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Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 12


I walked out of the clinic and stepped into the cool breeze of the wind. A reminder of the changing seasons. After what happened my blood was boiling, but I had to keep myself composed or I would go up in flames. Literally. Never in my life had I seen so much disrespect to an omega. Omegas deserve respect like everyone else, their position in a pack was just as vital as a warrior or any other rank. The three most important components of a pack are alpha, beta, and omega. You couldn’t have a pack without one because there would be no balance.

On my way back to the circle, I approached Alec and Rem in the middle of a conversation. “That is my final decision.” I heard Rem say as I came closer.

“Are you sure?” Alec asked.


“Well, I’m glad to have you back,” Alec said to Rem.

“I’m sure you are.” Rem said dryly.

Their heads turned to me and they both greeted me with a smile. “Where were you?” Rem asked.

“At the clinic visiting Jada. She is starting to heal.” I said.

Rem’s eyes widened in surprise. “The doctor said she wouldn’t make it.”

“When I went there she was fine,” I replied.

“Interesting...” Alec trailed off while drilling holes in my head with his brown eyes. I ignored his stares.

“How do pack members treat others of lower rank?”

“Everyone is equal in my pack,” Alec said.

“From what I have seen, Omegas get treated differently.”

“What do you mean?” Rem asked me.

“One of the nurses treating Jada and Christie like scum beneath her feet all because Christie wanted a new nurse. Christie rightfully needed a new nurse because she didn’t even do Jada’s stitches correctly. I had to redo them.” I stated.

“I’ll handle it.” Rem said. He nodded his head to Alec and me, then he left in the direction I came from.

I followed Alec. “So what did you do with the guys?” I asked.

He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “Nothing good.” He gave me a short reply.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Since when did you take an interest.” He snapped.

“What? I’ve always been interested in the pack.” I said crossing my arms.

“It is none of your concern.” He coldly said.

“So as the Luna of this pack- it’s none of my concern?” I debated with him.

“If I tell you, will you leave me the fuck alone!” He yelled.

“Damn, what’s got you so triggered?” I asked.

“Scents. There are scents all around the border and shredded clothes. They have been spying on our pack.”

“I understand that but don’t yell at me,” I told him.

“I don’t actually think you fucking understand. They want something. Next time I see a rogue, he’s mine!”

“I understand why you’re mad. Trust me, I do. I just want to help so if there is anything I can do, let me know.”

“Just leave it the fuck alone.”

“Here we go again. Back at square one.” I sighed. Just when I thought we made progress, he goes back to shutting me out. I wonder if there was a deeper problem than just losing his eyesight. After gaining his lost sense, Alec still shows major trust issues but luckily he hasn’t been violent. He’s made a lot of progress but there was still more to the problem. I would just have to get to the bottom of it.

“Shut the fuck up! I don’t want-” He stopped himself.

“You don’t want what? Want me? A mate? Why is it so hard for you to just let loose!”

I stomped past him. I had no idea where we were but I could hear chattering in the distance, so I followed the noise.

I felt a hand pull me back forcefully and I ended up tripping.

“Shit.” Alec cursed. I didn’t think he meant to use much force, after all, I didn’t have much balance like a wolf. Alec pulled me up from the ground. “Are you alright?” He asked.

I nodded my head.

“That’s not what I meant.” He tried to half-ass apologize. His voice was insincere.

“It doesn’t matter.”

He growled, “I’m trying to apologize.”

“Actions speak louder than words.”

“Most annoying woman ever.” He narrowed his eyes at me.

“Okay and? You’re the most bipolar guy ever, yet you accepted me as Luna yesterday.”

“Let’s go.” He ignored my questions and continued walking.

I dusted my knees off and trotted after him. While admiring his backside I noticed how tensed he looked. “Are you sure you’re alright?” By then I was walking beside him.


“You look tense. That’s all.”

He looked vulnerable for a split second, “I’m just worried.” I never saw him all bent out of shape over other wolves. Wasn’t he the strongest wolf. What does he have to fear? Plus, he already eliminated all of his threats when he was young.

“Why would you be worried? Aren’t you the most powerful wolf? Everyone knows you are.” I tried to reassure him.

He let out a dark chuckle and shook his head from side to side, “It is foolish of me to let my guard down with you.” He told me and continued walking fast.

“Oh my god. You are so infuriating! I’m saying you have nothing to worry about. Whatever this threat is, you can handle this perfectly fine.”

He ignored me.

“Alpha, may I talk with you?” Someone asked. A blonde woman walked hesitantly up to us.

“What do you need?”

