Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 4

As Zero was directed toward the salon, he attracted the gaze of everyone he walked past.

His burning amber gaze seemed to entrap people into a beautiful illusion, yet they seemed so cold, almost too cold, but this did nothing but accentuate his charms further, as they reflected the rays of the sun. His black hair shimmered under the suns rays, making him look like an immortal. He walked with an air of elegance and grace in each step. It gave the people around him the impression that he was some sort of nobility or an important individual. His expression solid and ice cold without a ripple of emotion as he disregarded everyone around him, like a prince. Yet he seemed to give off a desolate and lonely feel that makes one wonder what made him so closed off.

As soon Zero had arrived outside the salon he noticed a commotion going on. A huge crowd of paparazzi seemed to be circled around 2 individuals. Zero stepped closer to inspect the cause of the commotion. What he found was a petite and innocent looking woman, around the age of 20 with big innocent doe eyes and small pouty lips holding onto the arm of a male that screamed alpha male. Accompanying her was a male who was extremely handsome, with an overbearing aura that screamed superiority, elegance and sin. He had was wearing a black suit that did nothing to hide his delicious body. His jade like skin was smooth and without any blemishes. His gold phenix eyes flashed with a promise of a sinful night, with a small beauty mark under his left eye that did nothing but make his appearance more sinful. His sword like brows made him seem more dominating.

His slender blood red lips were lifted in a devilish smirk and the way his black midnight hair was slicked back with a few strands falling near his eyes, made him truly a sight to behold.

‘Damn.’ Zero exclaimed in his mind as he took in the male that seemed to have every female and even males around him entrapped by his demonic beauty. They seemed to be attracted to him like moths to a flame, despite knowing he was dangerous.

Ace Who are they... No. who is he?′ He narrowed his enticing eyes at the alpha male that seemed to be becoming irritated with the attention and stickiness of the white lotus stuck to him yet putting on an act. Zero was a natural observer of the subtlest body motion and cues. He could tell this man was acting amused yet inside was most likely begging to get the leech off him.

[Master that is the Male lead Austin Vera, with the female lead Katie Yao]

‘How far along the timeline are we? Are they already involved with each other?’ Zero questioned in a cold monotone voice. A flash of irritation passed his chilly amber eyes which even he didn’t notice.

[No. Originally the downfall of Rain started 2 months after this commotion happened where the female lead was caught by paparazzi with the male lead.]

‘Are they involved with each other yet?’ He picked up his silver feather necklace and played with it in his small and slender palm as he kept his narrowed eyes on the male that had yet to notice him.

[No. Currently the female lead is trying to attract the male lead. They both met each other at a party yesterday which was hosted by the male leads wealthy business partners. The female lead knew that Austin would be at the event, so she managed to wiggle her way into the event by using her connections. At the event yesterday, she put on her act trying to garner pity saying that she is being beaten and sexually harassed by people she thought were friends and insisted the male lead accompany her for the day to make her feel better. The male lead had no way of refusing as she insisted on it in front of his business partners.]

Who does this bitch think she is? Someone she doesn’t even know should spend their precious time taking care of her ass? Zero frowned slightly, his cold eyes flashing with mirth as he snorted under his breath and shook his head.

She doesn’t deserve such a god among men. Green tea bitch. I will show you your place.

He dipped his head downward as his silky midnight black hair fell in front of his eyes, covering the chill underneath. Only to expose blood red full lips curved up into a demonic and diabolic smile.

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