Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 29

Austin opened the basement door to be greeted by the sight of his 8 men standing around a chained up and pathetic looking man. His face busted and bruised as his form shivered like a leaf in the wind and his bladder let loose.

The men in the room frowned as they covered their noses and snickered under their breaths. For someone who was so good at manipulating and changing people he sure was a pathetic man.

Austin took in his shuddering form and smiled, dark and dangerous, as his eyes swirled with madness and vengeance. He can finally avenge his brother. Although he was the one who shot him dead, the one who changed him, who warped and corrupted him, was this pathetic man before him.

His jaw clenched as he remembered the day he had to kill his own blood.

“Go get me the tools” His voice gruff and tense yet filled with undeniable excitement.

“Yes Boss” one of the 8 replied and proceeded to bring different ‘tools’ into the basement.

After seeing the various ‘tools’ that were definitely going to put someone through extreme pain, the pathetic man shivered as his sobbed and soon there was a shitty smell in the room.

“Fuckin hell Jerr you shoulda stuck somethin up his ass, he keeps shittin and pissin everywhere!” One of the 8 men exclaimed.

Jerr sheepishly smiled as he scratched his head not really knowing what he could have done. He couldn’t have exactly thrust a cucumber up his ass.

Knowing that it was finally their bosses time to take revenge they walked to the back of the basement to sit down and silently observe.

Austin hummed under his breath as he picked up various tools and wandered which one to use.

“You are very pathetic Rico. I can’t even believe my little brother, who was smart, strong and ruthless was taken in by you. He was better than you would have ever been.”

He chuckled, yet one could not deny the sadness that swirled in his eyes.

“He had so much potential and that’s what annoyed you right? You were jealous that he had a family, that he was everything he was, so you slowly chipped away at his rationality and ruined him.”

Rico simply winced and shuddered even more violently, his snot running down his face as he stared at the demon before him in extreme fright.

He regretted ever provoking this demon. He had thought he could kill him and get rid of his family by using his brother, but he didn’t know that the demon would be able to point a gun at his own brother.

“Your plan was to make me unable to kill my own brother, which would result in my family and me dying right?” He stepped forward and slowly slid the knife across his face.

“But that’s where your wrong. Anyone who betrays me holds the same fate. My brother knew that. When he was my brother he was loyal, my best man, the person I could trust and rely on and he would have never betrayed me, he would have given his life for his family.”

“I thought for a long time after I had killed him that there was no way he could have done such things without someone manipulating him and warping him on a psychological level.” He smiled as he thrust the knife into his eye. Rico screamed as he struggled with the chains.

“You must have tortured him, right? You made him forget all about me and his family, you turned him into a machine. You forced him to go after the people he loved, the people he would have given his life for.” He dragged the knife down his face, carving intricate patterns.

Screams vibrated throughout the basement as Austin continued to torture him for hours, making sure he didn’t die to prolong his suffering.

Austin looked down at the bloodied and battered body, missing one eye, losing teeth and amputated limbs. His eyes had no mercy or sympathy. He drilled the sight into his mind, and finally, he felt a weight off his shoulders, he had finally punished the man who ruined his brother.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in and out. He put the tools back on the desk and looked at his 8 men who were still seated in silence.

“You guys carry on torturing him and keep him alive as long as you can until he dies.”

They all nodded “Yes Boss”

Austin slowly walked to the shower, his footsteps that were once heavy, now felt lighter.

He entered the shower and cleaned himself, watching the blood flow away with the water.

He dried himself and went back to his kitten, the only place he now feels loved, the only one who can calm him and make him feel whole.

Rains body was curled up in a fetal position as he steadily breathed in and out, his lush black lashes trembled as he felt someone get into the bed, yet he didn’t wake up.

Austin chuckled as he pulled the covers over them and pulled him into his embrace.

When morning came, they got up and got ready for work. When they arrived at work the workers who had been fired had looked like they hadn’t slept. Their faces dark with regret as they knew today was their last day.

Rain pecked Austin on the cheek and Austin went to his office to do his work.

As expected. The boy came up to him to apologise and hand him a spiked coffee. The less than cannon fodder boy smugly smiled as he saw rain about to take a sip before he placed it down on the table and looked behind the boy to happily exclaim “Austin!“.

