Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 25

They exited the car once they arrived outside a large dark mansion.

In contrast to Austin’s mansion where they stayed, this mansion had a dangerous and eerie atmosphere. It was elegant yet gave of an air of danger. There were no roses or decorations, it was simple, dark and practical.

Outside the mansion standing beside a large gold gate were 2 burly men. They were wearing black suits, with earpieces in their ears. Their firearms under their suits. Their eyes dark and dangerous. Their aura warning any who dared to approach.

Austin put his hand on the middle of Rains back and guided him through.

As they approached the large, fortress like door the men paid their respects to Austin as they eyed Rain with a piercing and curious gaze.

Once they entered the mansion, they went into the large front room. The front room had an intimidating and serious feel. The walls were colored dark blue, outlined with gold, a chandelier in the middle on the ceiling, a fire place and a large table surrounded by 8 men.

The men were dangerous, all wearing black suits. Rain was able to tell with one look. Their eyes were dark as though they had experienced the darkest of things. Their seated postures, confident and intimidating. They were all gods among men, all handsome. Some had tattoos littered across their arms that did nothing but make them all the more handsome in the intimidating and dark sense.

“Do you guys seriously think I’m going to lose this game again?” One of the 8 men ground out, his voice deep and deadly as he threw his cards onto the table. Taking a sip of the whisky in his glass.

The others smirked.

As they noticed someone enter the front room they all placed their hands on their firearms, eyeing the person with an intimidating stare, before abruptly reorganizing their expressions.

“Sorry boss, we didn’t know it was you.” One of the 8 expressed, his sincere low voice not matching his handsome and intimidating expression at all.

Austin grunted in response before guiding Rain to stand beside him

They all shifted their eyes to Rain. Their piercing gazes eyeing him like a new prey in the wild. They inspected him from top to bottom.

‘Damn, I feel like a gazelle in the wild being eyed by 8 lions’ he mused to Ace.

[Well these individuals are very dangerous after all]

They had seen many individuals trying to get their bosses favor, yet none had entered his eyes. Sure, they saw him playing around with his occasional hookups, but they had never seen him so protective over someone, his eyes so loving as he looked at the youth.

Surprise flashed through their eyes. They were shocked not only by their bosses’ attitude but also the way the youth beside him held himself. There was not a single flash of fear or intimidation in his eyes under their piercing stares. His face, cold and emotionless, had a small smirk as he returned their intimidating stares with his own. He exuded an elegant yet dangerous feel. His features, so perfect that they rivaled their bosses.

They knew from his aura he was not weak, and he was not someone who was using their boss. After inspecting him, they all stood up to greet him.

One of the more approachable and mischievous men introduced them.

The man had blonde hair that was kept gelled back, his features handsome, his green eyes piercing and held a mischievous light “You can call me Jerr, this guy next to me, the guy who clearly lost the game yet refuses to give in is Liam” he voiced as Liam nodded his head in greeting. He had light blue eyes and short brown hair. “The others are Zack, Dan, Isaac, Leon, Harvey and Jules”. They all nodded at him and smiled.

Since they had already accepted Rain, they allowed him to join them and made small talk. Rain was slightly shocked to discover several of them were actually very approachable and easy to get along with. Austin had observed everything and showed a small smile. This kitten is indeed my treasure... to be able to approach and get on their good sides so easily he inwardly mused.

“Come, let me show you around” Jerr voiced as he downed the last sip of his whiskey, got up and guided Rain through the door.

Austin sat at the head of the table, as soon as Rain left the room his smile vanished, his dark aura overwhelming the room as he lazily crossed his legs and leaned his chin on his hand, swirling the whiskey around in the glass. His eyes dark and dangerous. “Tell me, anything new with Him?”

The 7 men momentarily shivered slightly under his intense aura before gathering themselves, “No boss, there is however, signs that he may have been involved in the recent feud that has been going on around our terrain” Liam voiced out.

Austin hummed, as he took a sip of his whiskey and smirked. His face resembling a sinful demon. “After the way he changed and ruined my brother, he signed his death certificate.” He licked his lips and narrowed his eyes thinking of the torture he will inflict on the man. “Being skinned alive is too simple, what do you think?” He asked, his smooth deep voice flowed out as he raised a brow and his smirk grew. The 7 men all shuddered. Their boss seemed to become a completely different person around the little beauty. They however, were all accustomed to the slaughter their demonic boss is capable of.

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