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Chapter 11


I massaged my temples due to my throbbing headache. It felt like having a hangover but only ten times worse. I sat up and realized that I was still in my red dress. When I stood up, I looked in the mirror. My dress was wrinkled, but my hair and makeup still looked flawless.

The door opens and Alec walks in with delicious smelling food on a plate. My mouth began to watering by just looking at it. “I made you breakfast. Here is some ibuprofen, and when you are done eating you might want to take a shower. We have pack business to do.” Alec said while handing my the ibuprofen pill. I swallowed the pill immediately to rid myself of this headache.

“We?” I questioned. I didn’t know that he would accept the fact that I’m the Luna and let me do my duties so quickly.

“Is that a problem?” He questioned with a bored face.

“No not at all,” I told him.

“I’ll be downstairs when you are done,” Alec told me. I ate my breakfast quickly and sat the plate on my dresser. Then I gathered some clothes and went into the bathroom to shower. After my shower, I grabbed my plate and went downstairs. I sat down on the couch in the living room. I waited for Alec to arrive so I rested my head on the arm of the couch.


Finally, footsteps were heard and my body shot up in a sitting position. “Where were you?” I asked.

“In my office, I had to grab a couple of files. How are you feeling?”

“A lot better now. What happened last night? I remember some parts of it but most of it was a blur.”

“In packs, Alphas and Lunas, sometimes even Betas, they will feel pain when a pack member dies. It helps to let us know if someone is invading our lands. After the incident happens, most learn to manage the pain that follows. I forgot to tell you that part of being a Luna, but I wasn’t expecting you to experience something like that so soon. It’s the first time someone would dare invade our lands in a long time.” Alec finished.

“Do you know who did or was it just a random rogue attack?”

“I don’t know yet, but I believe they are not rogues. One of my men went after the last remaining rogue, but he couldn’t catch him. Therefore, we lost our only lead to getting questions of what they want or what they are trying to do.”

“So what do we do now?” I asked.

“Right now, we just increase border control. Do rounds around the pack, and make sure everyone is okay.”

“Okay, if we are leaving now let me walk Logan and put him up,” I said.

“Okay. Right now everyone is at the circle, in the center of town. So take your time.”


“So is everyone else okay?” I asked while we were on the way to the circle.

Alec draped his arm around my shoulder, “Two people died last night, and there is one female in the hospital fighting for her life.”

“She isn’t healing?” I asked.

“The wolves had silver underneath their nails, so it wouldn’t hurt the wolves but it would hurt their victims. The woman, Jada, had deep claw wounds in the chest and stomach. The silver is preventing her from healing. It’s targeting her heart, and the doctors say that she won’t have long to live.”

“Oh no, that’s horrible! Have you visited her yet?” I asked.

“Her family is visiting her now, I plan to go see her later today.”

“Can I go?” I asked.

“I’m sure Jada would love to see her Luna before she leaves us,” Alec said while looking at me. Amazement showed in his eyes. “Your very caring, you know that? After everything that has happened, that part never changed. You are going to be a perfect Luna.”

“I’ll try my best to be one.”

"How have I’ve not seen that before.” He muttered to himself.

“So what about these wolves that invaded our lands. What if they come back?” I asked concerned. I would hate to see more people in the pack die.

“I’m not worried about it. Once we increase our security at certain points in the borders, no one would dare try to cross it.”

“But they did in the first place. They are probably going to do it again.” I made a point.

“Because I didn’t have many wolves running the border. Usually, I wouldn’t have to because everyone knows not to mess with my pack. Which leads me to believe they were not rogues and they are from another pack.” He said.

“Makes sense. I just have a feeling that it shouldn’t be something to be overlooked.” I told him. He lightly squeezed my shoulder in reassurance.

“Don’t worry I got this.” He shrugged it off.

We continued walking the rest of the trail to the center of town. Alec’s arm was still over my shoulder. The walk seemed to go by quickly mainly because I was thinking. The attack last night just appears fishy. I doubt this would be the last time someone tries to attack this pack, and I don’t understand why anyone would even dare try. Obviously, someone had a death wish.

