Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 5

His midnight black hair blew in the breeze creating what would have been a peaceful and elegant picture if he had not had the demon like smile playing on his lips. Zero suppressed his blood thirst before anyone noticed it. His face retuned to its emotionless state and he raised his head.

Hmm what to do what to do... He inwardly smirked as he raised his brow, tapping his chin with his flawless slender finger while he carried on observing the commotion happening around the godly man.

Well... might as well go get my haircut, then I’ll decide what cliché to use to get the male leads attention. He snorted under his breath and shook his head. Oh lord I will burst a vein laughing if clichés like spilling coffee work.

He shot one last glance at the male and female lead before turning around and entering the salon. Zero had not realized there was a scorching gaze caressing his back as he departed from the commotion. The door chimed loudly as he entered the salon and two females approached him. They were startled with the face hidden under his long bangs. Their cheeks turning pink under his scorching amber gaze. Damn this boy is gorgeous, they both thought while attempting to look professional.

“What can I help you with sir?” Female hairdresser A asked with a blush coating her cheeks.

“A tidy up and sort out the bangs, I’d also like to have a look at some of the haircuts that are in style.” He casually answered in a cold tone as he elegantly sat down on the black chair placed in front of the mirror.

After Zero looked through the various styles he chose to simply sort out his bangs and trim his hair to allow it to still be enticingly wavy and smooth.

“Ah... if possible do you have any refreshments? Such as water...Coffee...?” Zero asked with a cold and indifferent face while inwardly smirking, clearly amused wandering what scenario he will end up in if he is given coffee.

Under his tantalizing gaze, female A stuttered “A-Ah yes I can get you s-some coffee”.

“That’d be great”, Zero replied while he ran his flawless fingers through his smooth black hair, pushing it back. The action was sexy and brought out his sinfully flawless features. The females within the salon blushed and their heartbeat increased while they all simultaneously thought Damn this boy was blessed by god...

Being well aware of his effect on people, Zero kept his face cold and indifferent but a flash of amusement and mirth crossed his eyes.

Zero exited the salon with the coffee in his hand. He stared at it for a moment before looking up and gazing at the leech that was stuck to Austin’s arm. They were currently sat on a bench with the female lead clearly trying to butter him up. Zero snorted and shook his head. Damn so desperate, with all the saliva she’s losing with the amount that her gums keep flapping I think she could use a drink...

He quickly trained his features to adopt an innocent and frail aura. Time to make use of this frail ass body. His eyes became filled with an innocence and naivety, while they shone bright and pure in the sun, making those who looked into them want to protect him. His cold, chilling and dominating aura was all gone and instead he appeared to be a scared kitten.

He slowly approached the male and female lead with his coffee in hand. Upon hearing footsteps coming towards him, Austin raised his enticing golden phoenix eyes only to see the purest, most innocent and naïve eyes looking into his.

‘Too cute...He’s just like a baby kitten...’ Austin mused to himself in his head.

Zero inwardly smirked while keeping up his act and ‘accidently’ tripped on his own feet and spilt the scorching hot coffee all over the female lead that was still flapping her gums.

She screeched like a banshee and broke off her hold on Austin’s arm. She looked up and glared fiercely at Zero. The intense hatred could be seen within her eyes as she was not only angry that someone spilt coffee on her but also after observing the youth she can see that he is beautiful, too beautiful, it made her feel extremely inferior.

’I’m the prettiest, there is not allowed to be anyone as beautiful as this boy!!! This slut.. I have to find a way to make him suffer...′ She sneered inwardly yet adopting an innocent expression looking like she was suffering not only from humiliation but from the coffee as well. She tugged on Austin’s sleeve and looked at him clearly aggrieved as her eyes watered and she bit down on her plump lower lip. she wanted him to stick up for her.

Zero held out a tissue as he fumbled around innocently, scared that he had hurt someone. His innocent pure amber eyes were wide and full of panic. Ahh... just like a drowned rat. I hope that moisturized your gums you green tea bitch. He mused inwardly as he apologized innocently again and again.

Austin caught the look of distain in Katie’s eyes and slightly frowned before he quickly readjusted his expression. He lifted a brow and annoyance flashed through his gold phenix eyes as he looked at the hand that was tugging on his sleeve.

He shook the ghastly paw off and turned to look at the worried little kitten. ′ cute... I want to squeeze his cheeks...′

“It’s alright kitten don’t worry about it, accidents happen”. His golden phoenix eyes narrowed slightly as his sinful blood red lips lifted into a charming smile. He feverishly gazed into Zero’s eyes.

Hatred and jealously flashed through Katie’s eyes as she kept her aggrieved expression up. ′This slut...Austin has never smiled at me. This bitch needs to die!!′

Meanwhile Zero was trying his best not to burst his vein holding in his laugh while keeping the innocent worried expression on his face.

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