Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 26

’Ace what are they discussing?′ Rain asked as he followed Jerr around the large mansion and acted amazed.

[Master, they are discussing the recent problems and feud within their terrain and the person who had caused Austin’s brother to be the way he was.]

Rains brows slightly furrowed, his cold eyes flashed with curiosity, His brother was manipulated by someone? His slender fingers tapped against the extravagant balcony.

Hmm, I see... it would be highly unusual for someone who was originally loving towards his family to change all of a sudden for no reason. It seems we finally have the answer. His eyes narrowed, and a cold light flashed within them. It seems Austin wants revenge. I sense something fun will happen very soon.

“Let’s go back” Rain voiced out to Jerr. Jerr’s eyes flashed with worry, “let’s wait a little more before we go”.

Rain stared expressionlessly at his face, trying to find what he was hiding.

“No, let’s go back now,” he monotonously said as he adopted an innocent and carefree smile and walked off towards the front room himself.

Rain arrived back at the front room and was greeted by an intense suffocating atmosphere. Upon realizing Rain was back, Austin abruptly repressed his aura. He put the whiskey down and walked up to him. He stared into his eyes with his cold and void ones. Rain realized he was doing this to make sure he was not able to tell what was worrying him. He had put up a wall.

I see how this will be...In that case I will handle things myself rain snickered inwardly. He raised a brow at Austin and smirked, “I have things to deal with tomorrow at work. I may call you later tomorrow for some of your thug-like lackeys to come and take good care of someone for me.”

Austin remained expressionless, yet his eyes flashed with warmth and love, “I understand, kitten. From the looks of it you will be playing with someone at work. Try not to play around too much” he whispered huskily in his ear, his sexy lips lifting into a slight smirk as he noticed Rain shiver.

This damn...

“Jerr, give him a ride back to the mansion,” he then looked at his kitten and raised his hand to run it through his soft black hair, “I will be home later, maybe early morning, the butler will drive you to work if I’m not home by then. Try not to make too much trouble at work.” He pecked his head as a look of concern flashed past his golden eyes.

Hmm? Rain raised a brow ′Ace is there something concerning Austin?′

[Yes master, it seems someone has tried to use you to pressure him]

‘Use me to pressure him? What do you mean?’

[Austin received a package while you were with Jerr. In the package was a dead cat and a picture of you and Austin together, with a cross on your face. It was a threat, someone, most likely the person who manipulated Austin’s brother is the cause.]

‘Is this why he won’t return home with me now?’

[Yes master, Austin and his team will be dealing with the person. It seems they have a lead on where he is and will be going to raid their base later on tonight.]

He was planning to do something so dangerous and fun without me? Damn. Rain inwardly mused, yet his brows slightly furrowed and concern flashed through his eyes.

Austin noticed the subtle changes in his expression “what’s wrong?“, His deep smooth voice flowed out with a hint of worry.

“Nothing,” Rain raised his head to peck him on the cheek. Two can play the game. If you won’t personally tell me what is worrying you I won’t tell you either. Complex emotions swirling in his beautiful eyes. “Come Jerr, let’s go.”

Later in the night after Rain had arrive back at the mansion. A desolate and empty feeling flowed through the air as he laid on the bed, expressionlessly staring at the elegant ceiling. The bed was missing the warmth that he loved. He huffed in anger and got up.

‘Ace give me updates on how he is and what’s going on.’

[Master, Austin is entering the enemy base at the moment and has gotten rid of many of the enemy members at the entrance already.]

‘Will he be alright?’

[From the looks of it there is at least 300 men in the base, while Austin’s team consist of only him and 8 others who have advanced skill with 100 lackeys.]

Rains grip on the bedsheet tightened as his eyes narrowed and his lips pursed.

“I’m going.” His voice ground out. If something happens to him I won’t be able to live.

‘Ace is there a way to get into the base through the back,’

[Yes, Master there is, all of Austin’s men are going thought the front. If you go through the back, you will be able to take out many men while both Austin’s men and the enemy mafias men are distracted in front.]

He hummed as he got up from the bed and stretched like a kitten, his eyes sparkled with mischief as they watered when he yawned.

’What weapon do you recommend?′ He walked to the wardrobe and picked out a pair of black jeans, a black top and a black hat. His lips turned lifted into a bloodthirsty smile. I need to make sure I’m not noticed while I pump them full of bullets and slit their throats, nice and easy.

[For quick kills I suggest a fully automatic rifle, which is lightweight and easy to use. The AR-15 will be ideal.]

‘Do I have to purchase it from the system store?’

[Since you have purchased the shooting skill and completed it, all weapons you want are free from the store]

Damn, that’s some nice shit. I’m starting to love you more and more.

[...] My master is so weird. Send help

“How long will it take to get there?” He said as he plopped down on the bed to put on his boots.

[If you take one of Austin’s cars you will get there in less than 10 minutes.]

He quickly closed his eyes and arrived in his space. He looked around the room and saw hundreds of weapons. His mouth slightly parted in surprise and his amber eyes flashed with wonder and awe.

He picked up the AR-15 and left the space.

“Great. Let’s get going then.” He tied the laces on his black boots and got up from the bed.

[Yes master.]

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