in my room for obvious different reasons.

I could tell Alec was strained and that made things strained between us, but for the most part, he was doing well on controlling his anger. He was starting to worry me a lot because there were more times than I could count that he would wake up from nightmares. On the couch, in my room, he would toss and turn and I had a feeling that it was not caused by the uncomfortableness of the couch. There have also been times when he would wake up and completely freak out and not recognize who I was just like the first time. He would be very apologetic afterwards and I couldn’t hold that against him. One night, in particular, he woke up very sweaty and he was hyperventilating. I got up to check on him and noticed the tears streaming down his face so I held him close to me until he stopped and went to bed. He didn’t do this every night, it was only like three nights a week but it was still enough to be worried. I wonder if he did this before I met him because this was absolutely heartbreaking. It turns out he still had some worries and he wasn’t completely the cold Alpha everyone says he is.

A white ball of fluff pounced on me and I wheezed in pain. “Ouch.”

Alec had already left and he would be back soon but it seemed like he was avoiding me lately. For now, it was just Logan and me for now. I have become very attached to Logan. It is great to have company when Alec leaves. Out of boredom, I even started teaching Logan tricks within the last month. He catches on very easily.

I quickly changed into a pair of sweatpants and a sweater. It was getting very cold and it wasn’t even Thanksgiving yet. We still celebrate holidays in the traditional American way because our ancestors were from America, but they ended up moving to Romania. “Come on Logan,” I called him.

He followed me to the back door and I let him out. He was a very sweet and good dog. I could let him out into the backyard without a leash and he wouldn’t run off.

All the sudden, another dog ran out of the forest and I became worried. I don’t know how he would act around other dogs and I didn’t want him to get hurt if a fight broke out. I opened the door and walked out trying to call Logan. Instead, he saw the other black dog and he ran straight toward it. They pounced on each other and started rolling around in the grass.

I stopped in my tracks as I watched them frolic with each other. I smiled and my nervousness was replaced with irritation. Now I was going to have to wash him again, but at least he had a new friend.

“I’m so sorry Luna. She just ran off.” A little girl came running after her dog.

“It is fine. They are happy.” I chuckled.

I watched them play around before she had to leave with her dog. Once the playdate was over Logan and I went inside. I went to the closet to give Logan his breakfast. Then I set up a movie in the livingroom

An hour and a half later the credits starting rolling on the screen. Someone knocked on the door. At first, I thought it was Alec but he wouldn’t be knocking on the door of his own house.

Reluctantly, I snapped out of my lazy mood and went over to answer the door. When I unlocked the door Rem immediately opened the door and walked in.

“Well hello to you too,” I said.

“Good morning Luna,” Rem greeted me. “Are you busy today,” He asked.

“No, why?” I questioned.

“I haven’t seen you in forever. I want to spend time with you.” He said.

“Well why not,” I answered.

“That’s wonderful because I brought controllers, snacks, and my game console,” He said while slinging his backpack down.

“So how are things with you and Grace?” I asked. His face twisted into a painful expression but it quickly vanished. “What’s wrong?” I questioned.

“Things are good.” He said.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, it is just that she wants kids...”

“Oh, I see. You’re not ready for that yet. Is that it?”

“No, I do want kids as well. Don’t tell her I told you this but... her body isn’t healthy enough for it. We went to the doctor and he said she might never be able to carry children.”

It made perfect sense now. When I first saw Grace and Ava they were malnourished. I remember you could practically see every bone. Now, when I look at her she looks skinny but not as bad as before. Her body has been through a lot and is slowly healing, it’s no wonder why she can’t have kids.

“I’m sorry.” I apologize for asking. I shouldn’t have asked anyway because it’s not any of my business. “I hope things go well for you.”

“I hope so too. There still is a small percent she can get pregnant though, we are just having a hard time. I keep telling her to wait until she gains more weight but I can tell this kills her. She really wants one of her own.”

“She would be a good mom.” I complimented.

His eyes shined as he spoke of her, “Absolutely, the way she plays and handles Ava is admirable. I love her so much.”

I went back to making our food on the stove.

I felt a drift a cool air. Charlie appeared by my side. “Leah I have something funny to tell you.” He enthuses.

I turn my head to look at Rem and smile at him. He smiles back. Charlie was now aware that someone else was in the room.

