Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 17

The 3 males possessed a refined and knowledgeable aura. It clearly indicated they were well known and respected within the workplace and had a high status.

2 were identical twins, they both had light brown hair, and a handsome face. One twin had green mischievous eyes while the other had stoic blue eyes. The 3rd person had black hair and a refined handsome face, he excluded an air of grace. “Kevin what’s wrong?” The 3rd person said, his voice concerned as he reached out a hand to ruffle the innocent youth’s hair.

The innocent youth eyes the three with big watery doe eyes as he bit his lips and stuttered. “I said sorry but...but he still wont l-leave me alone” he sobbed.

Rain stood there, expressionless, and rolled his eyes. Mirth flashed through his eyes before he coldly said “Me not leave you alone? Since when did that happen, if anything I told everyone to get back to work and here you are still acting like a dumb heroine.”

The mischievous twin eyed rain with curiosity as his lips rose into a smile “Hello, who are you?”

“I’m Rain, I am the new personal secretary of the boss, who may you be?”

“I’m Jake, this is my ice berg brother Iden and my friend Zeke.”

The other two eyed Rain with slight hesitance before they reached out their hands and shook hands with Rain.

“It’s nice to meet you”, Rain said as he flashed an innocent smile, and looked up at them with pure eyes.

The 3 were momentarily dazed before they cleared their throats. Meanwhile the innocent youth stood at the back ignored once again

‘I see, this is what you meant by less than cannon fodder, Ace’

[Yes, master, his existence is more forgettable than a cannon fodder]

Rain inwardly snorted, as he had a friendly conversation with the 3 and got to know them before heading to get something to eat and some coffee for Austin.

The innocent youth tried to bring up the subject again but was simply patted on the head and told not to worry so much about silly things before he was ignored again. His nails dug into his palms as he eyed rain with a vengeance.

Rain walked passed, ignoring the green tea bitch. He got something to eat and carried the coffee to Austin’s office.

As he arrived outside Austin’s office he heard 2 different voices through the door. His eyes flashed with confusion as he opened the door, only to be met by a sight that burned his morality to ash, his heart aching and a familiar feeling of betrayal and agony sank in as he became numb, his eyes hollow and lifeless.

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