Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 39

Zero tilted his head, his empty eyes narrowed as his lips pulled upwards even further.

Clutching the bleeding wound on his stomach, his brow raised, and he laughed humorously, “I’m your psychopathic childhood friend, who else?”

He lazily and emptily drawled, without concern, as if everything around him did not matter to him. And he was not on the brink of death.

The cold wind blew past him, caressing his bloody skin with a chill, carrying with it the scent of death and rotting flesh. The blood endlessly spilling from his wounds the only warmth he could feel. He sighed in morbid satisfaction.

He was satisfied with the way he felt so numb and cold, unable to feel those pointless and tragic emotions that had previously torn him apart.

How weak he was to have even cared about another person, to have even shed a tear for being betrayed. It seemed now that he was finally awake, he could see how foolish he really was. He tutted under his breath as he shook his head in ridicule.

For him, there was no such thing as love. Not anymore.

Wouldn’t it be better to take and take until I make others feel the same misery? However, I will be merciful. If provoked, I will no longer be kind and patient, I will be the person I have now become. Cold, and vengeful.

The people who had treated the original like trash would be in for a surprise.

He raised his cold and empty eyes to look at the godly, pure and intimidating man before him. His majestic white wings on display, as his long golden hair blew in the wind. An immortal who has everything, friends, family and status. Love…

Zero’s lips curved up in humorless ridicule as he looked down at himself.

Idris Nox. An outcast. An abomination. Abandoned at birth. Thrown away. No friends, no one who ever cared.

While the male lead was surrounded by luxury, he was abandoned and treated like trash.


No one can choose who they are born as, so why?

Why did they blame him?

Idris had to eat food off the ground while the male lead was being showered with everything, being loved by his parents. He practically lived in a palace, while Idris was basking in his own feces.

Although unfeeling and cold, Zero could not deny the feelings of the original Idris that had yet to dissipate. The feelings were swirling in his chest.

Jealousy and anger, but most of all, similar to Zero, vengeance.

He snickered under his breath as his unusual eyes narrowed and shone with the original’s emotions.

Well, it’s not like he could do anything right now. Might as well go along with it, he can’t exactly escape the current situation.

He stared at the pure and beautiful man before him, purposely avoiding looking into those dark royal blue eyes.

His voice blew through the wind. Unfeeling, yet unrelenting and strong.

“Aren’t you going to finish me off? Or would you prefer I let myself slowly die?” He languidly chuckled, lazily raising his bloodied hand to brush the long silver hair away from his unusual eyes. His brows raised, as his eyes flashed with a hint of ridicule and his emotions strained to be released.

The man’s sword like brows furrowed, his dark blue eyes flashing with hesitance.

Why had the words affected him so deeply? Never had anyone been able to make him feel anything much. He had not even felt such intense emotions for the woman he was interested in.

Unable to understand, unable to comprehend the whirlwind of emotions swirling in his chest, he simply stood there, a complex emotion slightly spilling through his usual cold and unfeeling mask.

“What’s up with you man? Didn’t you wanna kill the bastard? He’s literally half dead already why not finish what you started?” The chattering friends voice boomed with a hint of concern.

Valor was silent. Not once did he avert his gaze from the bloody yet beautiful form before him.

“I’ve never seen anyone be able to get under your skin or make you have a single expression other than your frozen expressionless one. What is it that’s got you all worked up?”

The other Godly men all turned their gazes to Valor with concern and confusion. This was their unfeeling and unreachable friend who had never showed a single expression even in the most worrying situations. He was like a high mountain, someone who was unattainable.

Instead of replying, Valor ignored their prying and concerned gazes and focused his piercing eyes on the battered form who he was beginning to have unusual feelings about.

His lips pursed as he observed the bloodied and battered body before him. Trailing his piercing eyes up his body, before staring directly at his empty smile. He felt absorbed in his empty eyes, as if looking into a deep and endless void of darkness, so beautifully tempting and sad at the same time.

These were not the eyes of the man he detested before. But he was unsure as to how it could be a different person.

Idris’ eyes captivated him, one a mixture of silver and violet while the other a demonic, sinful and seductive red. Surrounded by lush silver lashes than shone with his long silver hair. Those unusual eyes which were proof of his half-blood that used to repulse him now pulled him in, enchanted him. But no matter how enchanting, they were dark and empty.