“Okay then, don’t respond. Just listen.” Charlie said. “What do you call a wolf that uses bad language?” He paused for a second. “A swearwolf.” He finished. I couldn’t help but laugh at how dumb yet funny the joke was.

“Is something funny?” Rem asked.

“No, I was just thinking of something...” I answered. Rem’s eyes glazed over. He was in the process of mind linking someone.

“So what if I told you this was a distraction?”

“Are you calling yourself a distraction because I can think of better distractions.” I joked.

“Hey what’s that supposed to mean!” Rem got defensive. I laughed. “I think I’m leaving then.” He got up and walked to the door.

“No, wait! I was joking.” I ran after him.

He opened the door and Alec walked in with a bundle of roses in his hand. Rem turned to me and smirked. This was all apart of there plan. “I know you were joking. Have fun.” He said then left.

It was just Alec and I. It seemed like all the air was sucked out of the room because there was a lot of tension between us. I knew he felt it too. Once again, I found myself entranced in the dark beauty of his eyes.

“Hey.” He breathed out which broke me out my trance. He handed me the roses.

“Thank you.” I breathed in the scent of the flowers. “What’s the occasion?” I asked.

“I thought you would like to join me to get ice cream,” Alec said. I noticed his hands were very fidgety.

“Of course.” Did he think I was going to reject him? “Let me go get changed.”

“Should I put Logan up?”

“No, he’s fine.” I watched as Alec glared at Logan. Logan cocked his head to the side and grinned at Alec. Despite his glaring, Alec couldn’t lie- Logan had grown on him. Even if he did make the back seat of Alec’s car smell for a week.

I changed into a pair of jeans. It was ironic that we were going to get ice cream in cold weather but I noticed that Alec was a fan for ice cream. During the times when he actually was around he always had ice cream. Maybe, I could get him a freezer of ice cream for Christmas since he loved it so much.

Alec already had his car pulled up in the driveway when I came back down.

Every time we were alone it was always silent at first and I hated it. I wondered if tension would always be felt between us. It was silently torturing me to always be so quiet around him. I wanted to open up to him and I wanted him to open up to me, but it felt like I couldn’t. It was like a barrier in our relationship and I wished it would be gone. Just like the time when I was with the pack, I wish Alec and I could work in unison, as a team, just like we did that day. We acted like the most perfect couple that had no problems, but I was tired of acting in front of others. I wanted romance and I wanted to have him completely. I knew I couldn’t have him until my secrets were told and that was hard for me because a part of me didn’t want to admit it out loud. I wanted to dig a hole so deep and bury all the pain. The only way to do that was to start over. The only way to start over was to get all the secrets out.

“Would you actually want to have kids someday?” Alec asked. My eyes widened. It seemed like this weighed heavy on his mind.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

“I’m not sure if I’m... father material.” He admitted.

“Being a dad is hard. No one is ready for such responsibility but we can do it together.” I said.

“My father made it look so easy.”

“My parents did too,” I replied. I wanted to change the subject to stop myself from missing them too much because I would end up crying. “You have been avoiding me lately,” I stated.

I waited for a reason or at least an excuse for his absence. I knew he wasn’t seeing other girls because that was behind him now.

“Are you going to say something?”

“We are here,” Alec said. He pulled up to a park.

“Let me rephrase that. Are you going to answer my question?” I asked as we got out of the car.

“I did. You asked if I was going to say something.”

I facepalmed myself, “Don’t be a dummy.”

“What kind of ice cream do you want?” He asked.

“Chocolate,” I said.

I sat down at the park bench and watched him go up to the stand. My eyes studying his backside and all the females googling at him. I still referred to him as my mate, and I didn’t like females staring at my mate.

A young man took a seat beside me. His movement distracted me from staring at my handsome mate. “Don’t you look delicious.” He flirted with me.

My eyes widened and I almost choked on my spit at his bluntness. I better get rid of him before Alec does. “I have a mate,” I spoke to the human while looking straight forward.

“I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.” The guy touched my hand and I jerked away from him.

“I would mind,” Alec growled. The man’s eyes widened. He got up from the bench and stared up at Alec’s bigger figure. The guy took one glance at the scars on his face and scurried away.

I couldn’t help but laugh then I felt guilty for laughing, but maybe he should have taken a hint.

