Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 23

Austin walked up to Rain and took him into his embrace. He rested his chin on his head. “Don’t mind what anyone else says. I know the truth. If they think they can hurt you like this and get away with it they are wrong.” He growled, his eyes flashing with a promise of vengeance before they grew loving as he gazed at his kitten.

Rain nodded, expressionlessly yet his eyes were stinging. He never had anyone stick up for him before, anyone who would vow to protect him, anyone who would get angry for him. He closed his eyes for a few seconds and reopened them before pecking him on the lips and smiling a smile full of love and pride.

“I know, I believe you”. He raised his hand and placed his palm on Austin’s cheek. Austin turned his head and nuzzled his face against the small soft palm, he left a kiss there and smiled.

“Let’s go. I want to let them know whose lover they are provoking.”

They arrived at the workers area, where the innocent youth was heavily crying, causing a scene and attracting everyone’s attention.

Austin’s cold and dominating aura submerged the entire room, causing it to be dead silent.

“It seems you are all aware of what you have done wrong?” He darkly chuckled, his expression dark and sinful, resembling a demon.

“You can all leave tomorrow night and never come back. Your mistake was harassing my lover and getting involved in business that does not concern you. If you like to gossip so much I recommend you all seek out a different job. I will surely find individuals who can keep their mouths shut and do their jobs to replace you. Make your last days useful.” His voice deep and demonic.

All workers shuddered in fear and hastily nodded. They paled as they realized they had lost their jobs and had seriously regretted interfering with their bosses love life.

He held Rains hand and walked back to their office.

He elegantly pulled out his phone before stepping away from rain to privately talk on the phone.

Austin chuckled darkly into the phone, his lips lifted into a diabolic smile.

“Yes, yes, deal with that girl as well. Make sure to expose her acts to the police, and also get rid of all traces of those fake photos she loves so much. No... you can do whatever you like to her, she seems to have a hobby of seducing men anyway.”

‘Ace what’s he doing?’ he asked as he was unable to hear from his distance.

[He’s talking to his subordinate in the underground mafia, to deal with Katie and Kevin, the banshee and the innocent youth. The reason why he allowed the workers another day before they leave is because he needed an opportunity to get the innocent youth where he wants him. He had his men tailing them for a while, investigating what they were doing after he heard about how the youth splashed you with coffee.

That night you went out he had his men investigate what happened to make you so sad and not only did he discover what Katie was planning to do at the hall, but also those 3 bimbos and what they said to you.

He... has had his men tailing Katie looking for a chance to deal with her, as for the 3 bimbos... well... they experienced torture worse than death. Would master like me to go into detail?]

‘ I’m alright, Ace’ he chuckled It seems I underestimated him. He plopped himself down on the sofa and rested his chin on his hand.

‘Anything else I need to know Ace?’

[Yes master, the innocent youth had made a phone call after the failed attempt of getting the workers to humiliate you personally after seeing the photos. He called someone who is involved in shady business, to buy a night drug which is used commonly in clubs, to drug you with aphrodisiac, kidnap you and take you against your will and make a recording and show It to Austin to prove that you’re an unfaithful slut.]

Rain snorted, he laughed out loud holding his stomach and shook his head ′Oh Lord. Such a cliché method, seriously... aphrodisiac??′

[Well, master I assume the only way to make the video look real is if you looked like you weren’t being taken against your will...hence the aphrodisiac.]

‘Mmm I know,’ He snickered.

‘So? When is this drugging going to happen?’

[He plans to give you a coffee filled with it tomorrow as a way to say sorry for making you feel unwelcome at work and goodbye]

He snickered, so predictable.

‘Ace, has he specified what I look like to those thugs?’

[No master he has not, the only thing he told them was that you looked like a pretty youth]

‘Hmm in that case, why don’t we switch it instead? I will allow him a taste of his own medicine. Then after that I will let Austin’s subordinates take care of him however they want.’ His eyes flashed with blood thirst and his lips curved up into a demonic smile.

He was taken out of his thoughts by a pair of strong arms embracing him from behind.

To think that Austin had such a dark side. I like it. He mused inwardly as he turned his head and looked at his flawless face with a peculiar gaze.

“It seems I’m learning more and more about your personality as time goes on.” He lifted his brow as he tapped his chin as if in deep thought.

“Do you not like this side of me? Judging from what you said you must have heard my conversation on the phone... do you think I’m a monster?” his golden phoenix eyes flashed with worry as he held his gaze, as if trying to see everything.

Rain chuckled and pecked his lips, “I love all sides of you.”

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