“Good afternoon, Luna. I just wanted to apologize to you Alpha. I know a lot of us have judged you for your actions but the truth is none of us are perfect. I speak on behalf of the other members and I wanted to talk to you personally. Congratulations on finding your mate.” The lady said.

“Thank you,” Alec said. The woman bowed her head at us and continued on with her day.

When she left I turned to him. He was still stuck in his spot. It was like he was paralyzed in disbelief. “What actions have they judged you for?” I asked.

He seemed to come back to reality at the sound of my voice. “It is a long story.” He said.

“I’m always here if you want to talk about it.” I consoled him.

He shrugged his shoulders and let out a deep breath, “After what happened with you. I went back to my pack but I wasn’t the same. My wolf would have episodes and shit like that. He would go feral. I ended up killing and hurting people in my own pack. Do you remember Ms. Jerry?” He asked.

“The old lady that put me on the roster for the tournament?”

“Yes, she was the first one. It was by accident. I never wanted to hurt her but she tried to stop me and I wasn’t in control of myself. She thought she could help me. I regret that every day because we were very close, she was like a mother to me. I also ended up hurting Grace under my wolf’s control. That made Rem dislike me more. I’m surprised he came and talked to me today.”

“I’m sorry. I knew how hard it was to keep control of my wolf, and I can’t imagine how hard it is to control an Alpha.”

“Especially, one that lost his mate at the time.”


“Anyway, enough talking about this sentimental shit.” He gruffly said.

“There is nothing wrong about talking about sentimental stuff.” I retorted.

He growled but not in a mean way. I laughed at him.

We continued walking on a trail that now was familiar with me. I still had my bag around my shoulder. I guess that would have to wait until I went home.

“Can you not hear me?” He said.

“What?” I asked confused.

“I always knew you couldn’t hear as well as me but damn all I was doing was whispering.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” I laughed sheepishly. I always had a habit of doing that.

I saw Grace walking around as if she was looking for someone. When Grace saw me she smiled and walked over to us. “Have you seen Rem?” She asked.

“He’s at the clinic,” Alec answered.

She nodded and left.

When we got to the circle there was still people wondering around. There was more than before. The wind picked up a lot and everyone got a whiff of our scents. The pack members nodded their head at Alec and I. Then they continued to whatever activity previously held their attention.

“Alpha.” Two guys appeared in front of Alec. “We found something else that may require your attention.”

Alec told me he would be back quickly before he left.

Alice, Rem, and Grace eventually joined me to keep me company. It was nice for all of us to have a normal conversation like nothing ever happened. Grace was laughing over a joke Alice made, and Rem held her waist in a loving manner. They were also talking about something Ava did that was funny. I was happy to see them together because they have been through so much. When I met Grace and found the conditions she went through I immediately wanted to help her, and Rem had been through a lot as well. Since Rem was in the war I’m sure he had his own conscious battles to fight after the war. Now that Rem and Grace have each other, they could work on fixing themselves.

It wasn’t long until Alec returned. While Rem, Grace, Alice, and I were communicating Alec was distant from us. I grab his hand and pulled him closer into the circle. “You know, what if we all go out?” Alice offered. “I could invite Damon too.”

“I think that sounds good,” Grace said. Rem just nodded his head.

“What about you Alec?” Alice asked Alec.

“I guess that’s fine.” He said with a bored tone.

“Great. Later tonight?” Alice asked and everyone agreed.


“You know I never really understood him. You know what I mean?” Charlie ranted to me while he was pacing back and forth in my room.

“Why did he do it?” I asked.

“He was like that to me my whole life,” Charlie said. He was heated over an argument that happened between him and his brother, so he decided to take a break from them. “You would think that he would stop picking petty fights with me now that we are in the afterlife, but no it’s worse.”

“How is it worse?” I asked. I was laying down on my bed with Logan because Alec had to go do something before getting dressed. That was one bad thing about being with an Alpha, they are constantly busy.

“Because you can’t die!” He yelled out of anger.

My eyes widened, “I’m sure you don’t mean that.”

He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. I almost laughed because he looked like an adult but I held it in. “I don’t mean it. He is just so infuriating. On the bright side, you can fight all you want in the afterlife and there isn’t a single bruise or cut.” He laughed and I started to see the brighter side of Charlie surface.

“I’m glad to see you are adjusting nicely in the afterlife.”

“Yes, I am. The only bad thing is that I can’t hold anything. Do you know how hard that is for a kid!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “What happens when you try?” I asked.

