Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 15

“Don’t you already have a secretary?” His eyes widen slightly like a confused kitten

“Yes, but I want you to be my Personal secretary” he chuckled as he stroked his cheek, “this way you will be by my side”. He reached over and pressed a soft kiss on his nose.

“Fine”, he huffed, blush spreading over his face, with a miniscule smile.

The duo spent their day watching TV, with Austin doting on him, massaging his damaged body while cuddling in front of the screen. He later carried the sleeping kitten upstairs and placed him in bed before embracing him in his protective warmth, drifting off to sleep.

Unknown to him Rain had been awake, his slightly downcast eyes trembled and opened, red and misty, he had long forgotten when someone had treated him so lovingly, as if he were precious. His heart ached with the warmth from this person. He looked up at the flawless face in front of him and slowly traced his features with his slender fingers. He pressed himself further into his strong embrace and took in his intoxicating scent as he closed his eyes and smiled. Mine.

In the morning Rain had dressed into a tailor made professional and elegant black suit to wear as Austin’s personal secretary. After spending 30 minutes with Austin staring at Rain’s delectable body in the body fit suit, they departed for work.

The building they arrived at was huge and luxurious, black tinted windows and an elegant feel that intimidated all who looked. Damn. he whistled under his breath.

They stepped out of the car, ‘Ace is there anything I need to know about the people in this place?’

[Yes master, there are quite a few dangerous individuals who work here, they are known to be in regular contact with Austin during work. However, they do this deliberately as they wish to curry favor with him. Thus, knowing that you are his personal secretary they will either decide to get you fired using underhanded means so that they can have a chance at taking your position or curry favor with you.]

Damn, this place infested with snakes. A smirk arose on his red soft lips as he grabbed his bag from the car seat and closed the car door. If they think im easy to play with they are very wrong. A diabolic light flashed through his beautiful amber eyes.

A husky delicious voice took him out of his thoughts, “you ready?“, He asked as he dotingly gazed down at his kitten.

“Yupp” he grinned, shining his perfect teeth as he innocently looked up at Austin through his lush black lashes.

This little kitten is playing with fire Austin inwardly groaned, attempting to suppress the growing heat in his body.

Rain surpressed a mischievous smirk before looking down and discarding his innocent fragile aura as he regained his natural, cold, indifferent and dominating aura.

Austin’s golden phoenix eyes slightly widened in shock, he hadn’t known his kitten was able to release such a formidable aura. He could tell from his aura that he was superior, in not only knowledge but in talent.

The aura he had was one which he had only seen from the most dangerous and formidable businessman. His flawless features taking on an expression of pride. It seems my kitten is actually a tiger when he wants to be. He smiled, his lips lifting into a bewitching and sinful arc.

Rain raised his head, his cold and indifferent eyes flashed with love as he looked at Austin. “I’m ready”.

They entered the building. Immediately the receptionist’s eyes widened and as her face was overtaken with an intense blush. Oh my god... I already know boss is a sinful feast for the eyes but who is that other hottie next to him. She suppressed her blush and lustful eyes as she felt a dark and angry gaze directed at her from her boss. She noticed the possessive light in his eyes as he gazed at the smaller man next to him. She inwardly squealed OH. MY. GOD. YES!

The boss’s aura had always been formidable enough but combined with the aura of the beauty next to him, it was intense enough to make one unable to breath. They both looked like they belonged in a painting, every feature, every aspect of them was perfect.

The VIP elevator dinged. Out of the elevator came 2 sinful looking men. The workers all stared in shock at the scene. The bosses beauty was demonic and hypnotizing enough, but the beauty at his side could be said to look as equally beautiful, his cold, unfeeling burning amber eyes swept over the workers, before looking back to the front, disregarding them as though he were a prince and they were peasants. His stance and walk in contrast to the bosses overbearing and dominating one was elegant and refined. The workers were all struck silly and hypnotized by those eyes and that face, they stood mouth open and eyes wide.

Rain snorted under his breath, ah truly in this world looks really do change the way people see you, so sad.

Once the workers all regained themselves, they just realized this new person disregarded them and looked over them like they were irrelevant, their faces grew ugly with hatred and jealously. They all know how long countless workers have been trying to walk beside the boss, yet this beauty comes in, takes the position they all longed for and acted like they didn’t exist.

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