Alec smirked in triumph and claimed his seat. He handed me my large cup of ice cream.

After the cups were empty we sat the cups and watched the park. It was peaceful. “I don’t know how to react around you sometimes.”

“What?” I asked.

“I don’t know how to act. Which is why I tend to stay away. I just don’t want to mess up.”

“Well avoiding me is going to make it worst, but thank you for sharing that with me. I know how hard it is for you to open up. You should do that more often.” I probably sounded like a hypocrite.

“I know.” He gave me a short response.

“What did you want to be when you were a child?” I asked.

“Like as in a career?” He asked.

I nodded.

He stared off into the distance, “A doctor.” He shook his head. “It was a foolish dream of mine.

“No dreams are foolish.” I declared. “You are still young. You can still become a doctor.” I tried to encourage him.

“I have too much responsibility now. What did you want to be?” He changed the subject.

“I wanted to be a veterinarian.” In this very moment, our conversation seemed too good to be true. Maybe our relationship was finally getting somewhere. I feel like all we need is a little push.

“Well, it seems like you’re good with Logan and your new pet deer.” He chuckled.

I gave him a funny look, “How did you know?” I asked. Ever since I petted that deer in the forest it comes running up to me so I started to feed him. I just didn’t want Alec to find out because I was afraid he would eat him.

“Perfume doesn’t completely get rid of the scent of a deer in the living room babe.” He joked.

“I’m sorry I just didn’t want you to eat him.” I blushed.

He laughed so hard. It was nice to see him like this. “You really think I can’t control myself to not eat your deer on impulse.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“If you really like him then I promise I won’t eat him, and I hate secrets. So just stop wasting your perfume.”

We both laughed.

“So what has been going on lately. Since I haven’t seen much of you in the last two months.”

“For starters, I got a call from my Aunt. Jenna wants to come to meet my mate. She has been waiting for a long time and I can’t hold of her visit any longer.”

“That’s great!” I exclaimed.

“No, it’s not.”


“She’s just too much and always excited for no reason.”

“Why doesn’t she live here?”

“She is half human. Even though I don’t like humans she is an exception.”

“Is she pretty?” I asked.

“She looks like my mom.”

“Awe. Will you be able to meet my parents one day?”

“I would love too.”

After our small date we drove around town then we went home. Alec let me get some dog toys and I was so excited to go home and play with Logan. Alec parked in the driveway and I was the first one up to the door.

“Haha someone’s excited.” He joked.

Alec put his keys in the doorknob. I expected Logan to be howling at the other side of the door but he wasn’t. That was strange, or maybe he was just sleeping. I stepped into the house when Alec opened the door. I heard a crunch below me. It was the sound of broken glass. I sighed as I searched for the light. He was hiding because he broke something.

I turned on the light and my heart stopped. Time stopped and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. The air no longer went to my lungs. Tears welled in my eyes and I started to hyperventilate. Dropping the items in my hands, because I would no longer be needing them, I dropped to the floor.

I heard loud growls than immediately felt Alec’s warm comforting embrace. “W-who would do such a thing?” I tried to make sense of this but no possible solutions came to my mind. “No no no no no. JUST NO!” I hit the ground repeatedly and ended up cutting myself. “What the fuck!” I sobbed into Alec’s arms and he held me tightly.

“Don’t worry. I will find who did this. If it’s the last thing I do.”

Nothing will be able to erase what I had just seen. Logan was dead, brutally murdered right before my eyes. His stomach was slashed open with his intestines hanging out. Blood painted the floors and the smell lingered in the air. The worst part was that his head was severed from his body and his eyes were gouged out. Within the short time that I was out this had happened.

“How could I have let this happen...” I painfully whispered. While I was out having fun he was suffering in the hands of a true monster.

“This is not your fault Leah.”

I shook my head in denial at his words. If I wouldn’t have left then he would still be here. I felt something build up in my throat. I tried to stand up but I felt too weak. Alec helped me stand to my feet. That’s when we saw the message, a death threat. Along with vandalized furniture, the words “I will take it all away. Just like before” were written on the wall, in blood. In Logan’s blood.

I couldn’t stop myself after seeing that. I couldn’t make it to the bathroom and ended up throwing up on the floor. Puke mixed with blood. An unsightly view.


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