Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 30

Zero was once again greeted by the sight of his unusual space. Yet he hadn’t cared for the beautiful and ethereal sight around him as the aching pain in his chest and beautiful golden eyes occupied his thoughts.

[Master...]Ace hesitated. His master had finally been able to love someone and been able to find someone to love him and now he has lost them. He knew his master needed time.

[Master you can rest, when your ready I will take us to the next world.]

“...Alright” Zero whispered. His expression covered by his hair, his head dipped low.

Zero rested for a long time, before he finally felt he was able to somewhat calm the pain in his chest. He knew Austin would not want him to be like this, to be sad and unable to carry on.

He got up from his bed in his space and stretched his limbs and yawned, a new-found determination shone in his eyes.


[Yes Master.]

I’m ready, let’s go.

A bright light engulfed him and he opened his eyes to see himself in a dark and ancient looking room. The floor was wooden, the desks were old and rusted wood and looked like they hadn’t been cleaned, the only thing on the desk was an incense burner that had long been finished.

He looked down at himself and saw himself laying on a barely comfortable dirty mat, that could barely be called a bed. He looked around to see an old bronzish mirror.

He got up and noticed his body was quite weak and light, he walked over to the mirror and looked at himself.

Silver eyes stared back at him, surrounded by lush black lashes, a small button nose and full red lips. His long black hair fell down his back in slight waves and reached his waist. He had a small beauty mark under his left eye that made him even more enchanting. His skin was a healthy light caramel, making his silver eyes stand out even more.

All in all he was an enchanting exotic beauty. However, his face was slightly too thin, as if he had been starved and he had dark bags under his eyes. His clothes were tattered and worn yet were undeniably those belonging to an ancient Chinese era.

Although his clothes were tattered It didn’t take away from his beauty in the slightest.

Damn. Why would a masterpiece like this be living in a dump? Zero slightly furrowed his eyebrows as his silver eyes narrowed in contemplation.


[Yes Master.]

Knowing what his master wanted Ace immediately filled him in on the story.

[The female lead is an innocent and genuine white lotus. She isn’t fake at all. She’s a real dumb innocent heroine who seems to trip on her own feet every moment and gets everyone in trouble by her stupidity and always ends up being saved like a Mary sue, without realizing how much she is troubling and hurting others. All in All, she’s dumb and innocent. Her name is Yu Yan, she is the only princess of the Urem family, who are the royal family of the Urem country.

She was spoilt and heard of the male lead one day only to want to go and see him. The male lead is Longwei Jun, he’s a prince of the imperial royal family of the Iren country, his mother is an abandoned concubine and thus, he was abused and belittled by everyone with no one to rely on.

He eventually took his revenge, by accomplishing more than any of his step siblings could. He was superior in not only knowledge but also war, martial arts and appearance.

He became a general at the age of 15, successfully destroying the rebelling groups. He was known to be ruthless, heartless and cold. He always wore a mask to cover his appearance since it brought too much attention.

He had thousands of concubines when he later became emperor yet felt nothing for any of them and simply used them to warm his bed. That’s when the female lead came in, dazzled him with her innocence and won him over, becoming the empress.]

So where do I come in?

[You are the female leads abused and ignored step brother, Ming-hua. Ming-hua was also similar to the female lead, he was dumb and innocent and had not realized that hanging around with his step sister would end up causing him harm.

He used to be favored when he was younger due to his ethereal beauty despite being the son of a foreigner from the emperors one-night stand. but then one day the female lead and Ming-hua were playing and the female lead ended up doing something stupid which caused herself to be harmed. Ming-hua was blamed for her injuries and from then on he slowly lost favor and more people started cornering him and he was ignored by everyone.]

Seriously? He and the female lead are the same age why would he be responsible if she decides to do something that gets her hurt?

Zero shook his head and sighed.

[Eventually, he lost all favor and had to live off scraps of food and ended up in this desolate and rusty room while the female lead was showered with love and affection. Even though she knew he was suffering because of her she didn’t think that it was her fault because everyone else around her was saying that it was his fault. He later died from starvation as even the servants couldn’t be bothered to bring him food anymore.

