Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 3

Zero opened his eyes and was greeted with the deplorable sight of an extremely trashy and rusty modern room. The curtains were dusty, the ceiling was crusty, and the shelves were rusty. He grimaced and rubbed his eyes while massaging his head hoping to relieve himself of the throbbing pain in his temples.

Double these people not clean their rooms?

As he glanced around the desolate room he was bombarded with a mirage of memories

‘I see... this young man was clearly abused yet stayed as dumb as a white lotus... in fact he was a white lotus...’ Zero inwardly snorted.

‘Ace give me the information on this world’

[Yes Master]

[This world is a world similar to Earth, but it set in a more advanced age, in the year 3225, the female lead of the world is a female who transmigrated from the same world and year Master is from. She is extremely arrogant and selfish and purposely targeted the male lead of the world, Austin Vera in order to have an easy and satisfying life while posing as a white lotus and pushing other people into looking like they want to hurt her to purposely garner pity and sympathy from the male lead. The male lead is an extremely wealthy and powerful CEO who also holds power in an underground mafia. This attracted the female lead as she knew she would be settled for life as long as she had him. She used a lot of blackmail to make sure no one knew about her deplorable ways. The body Master is occupying is Rain Tera a 18 year old youth who is suppressed by his own family. He was not only beaten black and blue when he would not be their cleaning slave but he was also forced to put their needs first. The youth was extremely naïve and was used by his own family into working multiple jobs at a time while his parents sit and laze around all day. His parents took all the money he made and used it for their own benefit without even caring for him. This youth was used by the female lead to garner pity and sympathy of the male lead and was falsely accused of sexually harassing the female lead and send to jail where he was taken abused and died. The reason the people believed the female lead was because Rain was too shy and quiet and was not able to stand up for himself, furthermore, the youth looked quite creepy with his overgrown bangs and appearance lacked care due to the fact that he was practically slaved around all day to not only work but to cater to his parent’s needs.

The male lead did not understand why people would want to hurt someone as pure and innocent as the female lead and wanted to protect her from the world, he fell in love with her innocence and they got married and had 4 kids.]

Seriously? What the fuck...

Zero inwardly frowned at the youth’s naivety. How can you not know someone is using you when they ask you for money and don’t even give anything back? Not only that but they made him quit school just to work part time jobs while they sat their asses on the couch all day...

He shook his head and got up. Right, the first thing to do is to see what he looks like. Zero looked around the room and spotted an extremely dusty mirror, he picked up a tissue and wiped the dust away, only to be completely surprised by the face under the long bangs.

Damn why would you want to hide this face? The female lead would have nothing on this boy...

The youth narrowed his cold eyes at the reflection and the reflection that look back at him was of a youth with pale flawless jade like skin, a pair of burning amber eyes framed by thick black lashes and a pair of red cute pouty lips, his smooth midnight black hair fell softly down neck in waves and reach his shoulders.

Zero inspected his body and wasn’t surprised at the lack of meat on his bones. Hmm... the only problem is how skinny this boy is and how long his bangs are. He turned around and approached the extremely rusty cupboard and looked around for a pair of simple jeans and a top. He changed into a pair of ripped black skinny jeans and a white top with a silver feather necklace around his neck he then put on his brown boots and exited his room, he quickly sneaked out the house before his parents could make him a slave to their needs again.

‘Ace where’s the closest salon’ He smirked to himself, his cute red pouty lips raised into a devilish smile and his burning amber eyes seemed to be filled with an unnatural chill not expected of a youth of his age and stature.

I’ll show that green tea bitch who’s boss.

[Master there is one down the street I will show you the location]

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