Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 7

Ahh... Too easy. Rain inwardly snickered as he clutched Austin’s arms with his small palms while looking up at him with big surprised doe eyes that watered and shone with gratefulness. Small crystal teardrops hung off his silky black lashes. His red pouty lips were parted, inhaling and exhaling in small gasps.

Austin looked at the little kitten in his embrace and had the urge to devour him, make him his. His gold phenix eyes darkened and narrowed at the small delicious looking pouty lips that were parted, gasping in small breaths, making his small red tongue visible.

Austin swallowed, his eyes darkened further into a dark golden storm as his grip around Rains waist tightened and brought him further into his embrace, as if wanting to make them one.

Meanwhile in the distance the screeching of teeth grinding together could be heard. There the banshee stood, completely ignored and disregarded as her eyes raged with jealously and a promise of vengeance. Her nails dug into her palm as she watched Austin gaze at Rain as though he cant get enough. ′How dare this dare he!!???′ she screeched inwardly as her body shook with anger.

She abruptly walked forward and pulled Austin away from Rain with her claw like hand.

“W-what are you doing Austin...I-im hurting so much, the coffee hurt me...please take me to the hospital...he hurt me... Wuuwuu” she sobbed pathetically as she kept her vice like grip on his arms.

Extreme annoyance flashed through Austin’s golden Phoenix eyes as they narrowed at her pathetic attempt to get attention. He quickly concealed his obvious distaste for the female leech on his arm. His sinful red lips hooked up into a tight smile. “Katie my secretary will be here any moment now... don’t worry you will be at the hospital soon”. He said through clenched teeth as he shook her claws off his arm.

Her eyes lit up in happiness ′I knew it, this man can’t resist me.′ She snickered in her mind as she shot Rain a smug look.

Rain snorted inwardly, does she not know that this man is hooked on me now? Does she think he is going to be the one to take her to the hospital? Pathetic. He took on a sad and disappointed appearance, his eyes slightly watered as he clutched his shirt harder and lowered his head. Austin saw the smug look Katie shot at Rain and the way he was disappointed. He grew even more annoyed with Katie, yet the disappointed appearance of the kitten tickled his heart. He felt a warmth in his heart, ‘Does kitten like me?’ He thought as his golden eyes narrowed and his face remained expressionless, yet a flash of adoration passed through his eyes. His sinful red lips lifted into a genuine small smile, and seemed to illuminate his entire appearance, bringing the attention of others walking past onto him.

Rain inwardly chuckled, if I were to let this hunk of a man go to waste on such a little green tea slut I would be an idiot.

Ace who had been watching the entire ordeal realized how fearsome his master is, ′capable of bending a straight man with a single glance... Truly fearsome...′ he shuddered.

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