We stepped out into the center of town together as a couple. Everyone was talking and comforting each other, but it all stopped when we arrived. Smiles were sent our way and many eyes lingered on Alec’s arm that was over my shoulder. “I have to talk with Axe and Liam about security. Are you fine with talking to my pack members for now?”

"Our pack members and I would love too.”

With that being said Alec left with two men that were just as big as him. I turned to the crowd and was greeted with warm smiles. I descended into the crowd making light conversations with my new family. It was a very warm feeling being with them. From the conversations that were going on it seemed like nothing happened last night, or at least, everyone acted like it didn’t phase them. The only evidence of anyone being murder was a small memorial near the decorative water fountain. Candles and pictures were surrounding the fountain along with flowers and other personal objects.

“Luna, which one looks better? I made them myself.” An older woman with gray hair asked me. She didn’t look into my eyes for more than five seconds. The women held up two long scarves. One was pink and purple and the other one was black and gray.

“I like the black and gray scarf. It’s my favorite color.”

“I woke up early in the morning to make you one, but I didn’t know what color you would like. Winter is coming soon.”

“Thank you very much. What’s your name?”

“Pam. Thank you Luna, for taking your time to talk to me.” Pam said and lightly bowed.

She gave me the scarf and I genuinely smiled at her. I held the scarf in my hand and continued to walk. It wasn’t long before someone called my name.

“Luna!” Miranda come to me quickly.

“Hey!” I exclaimed.

“I have a question.” She stated.

“Ask away.”

“I baked two pies. Would you mind tasting them for me?”

“I would love too,” I told her. She led me to her house, which was nearby. “Miranda. Why is no one upset? Everyone is just acting normal- like as if nothing happened. People died last night.”

She chuckled a little, “Our pack just handles things differently. Yes, we are sad about the deaths. They were family, but we celebrate the fact that they are with the moon goddess. As for their blood relatives, they are depressed. The blood relatives of the pack members that died haven’t stepped a foot out of their house. It’s truly sad.”

We arrived at a red brick house.

“You have a lovely house,” I said as we stopped at the door. She was taking out her key to the house.

“Oh Luna, you’re too sweet,” Miranda said. We stepped inside and I looked around. Cream painted walls with gray carpets. Pictures of her family hung on the wall, and a small white cat ran across the hall.

She guided me to the kitchen that had white marble floors. I looked around at the neat kitchen that looked like it could belong on the cover of a magazine. While observing the kitchen I noticed a large beautiful orange and red flower. The design of the flower was very intricate. I walked closer to the counter to observe the potted plant. An exquisite aura radiated from the plant, and the power that was emitted from the plant was magnificent. It was like the plant entranced and pulled me in.

“This flower is pretty. Where did you get it?” I asked Miranda.

“What flower?” Miranda asked as she pulled out the glass baking dish from the oven. She turned to me and her eyes widened in horror. Suddenly, the glass dish slipped from her hands and shattered on the floor. The piercing sound of glass breaking stopped me from feeling the plant’s essence. She carefully looked at me and the plant and then her eyebrows furrowed.

“You have to leave.” Her voice was clipped.

“What?” I asked. I had no time to process what was happening as she grabbed my hand and led me to the door. “What’s going on? Did I say something wrong?” I asked.

“There’s no time to explain,” Miranda said as she practically threw me out of her house. I even heard her lock the door.

I walked back to the circle trying to process what just happened, but I didn’t get too far. A twig snapped and I immediately looked into the forest line.

“Pēca iraṇṭāvatu nēram kiṭaittatā?” A familiar voice asked me. She had requested to talk to me in private. Cevielle nodded her head toward the woods. Even though I only met her once when Rem introduced us, she was a witch like me. She could be trusted.

I followed her deeper into the woods until we came to a small clearing. A small mortar with burning sage sat on top of a tree trunk. That’s how I knew the conversation was going to get personal because she wanted no one to eavesdrop.

