Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 18

There was Katie, sat on his lap with her lips on Austin’s. Austin’s face held shock as he saw Rain, he abruptly came to and pushed Katie off before furiously wiping his lips. His face dark, his aura overbearing, making Katie shiver.

She looked towards Rain, who had an extremely cold expression, and smiled smug and happy.

Rain felt the familiar feeling of bloodthirst rise in his chest, his eyes becoming a dark pool of insanity as he reached out and grabbed Katie by the hair, she screeched in agony as he dragged her by her hair and threw her out the office before slamming the door shut with a diabolic smile and locking it.

Rain turned to Austin with his sinister smile, his eyes cold, “Care to explain?” He growled as he grabbed Austin’s dark hair, bringing his face close to his own as he looked deeply into his eyes, as if trying to see everything.

Austin looked into Rains cold eyes bursting with insanity. His golden phoenix eyes narrowed and showed sadness and sincerity.

“Nothing happened, she came in saying you were a slut and showed me a bunch of fake photos of you with other men. When I told her to leave she suddenly forced herself onto me and kissed me, I was so shocked at what was happening I didn’t push her off fast enough, that’s when you opened the door. I did not kiss her back.”

Rain gripped his hair harder, as he looked closely into his eyes, making sure there was not even a single flash of guilt to show he was lying. He saw his eyes, his eyes that were always warm and loving flash with sincerity and love. He lowered his head and his diabolic smile faded and his eyes regained their warmth. He let go of his hair as he looked up and stared at the red lipstick on his lips. His eyes once again becoming cold. “Wipe that shit off your lips” he growled, eyes flashing darkly.

Austin was momentarily taken back before he wiped his lips more. He looked at his kitten’s possessive and ferocious expression and couldn’t help but chuckle, “You are mine and I am yours, I will never betray you, didn’t I tell you to trust me”, his deep husky voice rumbled out, containing a bit of sadness.

“I know, I am just... it’s just hard for me to trust someone, so when I saw what I saw I lost it. I do trust you”. He was suddenly taken into a loving warm embrace. Strong warm arms wrapped around his small waist. His eyes drifted shut as he took in his intoxicating scent and wrapped his slender arms around his waist.

Austin nuzzled his head in the crook of his neck, taking in his sweet scent before leaving a soft kiss on the side of his neck. “I’m sorry you had to see that, I will deal with her don’t you worry,” Austin murmured, his deep voice causing his warm chest to vibrate, soothing Rain as his cold minty breath fanned across his neck.

Austin opened his eyes, they were dark and demonic. That gold digger slut dared to force a kiss on me. I’ve gotten soft. I have to deal with her fast. How dare she hurt my kitten?

Rain was unable to see his dark bloodthirsty eyes as he snuggled deeper into his embrace. Feeling the cold breath against his neck, he shivered before looking up at his with loving, pure wide eyes. ′Just like a baby kitten...′ Austin chuckled, deep and husky, as he left a soft kiss on his nose.

“There is a charity event that we need to go to tonight. My parents, friends and basically everyone I am on good terms with will be there. I want to introduce you to my parents.” He said as he ran his flawless hand through Rains silky black hair. Rain narrowed his eyes at the soothing sensation before he yawned. “Okay”, he said softly, “Your mine anyway, even if your parents don’t like it.” he murmured, not realizing Austin could hear him.

Austin chuckled deeply as he kissed his head, “Yes yes I’m yours, such a grumpy lazy kitten.”

Rain quickly retreated from his embrace, his expression and eyes cold but his ears red.

He hastily left the office and slammed the door shut, once again hearing an amused deep chuckle vibrating through the door.

As he walked to his office he spotted Katie, standing there smugly despite her makeup and hair a mess.

Rain walked up to her, raised his brow, crossed his arms and snickered. “You really are pathetic, to force yourself on men that don’t want you. If you’re so desperate I can help you get a job as a prostitute, I think you will do quite well.”

Her face turned red as she attempted to refute but couldn’t.

After a minute of thinking what to say she sneered, “Just you watch, I will show everyone that you’re a slut and that your worthless. Austin will never love you, he is mine and always will be. You’re just a toy for him, he will use you and leave you just like his countless previous lovers and it will be so fun to see”, she giggled.

She was about to open her poisonous mouth once more, when she was slapped across the face so hard she staggered back and fell on her ass.

Her eyes widened in shock as she held her cheek “y-you slapped me”. She stuttered in disbelief.

“Yes, yes, I did. Did you think I’d let you go free when you had the audacity to sexually harass my man?“, He chuckled, his eyes cold and his lips in a demonic smile. He looked like an angel, yet a demon at the same time. He reached out and grabbed her hair, wrapping it around his fist before slamming her face against the wall.

The sound of the slam was accompanied by a sickening crack. Katie screeched in pain.

His voice a demonic, alluring whisper, as he chuckled in Katie’s ear, “Come near me or my man or try anything again and I will end you.”

He let go of her hair and she collapsed to the ground. Looking like a defeated mess.

Katie lay on the floor shuddering in fear, wet liquid coming from her skirt, dirtying the floor as blood dripped out her nose and mouth, she hastily nodded.

She shuddered. A demon.

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