Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 27

Warning Violence


Rain arrived at a dark and shady looking large company building.

‘Hmm... this is where all the fun is at?’

[Yes Master.]

‘I see.’

He got out from the car and locked it, a slight grin gracing his face as his eyes flickered under the road lights.

‘Show me the way to get in through the back’

[Yes Master.]

Rain had followed a hidden route into the back of the building. Upon getting closer, he could hear shouts, screams and sounds of guns firing.

Anxiety filled him as he thought about Austin’s safety.

‘Ace is Austin alright?’

[Yes Master, he is fighting his way through with the 8 members while the lackeys are dealing with the cannon fodders.]

‘Okay, good.’ He exhaled the breath he had been holding in. He closed his eyes, gripped his gun in his hand and calmed himself.

‘I am killing to protect the one I love. I shouldn’t care. I shouldn’t care.’ He repeated to himself, before he opened his eyes, revealing a pair of calm, cold bloodthirsty eyes.

Right, now to get involved in the action.

He entered through the doorway, silently as he concealed the sounds of his footsteps.

He looked ahead and saw a group of the enemy mafias men with their backs to him, holding their guns, their eyes focused on the door in front of them, as if waiting for Austin and his group to come through to start shooting.

Rain swiftly and silently arrived behind the man furthest from the rest and smothered his mouth with his hand before he quickly slit his throat. He gently placed the body down on the floor, before he stepped away into the darkness of the room and readied his gun.

His eyes flashed with slight excitement as he hid behind a wooden box in the darkness of the room and raised his gun. He placed a silencer on the end before he pressed his finger down on the trigger.

The sound of muffled gunfire sounded in the room, alerting the men one by one as they quickly fell.

His shots all hit their targets, all 20 men in the room had a bullet in their head. Within a matter of seconds, they all died silently, without their comrades outside the door even noticing.

All the figures in the room fell before they had even been able to find out where the person had been shooting from, their eyes wide in shock and agony as they took their last breaths.

Rain released the trigger once the last man had fell. He took a breath in and out and got up from behind the box and walked out of the darkness into the center of the room that was filled with cold dead bodies and a stale stench of death.

‘Ace, how many are outside the door.’

[Master, there are at least 50 outside the door. They are currently preparing their ammunitions and reloading their weapons, getting ready for Austin and his group to enter.]

‘What is Austin doing at the moment?’

[He had noticed the man who had ruined his brother and threatened you, so he is currently confronting him. They will confront the group of enemies outside the door in a few minutes after they knock out the enemy leader.]

‘Hmm... I need a way to get rid of the load of them before they get here’

‘Ace do you have anything similar to grenades that has a large attack radius and can take out a lot of them?’ he asked as he focused on reloading his weapon.

[Master, a few high-grade grenades will do fine, and the rest you can gun down. You should find a place to hide, concealing yourself and crouching on the beam on the ceiling would be ideal.]

’Alright, good idea.′ He swiftly and silently opened the door, making sure all enemies were focused on the front of the room before he grabbed the silver pipe across the wall that lead to the beam near the ceiling and pulled himself up with one arm, then bringing his legs up to grab onto the pipe and level himself up and onto the beam.

He had a Birdseye view of all the enemies within the room. How ideal, he chuckled under his breath. It seems no one can see me here.

He went into his space and brought out a huge bag of grenades and attached the bag to his back. He picked one up and aimed it at the door he came through, throwing it. It landed with a boom, alerting all enemies, they shouted in panic

“Who is it???!!” One of the cannon fodders among the rest screamed as they all picked up their guns and aimed at the door. Rain snickered as he threw a grenade after another into the horde of enemy men. The room vibrated with the sound of destruction as groups of men fell one after another, still focused on the door, thinking the enemy was there.

Shouts of panic sounded in the large room. Hmm.. there’s about 26 left. Rain was about to grab another grenade when his hand hit thin air

... there’s none left. His eye brow twitched as his lips quirked upwards.



’... I need more.′ He inwardly facepalmed.