“You realize that you can’t keep this secret from him for too long.” She spoke while circling me. It felt like her eyes went straight through my soul. It was almost like I was her prey

“How do you know?” I asked.

“A witch knows when another full-blooded witch is near.” She points at my arm, “Look for yourself.”

The hairs on my arm were standing straight up and I suddenly understood what she meant. I felt her presence and I felt more powerful. Just like when I was with my relatives, witches are more powerful when they are together. We fed off of each other’s energy and power, just like wolves in a pack.

“I’m surprised you didn’t notice that before,” She shrugs her shoulder. “Possibly because you’re new.” She studied me. “I’m surprised you even came back to him.”

“That’s what they say too,” I said referring to Insuvai and Achira.

“Well, they were right. Insuvai should have tried harder to make you stay with her. You don’t belong here.” Cevielle harshly stated.

“Is this all you wanted to talk to me about? Just telling me I don’t belong here because if that’s it- then I’m leaving.” I said with an angry tone.

“Wait.” Cevielle said and I stopped in my tracks. “Just be careful out there.”

“I always am. For the record, I am my own person. You don’t make the rules to my life and Insuvai doesn’t either.” I started walking away.

“Atu iṉṉum muṭiyavillai,” Cevielle said to me.

I brushed off her words and marched angrily back to the circle. My fist stayed clenched to my side. My anger was getting the best of me. Cevielle said it was not over. I wondered if that was a warning or a threat, but the more I thought about it the more I became furious. Maybe I was overreacting but her words about not being welcomed got to me. As for Miranda, I was confused about what even happened. Did I say or do something to offend or scare her? I should probably talk with her later.

I bumped into someone because I wasn’t watching where I was going. I didn’t fall to the ground but she did. I looked at her and immediately felt bad. Tears stained her cheeks and her eyes were puffy. I offered my hand and she gladly accepted it.

“I’m sorry Luna.” She covered her face with her black hair.

“No I’m sorry, it was my fault. What’s your name?” I asked her.

“Christie.” She said and I recognized her name.

“Oh.” Was all I said. She continued to walk past me in a sluggish manner. I turned around and grabbed her arm to make her face me. “What’s wrong?”

Christie took a heavy sigh, “My sister, she’s in the hospital from the attack last night. She is the last survivor, but she is slowly dying. I’m so scared and I don’t want to lose her. She is only seventeen.”

My breath was caught in my throat. This must be the girl that Alec was talking about. I heard Christie’s reputation from Rem, but regardless of her past she still has feelings. I knew what I had to do.

“Can I see her?” I asked.

Her eyes lit up. “Of course. She always wanted Alec to find us a Luna because we have no mom. I think she would like to see you before she meets the Goddess.”

My heart ached for her, but soon she couldn’t have to worry. “I have to gather a few things from my room, okay?” I told Christie.

She nodded her head, “Can I come too?”

“Absolutely, then we can go to the pack doctor together,” I assured her.


I walked out of Alec’s house with my purse on my shoulder. I greeted Christie who was at the edge of the sidewalk connecting to the house.

“Thank you, Luna. I really appreciate you doing this.” She kindly said to me.

“No problem.”

“This way. It’s really quick to get there.” Christie waved me over to a path.

I casually glanced at Christie every once in a while. I like to observe all the new people I meet because it helps me to get to know them better. I could tell that she was nervous being around me. Could it be that I was intimidating, or maybe she was uneasy with my presence? It was almost like she was guilty about something.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Y-yes. Well maybe...”

“What’s wrong?”

“I just worry about my sister. The last time we talked was during an argument.”

“Oh, I see. Trust me everything will be okay. She still loves you.” I told her. “What is your rank in the pack?”

“I’m an omega.” She said with an unpleasant facial expression.

“Why?” I asked. I noticed her hesitation and realized that it might be a hard topic to talk about. “You don’t have to answer.”