The cannon fodder boy, whose name I think was Kevin abruptly swirled round to take a glimpse at his love. His mind swirled with thoughts. Had he come here to say that he didn’t want him to leave? That he wouldn’t fire him? As I thought, he likes me not this slut he smugly thought as a smug look plastered itself on his face. But when he turned around he was greeted with the sight of no Austin.

Rain snickered as he observed Kevin and reached forward and switch the coffees, so that Kevin’s cup of coffee was now the spiked one. Kevin turned around with an innocent look on his face, yet anger swirled in his eyes.

“Ahh sorry I thought I saw Austin” rain sheepishly replied, scratching his head before he reached over and picked up the ‘spiked’ coffee and took a large sip.

Kevin smirked as he watched him down the coffee, Finally Austin will know what a slut you are. How dare you seduce my man he smugly thought as he brought his coffee up and drank it all while he was in dream land thinking about how Austin would come up to him and embrace him and treat him to everything the world has to offer.

Kevin became unable to tell what was what as his senses jumbled.

Rain elegantly picked up his phone to call one of the 8 men “Let some of your ugly and yellow toothed lackies have him”

“Alright Rain, well let them do whatever they want” The sound of multiple chuckles vibrated through the phone as rain dragged his hand through his hair, pushing It back, making for an enticing and sexy sight.

“Good.” He smirkingly replied and proceeded to drag Kevins body behind the building, before he noticed the thugs that Kevin must have picked to ruin him.

He smirked and left Kevin in front of the thugs “I’ll pay you later after I see the results. After you’ve ruffled him up make sure to leave him here and let my men pick him up”. The thugs nodded and grinned, their teeth broken and yellow, thinking that Rain was Kevin and Kevin was Rain.

“Alright Boss” One of them replied as they licked their lips and eyed the incoherent Kevin.

Rain left and walked to Austin’s office.

He saw Austin diligently working, his eyes narrowed and brows slightly furrowed, yet his sinful beauty made him look inhuman.

He walked up and took a seat on his lap, nuzzling his face into his chest, breathing in his intoxicating minty scent. Feeling the strong chest rumble with a deep chuckle.

“It seems you’ve had your fun, love.” Austin reached down and kissed the top of his head before nuzzling his face in the crook of his neck, leaving a small kiss there.

“Yeah” Rain replied as he sighed and closed his eyes, basking in his warmth.

Their days were busy with work, yet their affection and love never decreased. It increased with every day that they spent with each other. Being the CEO, Austin got someone else to temporarily take care of the business and traveled the world with Rain, making memories everywhere they went.

They eventually adopted a young boy who they saw at an orphanage, he had black hair and silver piercing eyes, much more mature than his small body. They raised him into a powerful leader as they both continued to work beside each other, supporting each other and loving each other till they grew old and handed the business down to their son.

Now old and grey, they sat in the park that they vowed to love each other in, hand in hand under a cherry blossom tree. Austin’s breathing became shallower and shallower with each passing moment. He looked up at his love, at his life and his soul and slowly brought his wrinkled hand up to try and caress his face, yet hadn’t the strength to pick his arm up fully. Rains eyes grew watery as he grabbed his hand and brought it to his face, nuzzling it.

“Love, my kitten” Austin rasped out, his breathing becoming shallower, his eyes still twinkled with love and were red lined as he stared at his kitten, as if drilling the sight into his soul. “Thank you, I will always love you. Thank you for-” he took in a shallow breath “being my light, I will always be with you. Always and forever” Rains tears dropped one by one as he gripped his hand.

“I have to say the same, my dear, I will always love you, no matter where I am, you will always be my light. Thank you for loving me” He sadly smiled, as tears flowed down his face. He reached up to kiss him on the head, as a promise. Austins eyes watered and his lips lifted into a sad smile as his eyes slowly dimmed and his hand grew limp and he took his last breath.

Rains body shuddered with violent sobs. Tears flowed out of his eyes, endlessly, a empty and hollow feeling engulfed his heart as he clutched Austins cold and lifeless body. “Please...” he choked out “please don’t leave me” he whispered, yet the cold body didn’t respond.

His eyes grew empty, as he realized the only person who loved him, the person who protected him and gave him warmth, was gone.

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