Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 19

Austin and Rain left work early to go home and get ready.

Rain stepped out the bathroom after he changed into his suit and was greeted with the sight of Austin’s sexy body, revealed to the world with only a towel hung around his waist. Toned and strong muscles, just perfect. Mmm Damn. He thought as he rested his chin on his hand and raised his brows, smirking. So yummy and all mine.

“You like what you see, kitten?” His voice extremely husky and deep as he walked up to him in all his glory. He chuckled deeply as he saw the kitten eyeing his muscles like his new favorite candy.

“Yes I do. Now get ready”. Rain said sternly, with an expressionless face but his ears burning bright red.

“Okay kitten, be a good boy tonight and you’ll get a reward” he whispered huskily into his ear and licked up his ear.

Shit. This guy seriously knows how to get me hot and bothered. He backed away and scurried off to the bathroom again to hide his deep blush. Austin’s deep chuckle sounded from outside the bathroom.

“Are you ready kitten?” Austin’s deep voice floated into the bathroom where Rain was getting ready.

“Yeah nearly” he answered as he combed his hair back, adding gel to keep it in place, revealing his sinfully perfect features. He left his hair a bit ruffled, allowing a few stray hairs to fall in front of his eyes, giving him a more enticing and lazier look. He was dressed in a black Armani suit, in contrast to Austin, who was dressed in a grey Armani suit. When they stood together they looked in harmony, yin and yang. What one lacked, the other had.

After they got ready, they left for the event. The event was being hosted at an extremely large and elegant hall. The individuals there were all people with high statuses, businessman, entertainers, talented individuals.

When Rain and Austin entered the hall, all gossip ended and a deep silence arose. Everyone there eyed both sinful figures with astonishment and lust, they had never seen such perfect people before. They had known about Austin before, but now the beauty beside him left them dumbstruck. His hair lazily and sexily gelled back, revealing his enticing burning amber eyes covered in frost. His sinful red lips in a slight smile as he walked alongside the famous CEO. His elegance, grace and dominating aura didn’t lose to Austin’s at all.

“My... is that the young man our son was talking about?” Austin’s mother asked, voice soft and full of pride and astonishment. She was wearing an elegant cream dress, making her look mature and elegant, standing beside her husband, who had a cold, stoic expression. He looked like an older version of Austin with streaks of grey on his hair, only making him all the more intimidating and fiercer. His eyes sharp and inspecting like an eagle. He eyed Rain intensely, released his dominating aura rivaling that of both Rains and Austin’s. Under the pressure most would either shudder in fear or be intimidated, yet the young man with his son simply lifted his lips into a smile, confidently facing him head on.

“Mum, dad I’d like you to meet my boyfriend Rain”, Austin said as he gazed at Rain with pride and love.

“Hello, my name is Rain, it’s nice to meet you”, he said as he raised his hand.

“Nice to meet you too young man, my name is Darien”, Austin’s father responded, his voice deep and intimidating as he shook Rains hand with a firm grip. Which Rain returned equally.

Astonishment flashed through Darien’s eyes and a smile arose on his usually stoic face

“Nice to meet you Hun”, Austin’s mothers voice softly rang out. She went over to rain and hugged him tightly.

Rain smiled and returned the hug, “likewise.”

All throughout the interaction all eyes were on them, especially individuals who owned shadier businesses and CEO’s. They wanted to know if rain was someone worth getting to know, and if being aquatinted with him would benefit them and from what they saw, he was acquainted with a family who owned the largest business in the city. Their eyes were full of greed.

The more respectful CEO’s and businessman approached Rain and Austin and chatted with them both casually, intending to simply become friends. They were impressed with the young man’s aura and grace, he seemed as if he naturally belonged next to the wealthiest family.

“Austin I’m going to the toilet I will meet you back here” Rain said as he quickly squeezed Austin’s hand, Austin nodded and kissed him on the head.

He hastily retreated to the toilet. ′Ace why do I have a bad feeling like something is going to happen. Can you check what the female lead and snakes are up to.′

[Yes master, just a moment. Master it seems the female lead plans on broadcasting the fake photos of you with other men on the big screen in front of everyone in the hall.]

A demonic smile arose on his face as his eyes darkened. It seems she really didn’t get the message last time. He snickered, pinching the bridge of his nose before shaking his head.

‘Is there any way you can prevent the photos from being put onto the screen?’

[Yes, she intends to download them onto a computer and edit them into the slideshow of the charity. Therefore, when she puts them onto the computer I will delete them and add something else instead.]

‘Good. I’m starting to like you more and more Ace. Make sure to add something similar to what she had planned for me’. He smirked and chuckled Oh Katie Katie Katie, being stupid will be your downfall.

After Rain exited the men’s bathroom, in the corridor stood 3 females who turned to face him, hatred written on their faces, all dressed skimpily, showing off their curves in their extremely tight dresses. Rain raised a brow at them, wandering what drama he would have to deal with next.

“You. You think you can walk around with Austin, holding his hand like that and acting all lovey dovey?” Skimpily dressed female A screeched, pointing a dagger fingernail at him. “Listen here, I don’t know how you seduced Austin but tonight you’re going to get karma. How dare you seduce and lie to him. He may act loving, but he acted loving with all 3 of us when we were dating him. Don’t think that your special you dirty bastard. We know more about him then you ever will. Even about his family and his brother.”

Rain who had been standing there with his brow raised, eyes suddenly widened. Brother?

He has a brother? What happened in his past?

Female B saw the confusion on his face and barked out a laugh. “OH he didn’t tell you? Hahahaha oh my god we all know what happened in his past and he didn’t even tell you? The person he said he loves? Oh my god I’m going to die laughing”. The 3 all burst out laughing.

Rains eyes darkened into a dark pool on the verge of insanity. His lips in a straight line. His face unbearably dark and angry. “Leave”. He growled out, his face resembling a beautiful demon on verge of slaughter, his eyes flashing with bloodthirst. The three stopped laughing as an unbearable dark and cold aura overtook them, making them shudder. They scurried away quickly.

[Master...] Ace hesitated.

[Would you like to know what happened?]

No. Ace. I will wait for him to tell me, if he does that is.

Rain lowered his head, his eyes unbearably cold. Why didn’t he tell me? What hasn’t he told me? He told those bimbos but not me?

His lips trembled as mist overtook his eyes. He quickly smacked himself on the cheek. No. I won’t cry over something pathetic like this. He closed his eyes and rid himself of the wetness, he opened his eyes and smiled an empty smile that didn’t reach his eyes.

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