Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 22

Rain groggily woke, rubbed the sleep away from his eyes and stretched like a kitten. He got out of bed breathing in the tasty smell of breakfast.

In the kitchen he spotted Austin cooking. Mmm Damn I love a man who can cook. He smirked as he rested against the doorway. He gazed at the delicious muscles before him. I should make him stay shirtless at home. He inwardly mused.

He softly paddled towards the busy Austin before he stood behind him, pressed his smaller frame to his back and wrapped his arms around his strong waist, giving him a back hug, nuzzling his face onto his back.

Austin stroked the small arms that were wrapped around him “Morning love,” his deep voice chuckled. So cute.

“Morning” rain replied, his voice muffled, his face still nuzzling and buried in his back.

After they had eaten and gotten ready, they left for work.

Upon entering the building Austin took rains hand and entwined their fingers. “I want everyone to know your mine,” his voice smooth and deep as he feverishly gazed into his eyes.

Rain was momentarily shocked before a warmth spread in his chest and he shyly murmured “Okay.” His ears burning bright red despite his face being expressionless.

They walked into the building, once again being greeted by the sight of a furiously blushing receptionist. ′Oh my god.′ She inwardly screeched as she spotted their entwined hands, ′Thank the lord for such a blessing. My crops are growing, skin is glowing and I’m feeling better than ever.′

Rain snorted at the comical sight of the receptionist with her hands joined together looking up at the sky as if she received a blessing. “Such a funny girl” he chuckled. He was suddenly brought back from his thoughts by a finger under his chin, bringing his head upwards towards Austin’s eyes. His eyes dark and possessive. “You are mine, don’t look so satisfied looking at other people,” his voice deep and dominating.

Rain sighed and pinched his cheek “Okay, okay I know I’m yours don’t worry” he chuckled as he noticed Austin slightly pout. “Let’s go up.”

The VIP elevator dinged as they arrived. The workers who had previously planned on humiliating rain when he came to work were stunned. Their jaws dropped open, their paper work falling out their hands as they saw their entwined hands, and the way Austin exposed his loving and doting gaze on rain for everyone to see.

They both confidently strode to Austin’s office, ignoring everyone else as if in their own world.

The workers faces grew ugly, especially the females. They had exhausted all efforts trying to seduce the boss this week, yet he paid them no mind.

The innocent youth stood in the corner, his eyes glaring at their entwined hands as if looking at his worst enemy. No matter how many lovers the boss had he never held their hands and looked at them so lovingly. He bit his thumb between his teeth. I should find someone who I can use to help me and get rid of this slut.

After Austin had settled down at his desk and started his work, rain left his office to start his own. Since he had learned everything about being a secretary, he was able to complete his work extremely fast, he organized all the files, prepared all appropriate documents and scheduled appointments that Austin needed to attend. He was soon left with nothing to do so he decided to go back to Austin’s office.

He walked in front of his desk, peeking shyly at the work Austin was so focused on. He was about to turn around and leave when he was suddenly picked up and put onto his lap, his small back against his strong and warm chest as Austin rested his chin on his shoulder, wrapping one arm around his slender waist and doing his work with the other.

The corner of rains mouth twitched. He felt like a cat caught trying to escape after doing something bad. He tried to escape his grasp multiple times but failed, so settled on enjoying it instead. He leaned back against his chest and rested in his embrace.

He was startled awake with the door swinging open, there stood the innocent youth. His eyes flashed with hatred before he covered it up with big wet innocent eyes and walked into the office.

“B-boss...” he stuttered, looking as if he had been wronged.

“Yes? What do you need?” Austin replied blandly, only looking up once before returning to his work.

“U-uhm c-can I talk to you?” He murmured softly, biting his lower lip and fidgeting with his hands.

Oh Lord. Rain inwardly sneered. He narrowed his cold eyes on the youth, allowing his chilling aura to engulf him.

The youth staggered under its pressure before clenching his hands together, putting on his innocent expression again and trying again.

“C-can I talk to you... alone...” he stuttered innocently.

“What do you want to talk about?”

“U-hm its important... its about my family and I want some privacy...“he said, as he looked up, putting on an act like it took him a lot of confidence.

Austin sighed. If a worker wishes to talk privately he can’t refuse them, since according to the workers contract the employee has a right to privacy.

Rain who knew this, got up from his warm embrace and left, his face taut and expressionless, yet anger and irritation swimming in his eyes. He noticed the smug look on his face as he passed him.

He left to get something to eat. On his way through the workers main area he once again noticed the gazes of resentment and jealousy. However, it was unusual, as the workers all seemed to be holding a paper in their hands as they looked back and forth between rain and the paper and then sneering at him in disgust.

He snorted under his breath. ′Let me guess...the fake photos have been mass produced and given to the workers, am I right ace?′ he snickered, his eyes becoming darker with each disgusted gaze sent his way.

[One moment master I will check...Yes that seems to be the case. It seems the female lead, after suffering from such humiliation at the hall, with everyone seeing the photos of her with multiple men, decided it was your fault. She realized showing the photos like that wouldn’t work so she got them copied and given to all the workers.]

He turned around and headed back to Austin’s office. He pushed open the door. Austin’s eyes widened as he took in the darkness swimming in his eyes. The innocent youth was sat at the chair opposite the desk and seemed to have been in a deep conversation with Austin. “I need to talk to you. Now”. He spoke, irritation overflowing in his voice as he glanced at the innocent youth.

Austin nodded, “Kevin please leave it seems I have something urgent to attend to.”

“b-but you said you would listen...” He stuttered before he took in Austin’s blank gaze on his face and became irritated with the difference in how he looked at him and rain. His voice became higher, into a shout “can’t you tell he’s lying to you? He doesn’t love you! He’s whoring around. I LOVE YOU!! Why can’t you see that he is a lying slut? Everyone here knows it! He’s only after your money!!“.

Rain stood there, expressionless, yet his eyes were on the verge of insanity. He was inwardly debating whether or not he could knock this green tea bitch out without getting in trouble.

Austin was no better, his eyes dark, full of disgust and anger as he looked at the innocent youth. “Get out!” He shouted, his voice cold and dominating.

The youth staggered off the seat before scurrying out the room.

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