Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 16

Austin walked with Rain towards his office.

The office was luxiourius, the interior design was elegant and refined. It had an intimidating feel. The CEO Austin had the top floor of the grand building to himself. Damn he’s living the luxurious life he inwardly chuckled.

It was not as if Rain did not notice the glares of hatred, envy and jelousy from the previous workers, its just that he does not have time to study the snake den, rather he would prefer not to have to.

Rain plopped down on the soft black sofa next to Austin’s desk. Austin took a seat on his chair at his desk and began looking through his many files.

“So... what is it I do exactly?“, he asked as he raised his brow, resting his chin on his hand.

“You stay with me. If you want, you can have a look over these contracts with me and I can teach you a think or two”. Getting up, he moved a chair close to Austin as he plopped down, completely ignoring the fact that Austin’s comment was extremely ambiguous.

‘Ace is there any way that I can improve my knowledge regarding business and management? I don’t want to waste Austin’s time teaching me.’

[Yes Master, if master wishes, you can purchase the skill which would give you the knowledge of not only how to run a business but also how to be a decent secretary.]

‘Will I have to learn the skill? If so, how long will it take?’

[Yes Master, you will have to learn it, and the process will be done inside your space, therefore even if you spend years there, not even a second would have passed in this world.]

‘Damn that’s some golden finger shit right there.’


‘How much is it?’

[It is 200, Master]

‘Alright, I’l purchase the skill.’

He leaned his head on Austin’s desk and turned his head to smile at the sight of his diligently working frosty expression, burning the sight of him into his mind before retreating to his space.

Alright let’s do this shit

10 years later, Rain left the space after having completed the skill course. his body gave off a overbearing elegance and dominance more than before. As he opened his eyes his head was still on the desk. He looked up and saw the same frosty expression.

“Since you’re not my sugar daddy I will go work as your secretary now.” He chuckled, flashing him an innocent smile before leaving and closing the door on his way out, hearing a deep amused chuckle behind him.

As soon as he left the room, his eyes became cold and unfeeling, his face expressionless as he walked towards his office. As he turned, the unusual sight of an extremely innocent looking youth greeted him as coffee soaked his suit. He looked at the youth with narrowed eyes, his aura suffocating all workers around him.

The youth’s eyes started watering, as he apologized repeatedly and sobbed. The workers all around Rain looked at him in distain, how can he look so coldly at someone so innocent? They though as their instincts to protect the youth arose.

‘Ah it seems green tea bitches must be a common theme in this world, eh? Ace’. Rain sneered inwardly.

[Sorry master, I did warn you of the dangerous snakes.]

He pulled out a handkerchief and dabbed at this suit, ignoring the eyes directed at him full of resentment.

He looked at youths’ eyes and saw a flash of delight and smugness upon realizing everyone was eyeing Rain with distain.

“Disappointing”, his cold voice rang out. Chilling and unfeeling yet melodic at the same time.

The surrounding people were stunned for a moment before regaining themselves.

“Is that how you speak to a coworker? Just because your Austin’s secretary now doesn’t mean you can bully someone so innocent. I bet you seduced the boss to get the job am I right you slut” A cannon fodder sneered.

All the other workers laughed and relished in him being humiliated. They hated him after the way he ignored them despite stealing the job they always wanted. Their eyes full of ridicule burning on Rain.

“Jealously is a rather ugly theme on your face. Let me guess, you have always wanted the position I have and have an inferiority complex when you compare yourself to me. Is that it?” Rain chuckled as he lifted his brow and narrowed his enticingly cold eyes at the fool.

The cannon fodders face was overtaken with an intense blush as he attempted to refute but couldn’t think of anything to say.

“I will have you remember, if I want you gone I can achieve it with a single phone call. In fact, that’s a good idea”. Rain smirked provocatively at the surrounding people. His chilly amber eyes narrowing as he tapped his chin as if in deep thought. “Slandering and calling people names is not something the boss would appreciate”.

Rain reached into his pocket and brought out his phone. All the surrounding people could hear was his melodic cold voice informing their boss of the situation. They paled as they realized they had just provoked their boss’s personal secretary.


Rain ended the call as he elegantly slipped his phone back into his pocket and stroked the golden cuffs on his suit. “You there, cannon fodder A. Your fired. The boss told me to tell you that you need to report to him, so you can sign your resignation and hopefully, for your sake you won’t be fined for slander”. He smiled his innocent smile, captivating everyone around him.

Everyone had already forgotten about the innocent youth that poured coffee on him. He faded into the background. The innocent youth gritted his teeth as he eyed Rain with distain and jealously. ′That man should have been mine, yet this slut has him wrapped around his finger! He has the attention of everyone! All the time! This slut I will ruin your face, then we will see how arrogant you can be’ he sneered inwardly yet kept the waterworks going.

’Ace I wasn’t aware that Austin had a fanatic psychopathic fanboy ′ he inwardly mused as his red lips lifted into a cold smile.

[Master, since the fanboy was even less than a cannon fodder he was not really relevant. However, now that you have started working here, he has become relevant. Since you have become a secretary, new individuals who were not originally involved in the world before will become more prominent.]

’I see, well this is what I have to deal with for changing things.′ He sighted and shook his head. His lush black hair falling around his downcast amber eyes. He resembled a disappointed kitten.

He raised his head and saw everyone still looking at him, as if hypnotized. “Well? Get back to work”. He rumbled out, voice cold and dominating, nothing like the previous melodic voice.

They all shivered and scurried away with their tails tucked between their legs. While the youth just stood there and glared, before he noticed 3 handsome males coming up to him and quickly put on a pitiful expression.

Ohhh boy here we go again Rain sneered.

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