Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 8

After a minute of Katie continuing her act, the secretary arrived in a black Mercedes.

He exited the car and greeted Austin before looking at Katie’s obvious self-directed act and frowned with distaste before quickly concealing it and adopting a professional look.

With a stoic face and a monotone voice “Miss Yao, please come with me, I will take you to the hospital” he said as he opened the car seat door and pointed towards the seat, signaling for her to get into the car.

Katie’s aggrieved expression suddenly showed cracks and flaws as confusion covered her face and her tears unnaturally stopped. She stood there like an idiot just told her she has 3 eyes.

Rain snickered under his breath, as his eyes took on a diabolic and bloodthirsty light before he quickly concealed it.

She quickly started her crocodile tears again and looked toward Austin, who was stood there with narrowed eyes concentrated on her face and a stoic expression. His whole body exuded an overbearing aura that made Katie shudder, scared from the intensity. He knew she was acting and hated these types of girls who come running to him because of his wealth and status.

“A-Austin babe I thought you were coming with me...” she sobbed as she looked up into his eyes with her wet doe eyes. A ruthless light flashed through Austin’s golden phoenix eyes before his sinful red lips lifted slightly. “No, Katie, I am not your babe. The thing I hate more than gold-diggers are gold diggers who over estimate themselves and are delusional”, he voiced out with his smooth, husky and deep voice. One would feel at ease hearing his voice if not for the poisonous words.

Katie’s waterworks suddenly receded, and she stood there like an idiot, mouth gaping open and closed like a fish just lost its water. Her face drastically changed color from black to red to white. Austin’s eyes flashed with mirth, and he exuded a suffocating aura that warned her not to disobey. “Get into the car Katie, my secretary will take you to the hospital”, he voiced out, his voice becoming even deeper and even huskier with his concealed anger and annoyance.

A shiver went down Rains back, Damn that’s one sexy as hell voice, he mused inwardly.

Katie looked into Austin’s golden orbs as she shuddered from the intensity of his aura and saw the warning and potential danger. Before she got into the car she shot one last hateful and vengeful look at Rain, who was stood behind Austin.

Rain smirked victoriously as he lifted his brow and tilted his chin, holding it at an angle and narrowing his eyes condescendingly at Katie before anyone was able to see. Katie gritted her teeth and turned her head away. ′I see, so this slut planned this all along!! And no one even noticed!! I will get you back for this you slut’. She vowed ominously in her heart.

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