Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 9

Once Katie was driven away, Austin diverted his attention back to the kitten behind him.

His aura that he had used to oppress Katie receded, and his golden phoenix eyes shone in the sun as they stayed narrowed on Rains beautiful face and innocent pure eyes.

His red slender sinful lips lifted into a genuine smile, as he smiled warmly down at the kitten currently gazing at him.

He reached out a slender finger and stroked Rain’s cheek, as his eyes trailed the skin that his finger touched as if fascinated. The heat from his fingers made Rain tremble slightly as his eyes widened, his face was overtaken with a blush and he looked down.

Austin placed two fingers under the kitten’s chin and raised his head so that he was looking directly into his eyes. He then ghosted his fingers over his plump red lips and his eyes narrowed and darkened.

So soft...′ He could feel his body heating up and found it unusual, he was never into males, he wandered why the kitten had such an influence on him.

Surprisingly he wasn’t repulsed by the idea of being with him.

He was brought out of his thoughts by a sweet and melodic voice “U-Um...w-what are you doing?” Rain stuttered as the took in the intensity of the gaze on his lips. He inwardly smirked I have to act the white lotus to lure in the prey for now, but when the chance comes I will eat my fill.

Austin realized he was startling the kitten and slowly stroked his lips once more before he took his hand away, swallowing before clearing his throat.

“It’s nothing, are you free at the moment? Would you like to spend the day with me?” Austin asked, his voice smooth and husky. ′I have to wait... be a patient man. Now is not the time, I would only scare the kitten away. I must get the kitten used to me before I eat my fill and make him mine.′

He didn’t know what the feeling in his chest was, he had never felt it before, even with his previous lovers and partners. He felt warm every time he looked at the kitten, he wanted to know everything about him, every look, every expression, even his flaws, he would gratefully accept as a blessing and a beautiful feature.

As soon as Rain heard Austin voice out the question, there was a trace of hesitance in his heart. He was reluctant to get close to someone. He had thought the man would only want a casual relationship with him. He hadn’t thought Austin would genuinely like him. He was used to pushing people away in order not to get hurt. His feelings seemed to show on his face for a moment and a genuine expression of shock covered his features before his lips trembled and he replied in a raspy voice, “Yes”.

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