“But I want too. For some reason, I feel like I can talk to you. You have a mom vibe.” She gave me a small smile. “My mom died when I was young. After that my dad went crazy and he did many things.” Christie started to tear up.

I rested my hand on her shoulder and waited for her to continue. “He did unforgivable things to me. Years ago, there was a pack trial against him and he was rightfully found guilty. Ever since then I been raising my sister by myself. It’s not all bad being an omega. I just have a bad reputation.”

“I’m so sorry. No one should have to go through that. What do you mean a bad reputation?” I consoled her.

“After my father did things to me, I guess I became a little slutty. But I didn’t care at the time, he stole what I’ve been saving for my mate. Now my mate is not going to want me. He’ll take one look and be disgusted. That’s what my father always told me anyway.” Christie confessed.

“Well, those are old words. The wrong words. Honestly, you’re beautiful, strong, and powerful minded. Don’t let anyone get you down. Your mate will understand you. Don’t give up.” I said.

“Wow. That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. You are going to be the perfect Luna. I’m happy that Alec has you.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

“We are here,” Christie said.

We walked into a small building that looked like a clinic. Christie talked to a nurse that took us to a room down the hallway. We walked in and I cast my eyes at a younger version of Christie. Christie quickly went up to hug her and I walked behind her. When the girl saw me she smiled but then grimaced in pain.

“Luna! I wanted to meet you yesterday b-but,” She started to cough and couldn’t finish her sentence. “I’m dying.” She meekly said.

“Shh. It’s okay.” Christie brushed her hair and kissed her forehead. Due to the sisterly intimacy, they were both crying. They assumed this was goodbye.

“Christie, Luna, I’m sorry I didn’t put up that good of a fight.” The seventeen-year-old cried softly. It broke my heart to see her like this because, at this age, she should not be worrying about apologizing.

“Hunny, don’t worry about that. It wasn’t your fault.” I grabbed her shaking sweaty hand for comfort. I looked at her closely. Her pale skin was a visible sign of her getting weaker, and the hoarseness in her voice was getting worse. Sweat dripped down her forehead and from the extreme body heat that was being emitted, her body is working overboard to fight off the infection. Without intervention, she will not survive.

“Jada don’t say things like that. You are the strongest person I know.” Christie truly said.

“Christie? Can you get something for me?” Jada asked.

“Like what?”

“Mr. Snuggles.” Jada requested.

“Why do you want him? You haven’t used him since you were young.” Christie said.

“I was born with him and I want to die with him too,” Jada said.

Christie’s eyes softened, “I’ll be quick.” Christie used her werewolf speed to exit the building.

My eyes settled on Jada and her next words surprised me. “Luna, are you going to save me now?” She asked. My eyes widened. “Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.” Jada continued.

“How do you know?” I asked. There was no possible way she saw me use my magic last night

“I had a dream about you.” She says. “You’re a witch.”

I put my finger to my lips to hush her and I motioned my hand around the room in circles. She understood.

I looked back at the shut door. I raised my hand and turned my wrist quickly. Once the door was locked I started to take items out of my bag. Jada studied my every move. I brought out my mortar and pestle to began the sage process. After lightly grinding some sage and igniting it with the motion of my hand, the room was safe to have a private conversation in. “This is sage. Now that the process is finished, we can have a private conversation without others hearing me.”

“Wow, that’s cool.” Her voice was getting weaker. I touched her temples and muttered, “Tūṅku.” Her eyes fluttered shut and she fell into a temporary sleep.

Then I lifted the blanket off her body. I knew I had to act quickly. I removed the white bandages from her chest and stomach. It is a good thing that I worked with my old pack doctor before to help others because now I have experience with such things. I saw two deep lacerations and one puncture wound. There was dried blood around the wound and the stitching was done quite horribly. I will have to fix that.

The next process was quite quick. All I did was grind up some rare medicinal herbs. I used scissors to cut the stitches because I needed to gain access inside the wound. I wanted to find out who was responsible for the stitches because it was all wrong. I pulled out the herbs from the mortar and sprinkled it over the wounds. Now the fun part.

