Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 28

Extremely Mature Content

The temperature in the room seemed to drop. A chill shot down Rains spine. His eyes widened, and his smile froze as his sight landed on those dark golden orbs that were swirling with a turmoil of emotions. He was so shocked he hadn’t noticed the 8 men behind the man who seemed to be able to freeze hell over.

The normally seductive face was frozen, his lips in a straight line as he stared at the bloody scene around his kitten. His usually loving gaze was cold, glazed over with ice. His suit splattered in blood of his victims seemed to make him even scarier. Austin was shocked yet was unable to deny the forbidden and sinful allure which seemed to emanate from rains body as he stood in a room, bloody and beautiful. Just like a demon who had casually killed while smiling.

Burning amber eyes stared into darkened golden orbs. Their eyes never leaving the others as if trying to observe each others emptions and thoughts.

He must be pissed. Rain sighed he put his hidden weapons back and tore his gaze away from Austin’s. He redirected his gaze to the 8 men in the back who stood mouth gaping, eyes wide at the destruction he caused while looking at him, seeming to wander how such a small frame had accomplished such destruction.

He simply lifted a brow at them and smirked as he crossed his arms over his chest. He found their reactions amusing, they had lost their whole dark and dangerous vibe and stood their mouths gaping.

Rain was brought out of his musings by a deep and husky voice which sounded with slight anger “Why are you here?”

Rains smirk froze, and he cautiously lowered his eyes and peeked at Austin’s face through his lush black lashes.

“I figured since you wouldn’t tell me what you were planning yourself I would take matters into my own hands.” Even though he felt like a demon awaiting execution from the demon lord he kept his slight smile in place, making his eyes seem bright and innocent, seemingly trying to earn a bit of forgiveness.

The men in back felt the boss’s chilly aura seep into their bones.


Austin didn’t answer as he kept his narrowed chilly phoenix eyes on the kitten that needed to be disciplined. Although he had to admit the sight of his kitten standing above his defeated enemies made his lower body heat up, he had disobeyed him and brought himself into a dangerous feud.

’Hmm... how should I punish this kitten?′ He licked his sinful lips sensually as his narrowed eyes darkened.

Rain had been debating whether or not to kneel and hug his golden thighs for forgiveness, when suddenly a strong pair of arms wrapped around him and he was hauled up like a sack of rice on Austin’s shoulder. Austin’s strong arm held him securely on his shoulder as he strides out of the room.

Rain was shocked and was about to protest to the sudden position when his sight greeted Austin’s firm sexy ass that was undeniable through his pants.

Just as he was about to smirk at the view he felt a strong hot palm come down on his ass. The pain sent shivers through his body and sent his mind into a blurr. Did... I just get spanked?...

His eyes widened comically.

“I suppose it’s time to discipline my naughty kitten, what do you think, hmm?” He huskily drawled, his deep voice sent shivered down his spine.

Rain was so shocked he couldn’t voice an answer and just let Austin carry him on his shoulder.

“It seems you liked that didn’t you, naughty little kitten, I’ll give you more later, don’t you worry”, he chuckled, his deep husky voice sounded with a hint of hoarseness.

Rain felt his body heat up. Shit that voice. he’s not going to spank me for real, is he?

Although it would be a new door to open, knowing it’s going to be his punishment made him slightly anxious. Well, may as well enjoy it. He mused inwardly, and his lips lifted into a smirk as he raised his head from the view of Austin’s ass and wiggled his eye brows suggestively at the 8 men who were following behind him and Austin.

They all smirked and wiggled their eyebrows back. Their eyes shone with humor, knowing their boss would punish his kitten very thoroughly without mercy.

They exited the building, leaving behind a trail of dead. Austin hauled the disobedient kitten into the back seat of the car and got in with him.

The ride back was thick with tension. Rain could feel a pair of burning eyes on his body as he stared out the window. he heard a soft quiet chuckle and turned around to face Austin.

“Your so comfortable, little kitten. You do know that I’m going to eat you up when we get home, spank that luscious ass red with my palm and fill you up?” Austin raised his brow as his sexy lips lifted into a smirk, his eyes overflowing with lust and anger.

Rain just rested him chin on his hand and smirked back yet inwardly he was crying, he thought his anger would have decreased throughout the ride home but seems not. he better prepare his ass for those spankings. He grimaced and rubbed his head.