This boy was too innocent and had believed that when the punishment was over they would come back to him and love him again.]

Zero sighed, it was truly sad. He was just too innocent to be part of the scheming royal family.

What was it that she did to get injured anyway?

She thought it would be funny to go up to a group of soldiers and throw her food at them. They got angry and smacked her. She went flying, hit her head and went into a short coma. Ming-hua told her not to provoke the soldiers yet she didn’t listen.]

Zero snickered, pathetic, can’t they tell its her fault for being a brainless bitch?

This boy’s past had irked him especially since it brought back bad memories of when he was Zero. The pain of being ignored and neglected even though you are part of the family. I will make sure this little white lotus feels the pain. His silver eyes darkened with malicious excitement.

(*Zero will now be called Ming-hua*)

[Ming-hua is now 17 years old. The original had already died last night from lack of food. The male lead is already emperor and has thousands of concubines, he became emperor a year ago, when he was 18. The female lead is now already acquainted with the male lead, the male lead is slowly becoming interested in her. There will soon be another consort selection which she will participate in, trying to woo him. In the previous story line she won and dazzled everyone with her cute innocence and they lived happily ever after.]

So, what do I have to do? This world will come with missions, right?

[Yes Master, the missions are:

-Ruin Ming-huas family name and take revenge. (5000)

-Destroy the female leads image. (8000)

-Attend the consort selection and win. (3000)

-Become famous. (3500)

-Find love. (8000)]

Ming-hua’s eyes widened at the last mission.

Ace, I will choose which missions I want to do is that alright? His voice was deep and laced with threat.

[...Yes master.]Ace shuddered.

His completion became normal as if nothing had happened.

Damn. I’m in ancient china now? Shit I’m sort of scared.

He looked down at his clothes and his skinny form, he needed clothes, food and money.

Ace can I purchase clothes from system store?

[Yes Master, there is a skill that allows you to wear any clothes that you picture in your mind.]

Alright, buy it

Ming-hua closed his enchanting eyes and pictured a white, flowing robe with intricate golden cloud symbols. The sleeves were long and would flow behind as he walked. It was simple yet elegant.

He hummed to himself in approval as he looked in the mirror. The clothes were already on his delicate frame. The white robes accentuated his healthy light caramel skin and made his silver eyes stand out more. His long black silky hair exotically flowed down his white robe.

I think I will be the only male there trying to become a consort, oh, this will be fun. His full red lips lifted into a smirk as he gazed at himself in the mirror.

Ace, I want to learn how to play a few ancient Chinese musical instruments. It seems people of this time appreciate and rely on entertainment to prove their worth. I don’t need to worry about weapons since I already know how to use weapons, but I should keep a few hidden weapons on me.

[Yes Master]

Ming-hua closed his eyes and entered his space. He practiced the Guqin and the flute for 20 years. He mastered both and managed to make them sound ethereal and otherworldly.

He opened his eyes, stretched and yawned.

Ace you got a pill that will repair this body? It’s too thin and damaged.

[Yes Master, you earned 5000 points from completing the first world, and you have purchased various things. Thus, you now have 3000 points remaining.]

Alright, I can earn them back from completing missions, right?

[Yes Master.]

He hummed as he brought out the pill and threw It into his mouth. He was abruptly hit with agonizing pain as he held onto the desk and let the pill do its work.

The pain finally subsided and Ming-hua exhaled. Fuck, these pills are always so dangerous. He staggered to the mirror. What greeted him was the same stunning and ethereal face, except now it was flawless, completely otherworldly, his body was no longer thin, he had a slender, slightly toned build.


With his clothes, aura and appearance he would definitely be called a supernatural being.

Now we can get started. Ming-hua smoothed out his robes and walked towards the exit of the desolate, empty and tragic room. But on his way out, he halted and looked at the dirty and torn mat that the original had died on. He pursed his lips and turned around, leaving the room.

As he stepped out of the room, he was greeted by the sight of a small, dirty and disgusting front yard. This was his front yard... this was how the emperor treated his own son over something so silly. He barked out a laugh as he looked into the distance to see a large, luxurious palace, flowing beautiful trees and fresh, clean air. Ah... the difference is very stifling indeed.

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