Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 2

Not soon after Zero had agreed to the contract with the system, his cold and empty eyes rolled back and his eyes were overcome with blank white, followed by his body collapsing onto the floor.

‘What the fuck?’ Zero thought as he awoke in a space which could only be called supernatural, there were floating rays of light in the sky with stars and enlarged planets.

He got up and looked around the unusual space with his cold eyes and his usual frozen expression. Curiosity and excitement flashed within his eyes as he analyzed his mystical surroundings but was gone before it was seen.

‘Where am I?’ He thought to himself as he stared coldly with narrowed eyes at the steel ball floating mid air.

[You are within your space, Host.] A cold monotone male voice sounded out as the system steadily floated toward its host.

‘It seems you are able to hear my thoughts,’

[Yes host]

‘Call me Master, Host is too boring’, Zero thought as he inwardly smirked, clearly amused with the situation.

[Understood, Master]

‘What should I refer to you as, steel ball?’

If the system were to have a face it would have been covered with a scary gloom. Zero had sensed this, and his lips quirked into a small smile. This little system will ease my boredom..

[Master... may call me what ever you wish]

‘Hm, I see... then.. I’ll call you Ace’

[Thank you Master, I will now be called Ace]

Right. Now tell me what you mean by my space and what will happen to my original body’

[Master, your space is a space within your soul where your material form ceases to exist. Your original body will be kept in a comatose state by the system and will be prevented from aging. if you were to return to your original world and body, it will be almost as if no time has passed.]

‘I understand. Tell me about what I am required to do.’

[Yes master, there are various worlds which will be chosen at random and master will be occupying the body of a random person within these worlds. The bodies which will be occupied are bodies which the originals have suffered greatly due to the children of the worlds, also known as the female and male leads. Master will be given mission as soon as master arrives in those worlds.]

‘Hm I see... Continue’

[Although Master cannot directly kill the male and female leads, Master may indirectly cause their downfall and take revenge for the original hosts.]

‘Hmm... what if I can’t be bothered to take revenge for someone I clearly never knew?’ Zero questioned with a clearly bored tone.

[Master will have to complete the missions or the penalty will be painful for master... the penalty would depend on the level of the mission failed... it could be very severe and destroy Masters soul]

I see... well I dont see why not as long as its fun and takes away my boredom, carry on.′ Zero thought as his lips raised into minuscule smile.

[After completing the missions master will be given points which master can use to access the system store and either acquire skills and upgrade or buy potions, pills and weapons.]

‘Interesting..’. Zero inwardly smirked as his cold eyes seemed to become enveloped by a bloodthirsty red hue.

The system shivered ′Did I make a mistake in choosing Master as my host? No..maybe this is why my previous hosts failed their missions... because they lacked the blood thirst and greed to take everything from the male and female leads...They were too human...′

System was brought back from his thoughts by a cold and clearly amused chilling voice

‘So you are saying I can deal with these male and female leads however I wish as long as they don’t die directly by my hand?’ Zero questioned as his head lowered, his black ebony wavy hair falling in front of his eyes, hiding the blood thirst hidden beneath as his sexy lips curled into a diabolic demonic smile.

[Y-Yes Master...] Ace shivered

‘I understand’. Zero coldly voiced and his usual demeanor returned as he suppressed his blood thirst and greed. He raised his head and the system was shocked at its hosts personality.

D-Does master have a split personality?′

‘What are you so worried about... hurry up and send me to the first world’ Zero coldly stated as he looked at his system and inwardly smirked, clearly amused at how a steel ball is able to look scared.

[Understood Master, the process will be painful please bear with it.]

Zero was flooded with a sudden intense pain in his head as he abruptly fainted.

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