[Master that’s the limit of grenades that I can supply for you today, although they may be free there is only a certain amount you can use each day. There is a cooldown.]

Well double damn... he sighed.

He picked up his gun and began shooting. His eyes narrowed, overflowing with darkness as he shot one dead and went onto the next. The bullets mixed in with the shouts and screams of agony as more and more men were shot dead instantly, all with a bullet in their heads.

Bloodthirst swirled in his burning amber eyes, his lips lifted in a sinful and insane smile.

The beam under his feet suddenly creaked and broke.

He fell down onto the ground in front of 7 enemy men. They all eyed him with overflowing anger and resentment, they aimed their weapons at him.

Well damn.

“Put your god damn gun down!” Burly cannon fodder 1 shouted, spit flying everywhere.

Fuck me. Rain steadily put down his gun as he kept his hands up in a surrender position.

The burly man grabbed him by his hair as his men grabbed his gun.

“You’re the one that wiped out more than 40 of my men? You pretty little slut.” The more he looked at rain the more his resentment turned into lust. He licked his lips and smiled, black corroded teeth shone under the light.

Damn... this guy never heard of Colgate? He grimaced.

He grabbed Rains hair harder, as his men searched his body for more weapons, and ‘accidently’ touching his private parts.

Rain shivered in disgust, his cold eyes swirled with anger as he brought his leg up and kneed him in the crotch, he then grabbed his arm and twisted it around, using his strength to break it in the process as he slid his foot against the mans, tripping him over and swiftly grabbing the knife in his pocket, holding it against his neck, slicking against it quickly before anyone knew what had happened.

The men who had their guard down all quickly picked up their guns and aimed it at Rain and started shooting.

Rain quickly held the dead cannon fodders body in front of him, as a meat shield. He then picked up one of the smaller knives that he had tucked into his boots and swiftly threw it at the cannon fodder who was the furthest away. The cannon fodder fell to the ground, eyes wide with a knife in his head.

He dragged the meat shield with him as he slowly walked behind a cabinet for cover.

Shit. I need a god damn gun.

As he was thinking of how to get a gun, a fist came flying towards him. He dropped the meat shield and dodged the fist, capturing it between his palm and twisting it until he heard a crack and a scream of pain. He pulled the man towards him, holding his hand in his palm, as he raised his foot and roundhouse kicked him across his head, making sure to strike him hard enough so that his head would be struck by the sharp corner of the cabinet.

The man dropped, dead, head bleeding furiously. Rain breathed a sigh.

He quickly retreated into his space and picked up a standard pistol. Upon noticing footsteps coming his way he steadied his breathing, raised his gun and shot the man in the head before he could even aim his weapon at him.

The gunshot alerted the last few enemy men. Just a few left.

The 3 last men shot at the location frantically, not even taking their fingers off the trigger. They all suddenly ran out of bullets in the magazine. As they frantically scurried around quickly trying to reload their weapons, rain swiftly arrived in front of 2 of them, shooting them in the head. The last man had been able to reload fast enough and began shooting at rain.

Rain held the dead man’s body in front of him but wasn’t able to avoid the bullet that grazed his shoulder.

Fucking shit. That hurts. Anger swirled within his eyes, as they became darker and his lips lifted into a diabolic smile.

“Just give up, I promise I will make your death quick and painless.” He spoke casually, voice low and promising, almost like a devil’s sinful whisper.

The cannon fodder who had kept shooting needed to reload once again, his features overtaken with fear as he heard Rains offer, he shuddered.

Rain took this chance to drop the meat shield, swiftly run to the man, kick his weapon away from his hand and grab the last knife in his boot, and lodge it into his neck.

Blood sprayed onto his face, his cold emotionless eyes swirling with insanity as his lips were lifted into a polite smile. His pale smooth skin splattered with blood, dripping off his chin and his lips. His black midnight hair was stuck to his pale skin, dripping with blood.

He stood in the middle of a horde of dead bodies. Smiling like a demon as he wiped the blood off his knife.

The door suddenly opened with a creek, and there stood Austin.

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