Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 24

A small smile graced Austin’s face as he buried his face in his neck. “I think it the time to show you everything” he murmured against his neck.

Rain, who had been stroking his head suddenly halted “Your talking about your mafia right?”

Austin’s eyes slightly widened “How did you know?”

Rain smirked, as he raised a brow “It’s pretty obvious from that phone call, that was some shady stuff.”

He chuckled deeply as he raised his head and pecked him on the nose. “Is that so? I’ve gotten rusty if someone is able to tell from a single phone call”

He hesitated for a moment before he took Rains hand, entwining fingers with his small and soft ones “I also want to tell you about my brother, what happened to him...”

Rain gazed into those sinful golden eyes, “I can wait if you want, you don’t need to force yourself...”

“ I need to tell you” His voice deep and gruff

He took in a shaky breath... “I killed him,” his voice was unusually deep and laced with pain

He killed him? Hmm...

Instead of showing even the slightest reaction rain soothingly rubbed his hand with his small palm “I will listen, you can tell me everything”

He slightly nodded, “I am involved in the underground mafia, my brother used to be my right-hand man, I trusted him with everything. He betrayed me and my family, he sold us out and set me, my mother and my father up for death. He would kill his own family for a few drugs and more underground knowledge and status. He betrayed us... I would have given my life for him, yet he tried to kill us and kept planning to kill I shot him dead.”

He squeezed the smaller hand, and leaned his head against Rains small chest, as if seeking warmth. Rain wrapped his arms around him, nuzzling his face into his hair and soothingly rubbing his back.

His deep voice was filled with pain, “I felt like a monster, it followed me like a grudge every day, I thought I’d never love or find anyone who loved me and my demons until you.”

He looked up into the burning amber eyes full of love for him and his eyes starting stinging. He quickly closed his eyes as his sinful red lips pulled up into a demonic smirk. He opened his eyes, they were full of darkness, like a void that was endless and had seen the darkness in the world. “Do you think I’m a monster?” He chuckled darkly, as he held rains chin with his fingers, stroking his cheek and gazing into his eyes with his predatory ones, inspecting all his emotions.

“I don’t know if this makes me a monster, but I don’t. I don’t think you’re a monster. If you believe you are, then...” His lips lifted into a smile as his eyes twinkled “You are my monster.”

“No matter how much blood is on your hands, no matter how dirty they are, I will always love you.”

Austin’s smirk faltered as his eyes slightly widened and the darkness within his eyes had been repressed. His eyes became slightly red as he wrapped his strong arms around Rains slender frame, burying his nose in his hair, “thank you,” he shakily whispered, “I will always love you”. His deep voice vowed.

They both sat in peaceful silence for a while before they got up and got ready to visit Austin’s underground mafia.

Austin who was on the phone again stepped away for a moment. Rain sat on the sofa with his chin on his hand. His face expressionless yet eyes narrowed, deep in thought. ′If I’m getting involved with the mafia I need to be useful. I don’t want people to think I’m useless and drag people down with me, being a damsel in distress.′

‘Ace, what do you think? do you think I need to learn some skills?’

[Yes master, it would be good if you did, otherwise you would not be able to protect yourself]

‘What skills do you reccomend?’ he asked as he stretched like a lazy kitten.

[I recommend learning how to use different firearms and martial arts. Your current points are 1600.]

‘Alright, buy both skills and lets go to my space as soon as possible.’

[Yes master, your purchase has been completed, you now have 1200 points.]

Rain gazed at the back figure of Austin standing next to the wide grand skyscraper window on his phone before retreating into his space.

40 years later in the space, Rain came out, he gave off a more unrestrained and dangerous aura.

His lips lifted into a smile as he opened his eyes and was once again greeted with the view of Austin’s back.

Austin cut the call as he walked up to Rain, pulling the lazy kitten spread out on the sofa into his arms, flush against his chest, “my kitten has been lazy it seems, lets get going, my subordinates will be here any moment now, don’t worry, nothing will happen to you”, his deep husky voice smoothly vowed as gazed at Rains red lips and pecked them, unable to retrain himself.

They exited the grand building and got into the car and left for Austin’s mafia base.

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