“Watch.” Charlie walked over to my dresser to where my phone was. Charlie tried to pick up my phone but it didn’t budge. My phone stayed stuck to the dresser. At the last attempt of picking up my phone, I could see his small muscles flex. That’s how I knew he was trying with all his might to lift it up. “It’s like its glued to the dresser. I can’t even push it. It just doesn’t move.” I watched as he tried to push the phone with one finger. The phone still was in the exact same place.

“Let me try something,” I said and got up. I grabbed my phone. “Try catching it in the air.” I dangled my phone above his hand. When I let go of my phone it fell to the ground. Charlie tried to catch it but it went straight through his hand.

“Well, you tried.” Charlie shrugged his shoulders. “At least I can still touch my family and you.”

My phone notification went off to alert me that I had a message. Alice was here to pick us up. I stood up and straightened my dress then I brushed my hair. I had a floral maxi dress when long sleeves. The bright colors consisted of yellow, orange, pink and green.

“Have fun on your date,” Charlie smirked.

“It is a group date.” I shook my head and smiled.

“Right.” Charlie sarcastically said before he disappeared.

When he left I put out the burning sage. I opened the door and walked out to greet Alec. He just left his room. “You look beautiful.” He said while admiring me.

“And you look very handsome,” I replied. His black suit, that matched his personality, clung to his body in the most perfect way. He stuck out his arm for me and I accepted it, then we walked down the stairs together.

“Come in,” Alec said. Alice, Damon, Rem, and Grace walked in. The males had suits and the females wore dresses. Everyone had to dress nicely because Alice ordered a table from the most expensive restaurant in town.

“Who’s driving?” Damon asked. Alec started grinning.


The car ride was silent and Alec just ignored me while looking out the window the whole time. Despite the silent treatment Alec hooked our arms together and led me into the restaurant when we arrived.

The white table cloth and red plush seats must have cost a fortune, and if they didn’t then the decorations definitely would have. The theme of the restaurant was ironically wolves. A painted picture, above the fireplace, of a howling white wolf sent chills down my spine.

I guess Alice must have caught me staring, “That’s a painting of our mom. Alec owns the place.” She whispered to me in case there were humans around.

“She is a white wolf?” I asked because it was uncommon to see a white wolf.

“She was.”

“She was beautiful.” I complimented and Alice nodded her head. The waitress noticed Alec right away as we waited and her eyes widened. She immediately came over and brought us to a booth without any questions. The booth, that the sixth of us were in, was away from the others. The was a single candle in the center of the long table that casted off some light in this dimly lit restaurant.

The waitress handed us some menus and I skinned through it quickly. I already decided what I wanted to order so as everyone continued to look at the menu I looked around the restaurant.

Many pictures of wolves were hanging on the wall. They were probably other members of the pack. I thought the choice of decoration was unique and cool. I would definitely be coming back here.

My eyes settle on a huge picture of two brown wolves with glowing yellow eyes. You could tell this certain picture was held above others. I recognized the scars of the bigger wolves body and immediately knew that it was Alec.

“Are you admiring something?” Rem smirked. Everyone seemed to be watching how I soaked in the restaurant.

“Maybe I am,” I said and that seemed to bring a smile to Alec’s face.

The waitress came to ask if we wanted any drinks. As she left I noticed Damon checking her out. “Awe does someone have a crush.” I teased him.

“No, but I got a boner.” He replied still looking her way. A series of chuckles echoed around the table. Rem looked at her too, but Alec didn’t. Alec’s eyes stayed glued to the menu.

“Oh my god.” I laughed so hard. I shouldn’t have asked.

“So when are you guys having babies?” Alice joked while looking at us.

Alec finally looked at something other than the menu. He stared at Alice with horror. “Why would you ask that? That shit takes time.” He said.

“You haven’t had sex yet,” Alice questioned Alec. Suddenly, he was bombarded by other questions from Grace and Rem.

“Guys chill out. He’s right. It takes time.” I said so they would stop bugging him.

“Fine, when are you and Rem going to have a baby.” She directed to Grace. A look of hurt and pain flashed across her face but I’m not sure if anyone saw it.

“What’s up with you and babies?” I asked Alice.

“Yeah let’s change the subject.” Rem agreed.

“Fine.” Alice grumpily said. “But when the time comes. Alec do you plan on having children.” Alice didn’t drop the subject.

Rem and Grace rolled their eyes. I expected Alec to have a snarky reply but he surprised me. “Yes. I would like to have children someday- if that’s okay with Leah.”

My eyes snapped to Alec and I forgot what I was looking at before. He was staring straight back at me with a soft smile. I looked forward to the rest of the night as this would be a good bonding experience.


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