The car stopped at their luxurious mansion and before he could open the door he was dragged into a pair of strong arms and picked up princess style. He mentally froze. Fuck. Austin carried him into the mansion, ignoring the eyes of maids and butlers. They stood there in shock, dropping their brooms and brushes with their mouths wide open.

Damn it rain murmured under his breath. A deep chuckle sounded above him, as the large strong chest vibrated, sending tingles down his spine. He looked up and caught the sight of Austins intense eyes, swirling with lust, love and anger. Austin bent down to his ear, his lips grazing the shell of rains ear as he chuckled hoarsely, “Is my kitten ready?”

Rain was unable to form words so he simply allowed Austin to carry him with his eyes comically wide and mouth open in a O shape, looking like a small kitten caught in an act of crime. Austin took in his appearance and his anger slightly lessened, but he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to punish him however he wanted. He felt his lower body heat up as he gazed at the small red tongue peeking out of rains lips as he nervously licked his dry lips. Austin groaned. This little seductress.

They entered their room and rain was dropped onto the luxurious king sized bed. He cautiously looked up at Austin who looked like he was looking at a piece of meat. The proof of his arousal strained against his pants. Rain lowered his head to look directly at the tent, his eyes widening slightly. His intense gaze bore into the tent in Austins pants. He was jolted into attention by a hoarse deep chuckle, “Is my kitten looking forward to my punishment that much?” Austin reached out and trailed his flawless fingers down rains cheek, continuously going down his neck, leaving tingles. Rain shuddered as he felt the sparks trail down his body, the atmosphere and his touch making him heat up.

In an instant an overbearing and dominating aura surrounded him as he nervously looked up at Austin. Austin was exuding an aura that could make all submit. His dark eyes intense as he gazed at the little kitten. Austin went and took a seat on the elegant chair next to the bed.

“Bend over my lap.” His voice demanded, hoarse deep and dominating. his eyes bore into the kitten, taking in every slight movement as if to say that doing anything other than obeying him would lead to more punishments.

Rain knew that going against him especially after he disobeyed him would be bad, so he obediently crawled off the bed and bent over Austins lap.

Austin hummed, “how obedient, what a good little kitten.” He rubbed circles on rains back, the heat of his palm penetrating the clothing, sending tingles down his spine.

His hand glided over, swiftly removing rains jeans, letting them drop to the floor and pool at his feet. His dark eyes took rain in as a pleased growl rumbled through his chest. the tent in his pants becoming larger as rain eyed it cautiously , feeling the cold breeze caress his nakedness.

Before he could be worried about his situation he was forced forward slightly with the pressure of the strong palm that came down hard on his ass sending tingles through his body.

Shit! That fucking hurt. He bit his lush lower lip as his eyes slightly watered, yet was unable to suppress the small moan that flowed through his lips. Austin proceeded to rub soothing circles on the red area “Such a naughty kitten, enjoying the way I make your ass red” he hoarsely chuckled, his tent becoming larger.

Austin proceeded to give him spankings one after another as small moans ripped through rains throat each time as his lower body continued to heat up.

After Austin spanking him until satisfied, he rubbed his palm over the redness, massaging the pain away. A growl rumbled through his chest, “Hmm, such a lovely red.” His dark eyes swirled with madness as he bent down and licked rains ear. Rains body shivered as he glanced up into Austins eyes. Austin eyed him down, his lips lifted in satisfaction of his kittens obedient appearance. He took in rains flushed cheeks, beautiful watery eyes that were usually ice cold, his lower lip that was plump red from the biting.

“Are you ready for me my love?”

I finally get to eat my fill too, rain inwardly sighed, that painful pleasure that his body had been riddled with from the spankings was unbearable, at least now he can find some release.

Instead of nodding or taking on the submissive role, rain dived forward and straddled him. The tent rested under neath his ass as he rocked his hips into the large tent under him.

He raised his head and proceeded to leave open mouthed kisses on Austins neck, leaving red marks. Austin groaned loudly at the sensations. he eyed his kitten with unbearable lust as he roughly gripped rains ass cheeks, grinding roughly into him.

Austins head flew back in pleasure as he proceeded to grind into him, his dark eyes swirling with madness and lust. They continued to rock into each other as small moans left rains mouth. The room was engulfed in moans and groans.

Austin opened his eyes to gaze at rains sinful appearance as they rocked into each other, his burning amber eyes overflowing with lust, his eyes slightly hooded, his cheeks flushed an alluring red as his small petal like lips were parted, taking breaths in and out as his small red tongue peeked out to wet his lips.

