Finding Reason

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Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 31

The sun was unrelenting, as it clouded the area with a golden hue.

The fresh trees and grass blew in the wind, creating a beautiful picture.

Ming-hua was currently stepping into the market place, where all items were bought.

Completely aware, he caught the attention of every person he passed.

They gazed at him in awe and amazement before they stood and stared. He was an angel in their eyes. His exotic beautiful skin, his long black hair that flew in the wind, caressing his cheeks as his piercing eyes made all feel as if he could see into their souls. His aura was dominating, elegant and powerful. While every movement of his body exuded a noble’s grace, as his beautiful white robe trailed behind him in the wind.

He knew he was beautiful, but damn people were treating him like a zoo.

He tried to ignore the passionate stares as he stopped in front of an elegant looking tea house. His stomach rumbled. He looked down at it and rubbed a circle on it, his eyes narrowed in contemplation.

He knew he hadn’t the money...he had to get some somehow. He subtly looked around at the people near him under his lush lashes. And his mouth turned up into an unnoticeable grin. His eyes shone with a predatory light.

He chose to go up to a fairly wealthy looking man who looked at him as if he was star struck.

“Um-umm.. excuse me sir...” Ming-hua bit his lush lower lip as he docilely lowered his head and peaked at him through his lashes. “I-I was robbed by a bunch of thugs and they took all of my money, now I don’t have enough to eat and enough to get a carriage home” he sobbed pathetically, releasing crystal crocodile tears.

The wealthy man couldn’t believe someone would want to hurt such an angel and proceeded to comfort him with flushed cheeks. “It’s alright, I can buy you something to eat and get a carriage for you” His eyes star struck as he continuously took the beauty in with his eyes.

He didn’t even notice when Ming-hua stole the expensive looking pouch that was hung at the left of his waist. His fingers so quick and nimble the man was so preoccupied he didn’t notice.

“I-I see, thank you!” He gazed at the man before him in gratitude as he proceeded to wipe away his ‘tears’ while storing the pouch in system space.

The man was flustered “C-Come lets e-eat something”

Ming-hua: “O-Okay, t-thankyou...” he flushed as he gripped the man’s sleeve with his small slender fingers.

The man felt his heart beating furiously as he escorted Ming-hua into the tea house.

The tea house was elegant, it had a comfortable and at home atmosphere, yet it was still luxurious. Ancient symbols and designs decorated each wall, bringing its beauty to life. The interior was flawless. Laced with layers of gold and carvings of dragons. It seemed this place was mainly for royals and those with wealth.

The sweet and delicious aroma wafted through his nose and he felt his stomach increasing its protests.

The gentlemen treated him to a variety of luxuries and Chief Ming-hua’s stomach was fully satisfied.

After feasting, he smiled at the man and thanked him shamlessly.

The man gladly offered to pay, when he noticed he was missing one of his pouches. He was about to look around for it when he saw those silver enticing eyes innocently blinking at him, thus he swallowed his worries and pulled out another pouch from his inner robe and paid.

He offered the boy a small wooden plate which symbolized which carriage he was entitled to and told the boy that when he was ready he should take it to the carriage and show it to the man.

Ming-hua: “thank you,” his eyes watered as he wrapped his arms around the man and hugged him before quickly pulling away, a red hue tinting his cheeks.

The man stood red and flustered, before he sheepishly bid him farewell and left.

“Ahh how convenient.” Ming-hua’s enticing mouth lifted into a smirk as his eyes narrowed and shone with mirth. He leaned against the wall and looked up at the sky, wandering whether he should leave for the Iren country now or later.

He was brought out of his musings by a low baritone voice.

“I’ve seen shameless, but never someone who defined it.” The person indifferently drawled, his voice dominating, lazy and cold.

His voice sounded without a hint of emotion, Ming-hua shuddered before turning towards the voice.

There he saw 3 guards dressed in complete black, standing around a man whose clothes represented luxury and royalty.

The man was elegantly sat on the chair, seeming as if it were a throne.

His chin leaning on his hand as he casually swirled around the wine cup. His robes were a deep purple, with silver linings of dragons. Its design and material could be seen to be the finest.

His jade-like collarbone was visible through the slight opening of the robe, creating a tantalizing sight. His firm and toned build could be seen despite being covered with clothing. His flawless fingers continued to lazily swirl the cup. His black, long silky hair laid erotically over his robe.

His face was covered with a mask. The mask was silver and could be seen to be extremely luxurious.

Even with the mask, one could not deny the handsome appearance the man seemed to have simply by looking at his eyes and his slender blood red lips that tempted one to come and have a taste.

His eyes were a dark purple, they seemed endless and hypnotizing, sucking one in and never letting them go. Like an ancient well that held numerous secrets and darkness. He represented a dark, demonic and forbidden beauty.