His chest swirled with pain and guilt.

Why did he look so empty? So tired and fed up with life. Was it his fault?

Is he the reason why the man before him looks so empty despite the air of elegance and power radiating from him like never before?

But most of all, why was the feeling he got from him seem so familiar?

Why was he feeling guilt for hurting the person who had made him suffer, who had taken away the person he was interested in?

The thoughts swirled around in his mind as his eyebrows drew together.

Valor had doubts at first, when he noticed the entire air around him and the way he carried himself drastically and suddenly changed when he got up from the ground. But after looking into his eyes and noticing the undeniable changes he was confused.

For a while, he had not realized he was frozen, staring into his empty eyes in confusion until jolted by a loud voice.

“Hey, Val are you okay? Do you want us to quickly get rid of the eyesore?”

Valor’s eyes narrowed slightly as retracted his gaze and looked at his loud chattering friend. His jaw clenched, royal blue eyes darkening.

“No.” His husky and deep voice pierced through the wind with power and dominance.

“A-Alright then, s-sorry I guess” the chattering friend stuttered, intimidated.

Never had Valor spoken to him in such a way. Never had he looked at them with such repulsion. Why was he suddenly so interested in his psychopath childhood friend? Hadn’t he been killing him a moment ago?

They were confused, why hadn’t Valor wanted to finish him off? Wasn’t this what he had come all the way here for?

Despite the thoughts swirling through their minds, the men standing beside Valor kept their mouths shut.

They knew that the last thing to do would be to provoke the powerhouse mountain.

Idris observed their interactions, his unusual eyes flashed with an unnoticeable light.

He wasn’t going to finish me off? Why?

His eyes flashed with confusion as he stared into those dark blue penetrating eyes which seemed to soften slightly and resemble the night sky as they gazed at him.

His heart slightly tinged with a stabbing pain.

His eyes widened. No. I need to put a stop to such ridiculous thoughts otherwise I will once again feel those emotions I never wish to.

His jaw clenched, and he allowed the pill to suppressed the emotions once again. His eyes, regaining their empty chill.

The blood trickled down his body, bringing his attention back to his large wound.

He began to feel dizzy. His eyes narrowed as he stared at the furiously bleeding wound on his stomach, before his eyes rolled back and he was met with darkness.

Valor’s eyes slightly widened and flashed with panic. He abruptly appeared before Idris’ battered and fragile form and bent down.

His long golden hair elegantly slid down his sleek armor, his headpiece made a soothing and calming sound of bells as he slowly and carefully scooped up the bloody form into his arms.

The godly men stood there startled as their eyes bulged out comically.

Valor cradled his battered body in his arms. His royal dark blue eyes flashing with an unusual and rare warmth.

Why had this seemed familiar to him? As if this had happened once before?

Ah, yes, it was from that dream, that tragic, tragic dream.

Valor felt content and unusually calm as he shared his warmth with his bloodied form. He felt...complete.

His sword like brows drew together and eyes narrowed, flashing with worry, concern and guilt.

He needed a healer. The wounds he had inflicted on Idris with his weapon could only be treated by a healer otherwise it would never heal.

Although the man he was embracing was someone he had detested before, he couldn’t deny being unable to watch him suffer and wanting to protect him.

It was a feeling which engulfed him, as if imprinted into his very being, his soul.

He gripped the bloody form tighter into his embrace, as if holding a treasure.

Even though he was unable to understand his sudden emotions, he would do what he felt was right.

He elegantly walked back to his friends who stood comically frigid, mouths gaping open and closed.

Unable to believe their eyes they blinked before accepting the reality before their eyes.

Although they all detested Idris, they could not deny the beautiful and timeless image they created together. An upright angel, majestic and pure, as he held a battered and beautiful form in his embrace. Surrounded by death, under the dark sky.

As if a forbidden love, one an angel revered by all, while the other an outcast, cursed since birth. They felt as if they were intruding on something private simply by observing the way their usually stoic and uncaring friend held the man like a treasure.

They all slowly and reluctantly tore their gazes away.

Valor paid them no mind, still staring at the bloodied male in his arms, his eyes swirling with a whirlwind of emotions.

He slowly and gently brought his warm palm up and caressed Idris’ cold cheek. His eyes flashed with panic.

The wind carried his powerful and husky voice “Let’s return. We need to visit the healer.”

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