Austin groaned at the sight, he grabbed the back of rains head and dived forward and kissed him. Austin thrusted his tongue into rains mouth, caressing every area of his warm mouth, entwining his tongue with the small red one, sending tingles through both their bodies. Austin deepened their kiss as their bodies were flush against each other. Their tongues danced and caressed their mouths as they both took in the others taste and moaned.

Unable to bear it anymore, they both broke the kiss and proceeded to take off their clothes. Austin grabbed him by the ass and hauled him up. Rain wrapped his legs around his waist, their lower halves caressed each other as they groaned at the sensation. Austin hauled rain onto the bed.

He roughly kissed rains neck, leaving red marks as rain moaned beneath him. As he continued to mark his flawless pale skin he reached out to the drawer and brought out a bottle of lube.

Rain wrapped his legs around Austin as Austin slowly pushed his fingers into rains small hole. Rain moaned, as he began to rock back and forth on his fingers. Austin chuckled hoarsely, “such a little slut,” he leaned forward to take rains mouth in for an overbearing kiss as he proceeded to add another finger.

Rain glanced down at the hard arousal that was poking his stomach and his eyes slightly widened. Fuck! he’s hung like a fucking horse. Damn.

Austin observed his reaction as he chuckled, “don’t worry, it will fit” he whispered deeply into his ear. He continued to add more fingers as he thrusted them into rains ass.

Rain moaned louder with each thrust, his body flushed an alluring red, as he threw his head back as the pleasure over took him. Before he could ask for more, he felt a hard, warm length being thrust into him.

His eyes widened as his mouth parted in a moan. Austin slowly seated his length inside the warm cavern as he groaned and threw his head back at the pleasure. He slowly pushed himself in, allowing rain to adjust for a moment before he started moving.

Moans tore through rains mouth as Austin rocked his hip back and forth, his hooded eyes a dark gold, swirling with lust as he thrusted his hips forward again and again, while taking rains mouth in for a dominating kiss.

He gripped rains ass, allowing him to thrust faster and harder. He groaned at the tightness that surrounded him. “Fuck, such a little slut, you are my slut” he ground out through gritted teeth, his luscious muscles on display, his forehead slick with sweat as he continued to work his hips.

Rain moaned loudly at the dirty talk and couldn’t help himself from tightening around Austins cock. “So good” he moaned as he gripped the bed sheets, meeting Austins thrust each time. The sounds of flesh smacking and wet noises vibrated through the room, as their pleasure heightened.

“Who do you belong to,” Austin ground out through gritted teeth, his voice deep and hoarse as he tightened his grip on rains ass.

“Y-you I belong to you” rain moaned out as he tightened his legs around Austin as they continued to partake in pleasure.

“Thats right your mine, and are forever mine.” He reached down to take rains mouth with a loving and overbearing kiss as he felt himself about to come. Rain moaned as he came, his orgasm sending his body into violent shudders as he gripped Austins back, digging in his nails.

Austin groaned loudly at the sensation of the tightness that engulfed him and tightly wrapped his arms around rains smaller frame as he thrusted himself as far as he could go and let himself go.

He grunted, as his body violently jerked with release. Rain milked him for every drop before he felt himself softening and pulled himself out. He took Rain in for a passionate and loving kiss, it was slow and sensual as their bodies cooled down from their pleasure.

Austin looked down at his kitten who was drunk from the pleasure and chuckled. He leaned forward and gently kissed all over his face as if treating a treasure. Rain felt himself being lulled to sleep by the strong and warm chest that embraced him. “Sleep, kitten, its late and I’m sure you have a lot planned for work tomorrow.” He whispered as he wrapped his arms around him and they both fell asleep.

Austin was awoken by an alarm clock. He quickly reached out an arm and disabled the alarm. He looked down at his chest to see his kittens dark luscious black hair sprawled across his chest as his kittens mouth was parted as he breathed gently.

He chucked softly so cute. I wish I could stay longer but I have a certain someone to deal with. He softly moved off the bed to make sure rain wouldn’t be woken. He left the room and closed the door gently.

As he closed the door his aura became blood thirsty, his eyes becoming a dark golden pool as he answered the phone and chuckled darkly “Make sure he’s ready for me when I get there. I will finally be able to have my fun.”

I hope it was alright, its my first time writing this type of stuff >.<′

Sorry I haven’t been updating I’ve been busy with work, thanks for all the comments and the support <3

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