“Veḷḷikkut tūya veḷḷi. Veḷḷikkut tūya veḷḷi. Kāṇāmal, kāṇāmal pōkum. Ataṉ ciṟanta teyvīka talaiyīṭu. Veḷḷikkut tūya veḷḷi. Veḷḷikkut tūya veḷḷi. Kāṇāmal, kāṇāmal pōkum. Ataṉ ciṟanta teyvīka talaiyīṭu.”

“Veḷḷikkut tūya veḷḷi. Veḷḷikkut tūya veḷḷi. Kāṇāmal, kāṇāmal pōkum. Ataṉ ciṟanta teyvīka talaiyīṭu. Veḷḷikkut tūya veḷḷi. Veḷḷikkut tūya veḷḷi. Kāṇāmal, kāṇāmal pōkum. Ataṉ ciṟanta teyvīka talaiyīṭu.”

“Veḷḷikkut tūya veḷḷi. Veḷḷikkut tūya veḷḷi. Kāṇāmal, kāṇāmal pōkum. Ataṉ ciṟanta teyvīka talaiyīṭu. Veḷḷikkut tūya veḷḷi. Veḷḷikkut tūya veḷḷi. Kāṇāmal, kāṇāmal pōkum. Ataṉ ciṟanta teyvīka talaiyīṭu.”

The herbs fizzled as they began to burn in the wound. Smoke started to rise. It was a horrible sight and smell, but that meant it was working. The reason why I put her to sleep was because I knew it would be painful. I looked around until I found the needle and stitching thread that was carelessly laying around. The last step was closing up the wound. I carefully started to stitch up the two lacerations. The other puncture wound didn’t need stitching. It should heal on its own now due to the spell. I was done with the stitches so I touched both sides of her temple. “Viḻitteḻu,” I said.

After that, I put everything away and unlocked the door. I looked back at Jada as her eyes opened. With her newfound strength, she used her arms to properly position herself on the bed. “Thank you.”

“Anything for family,” I told her. Her face began to gain coloration and she started to slowly stop sweating. Her body heat was going down and I could tell she was going to live. Suddenly, a beep was heard on the heart monitor. Both of our heads snapped to the machine. I could see the panicked look in Jada’s eyes. “Don’t worry. It just beeped because your heart rate returned to normal.” I assured.

Jada nodded her head and breathed out in relief. “Thank god.” She looked up at the ceiling and let out a small laugh. Jada pulled her covers over her.

Two nurses rushed into the room. I guess they thought something was wrong because of the monitor. Their eyes almost bulged out of their skull.

“Your looking better.” One of the nurses said clearly surprised. Jada’s survival rate was nonexistent until now.

“Yeah, the stitches are looking better too.” I retorted. Christie walked in the room.

The nurse walked over and removed the blanket again. “Who changed them?”

“I did,” I told the nurse. “Now it’s my turn to ask the questions. Who first stitched up her wounds?”

“I did,” The same nurse replied.

“Why did you do them wrong?”

She began to fidget as if being caught doing something wrong. She didn’t answer. Her eyes looked down at the ground.

“Answer me!” I slammed my hand down on the nearest countertop. I was pissed that they didn’t do their job to help this poor girl. “Was it because you didn’t know how too... No, it couldn’t be that. Or was it because you knew she wasn’t going to live, so why try?”

“I’m sorry Luna...” The guilty nurse replied softly. Christie’s eyes narrowed in anger.

“I want a new nurse,” Christie demanded.

“An Omega like you doesn’t get to make demands like that.” The nurse had the balls to say that to Christie. One thing I won’t tolerate is disrespect to any ranks.

I walked to the nurse with heavy strides. She stepped back in fear. “Get the fuck out now before you don’t have a job!” I yelled at her. She scurried out of the room and the other nurse stared at me. “Take care of them. If I hear different then you’ll hear from me.” I said to the one nurse.

“Yes, Luna.”


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