Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 6

Austin held out his hand “It’s nice to meet you kitten, what’s your name?“, His husky deep voice sounded out.

Damn that voice. I guess I don’t mind playing around with this guy for a while... Zero mused inwardly as he hesitantly placed his small hand in Austin’s large one, with his big innocent amber eyes looking up at him guarded.

“U-Um my name is Rain.. I-its nice to meet you” Rain blushed, his blush traveling down his neck to his collar until concealed by his shirt as his large doe eyes looked at Austin in admiration.

‘Mmm...that cute blush. I wander how far it goes down’, Austin inwardly thought as his gold phoenix eyes darkened and narrowed. His wet tongue slid across his sinful lower lip. He glanced at Rains jade like skin as his eyes darkened further into a dark pool of gold and they roamed and caressed his body.

Rain snorted inwardly, Too easy...Is this what the female lead spent months trying to achieve? Pathetic. Rain blushed an even darker red as he noticed the lust in Austin’s eyes. He fidgeted around innocently, while lowering his head attempting to hide his blush and tugging on the bottom of his shirt as if not knowing what to do.

Katie stood on the side watching this happening, her expression becoming darker, almost resembling a banshee. She needed to interrupt this before it got any further. ′This slut...Talking and seducing MY Man in front of me??!!′ Her face visibly undertook the appearance of a vengeful ghost. She quickly concealed it with her innocent and aggrieved doe eye and biting on lower lip look. She stepped closer to Austin and tugged on his sleeve as she raised her wet and red doe eyes and looked at him trying to make him feel guilty. ′Just you wait slut I will make my man deal with you himself’ she sneered inwardly.

Austin was interrupted from gazing at the heavenly kitten in front of him by a claw tugging on his sleeve. Annoyance flashed through his eyes as he looked at Katie’s aggrieved appearance.

’I need to get rid of this girl somehow. She is wasting my precious time with kitten.′ He put his hand into his pocket and got his phone. He texted his secretary to come pick Katie up since she looks unwell to the point she resembles a banshee and to take her to the nearest hospital.

Instead of paying attention to Katie who was waiting for Austin to be struck by her beautiful appearance and feel guilty and then take revenge for her, she was ignored once again.

Her face once again changed into that of a banshee as she glared hatefully at Rain. Rain did not understand why he was being glared at with such hatred, he was taken back as his wide eyes portrayed fear and panic. He stepped back only to trip on his own feet once again.

Before he could hit the ground a fair of powerful arms grabbed and circled his waist and pulled him up into a strong embrace as the delicious scent of mint and expensive cologne traveled through his nose.

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