The dark and emotionless eyes roamed on Ming-hua’s frame and face without a hint of compassion, as if looking at a dead corpse.

Whoever this guy is, he has no feelings, he’s almost like empty doll that doesn’t care about anything. Ming-hua’s thought to himself as he looked into his eyes. Those eyes seemed to be filled with no emotions and were void, yet he couldn’t deny the scratching feeling that engulfed his heart. Why had his eyes seemed somewhat familiar?

He inwardly frowned, before shaking off the ridiculous thought. Never in his life had he met such an empty and dark individual, who he can tell probably never cared for anyone or anything but power.

Throughout his internal conflict, Ming-hua had not made a single expression. His silver eyes were narrowed and shone with an indescribable light. His enticing features expressionless.

The 2 individuals seemed to be on par with each other when it came to lack of emotion and reaction.

“Whether or not I am shameless is none of your concern, I advise you to mind your own business.” He voiced out, elegant and dominating yet undeniably melodic.

The man’s flawless hand halted, as if slightly surprised by the tone the simple commoner had dared use against him.

The 3 guards immediately acted and were about to rush towards the ungrateful commoner who dared to even look upon their emperor, yet alone speak to him like a lowly being, before they were halted with a deep, and commanding voice which seemed to spread through the air, lowering the temperature and bringing shivers down people’s spines.

“Halt.” He lazily swirled the cup before taking a sip.

This little commoner dared to talk to him in such a manor. Dealing with him so easily and quickly would be a waste. It would be better to bring him along and slowly break him. Play with him like a toy, make him believe in him and then betray him. Then he shall see if that mouth dared offend him.

His demonic purple eyes darkened in contemplation.

After listening to his masters orders, the guard voiced out his emperors’ orders “You lowly and useless one will have the grace and blessing of travelling with our master, be grateful” he sneered at him, his eyes flashing with distaste and disgust.

“Whatever.” Ming-hua remained expressionless despite the words coming out of his mouth. The guard grew angry with his lack of reaction to his obvious slander and sneered once more before returning to his master and adopting an obedient expression.

Ming-hua: “It seems you have quite the loyal dogs, do they bark and play fetch too?” His face remained expressionless, yet mirth flashed through his eyes. His voice full of ridicule.

The guard’s eyes widened, they had never thought someone would dare say such things in the presence of their master. Never has anyone disrespected their master since he had become powerful.

“I advise you watch your words; the master has already bestowed you with a blessing. Tread carefully disgusting commoner.” The 2nd guard sneered at him before spitting on the ground next to him. It barely missed his face.

Ming-hua’s jaw clenched, yet no visible reaction was seen on his face. How badly he wanted to beat his ass, yet he knew how powerful the guy before him was. He calmed the raging fire in his heart.


[Yes Master]

This guy can’t be who I think it is right?

[Yes Master, this is the male lead, Lengwei Jun, the Emperor of the Iren country.]

Why is he here?

[That information is classified, I am unable to tell Master anything but the basics of the storyline]

He inwardly sighed Alright I guess there is more to this than we know.

The man continued to lazily observe his new toy, the more they fight at the beginning the better. How he would love to see his emotionless mask crack. All in due time. It seems at least he will have something that will ease his boredom for a while. His purple phoenix eyes narrowed in satisfaction of finally finding something he can crush and revel in.

“Bring him, let’s go.”

The guards strode up to Ming-hua and roughly grabbed him by the arms and hair, before dragging him into the luxurious carriage. They made sure to handle him rougher than normal, they hated how this mere commoner was granted the blessing of sitting in the carriage with their master despite his low status and disgusting mouth. They carelessly and forcefully push him into the carriage.

Ming-hua roughly collided with the carriage ground, his senses were jumbled, as he felt light headed. He touched his head and felt something warm. He looked at his hand and saw it was smeared with blood. He felt pain in his ankle and noticed it had been twisted.

His demon raged to get out, whispering in his ear how he can destroy all who hurt him. Ming-hua ignored the tempting whispers of the devil and slightly fumbled and struggled around to get up and sit down on the carriage seat properly.

All in due time, all in due time. He repeated in his head as he took a deep breath and calmed his raging anger. He continued to struggle to get up, the blood flowing out of his head continuously onto the floor. He had finally managed to get up and sit down.

After he was finally comfortable on the seat, he looked across him to see the man seated opposite him, dark purple eyes casually looking at him, no compassion could be seen in his eyes at the injuries he had sustained as he simply swirled the cup in his hand and took another sip.

Ming-hua who had been expressionless throughout the entire ordeal snickered under his breath, he had been a fool to think that this man before him shared any similarities to the man he loved. The man who would destroy any who touched a single hair on his head. The man who would protect him with his life.

He lowered his head, hiding his expression with his long black hair, to make sure no one was able to see the sadness and longing in his eyes for someone who already ceased to exist.

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