Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 14

After a long peaceful drive to Austin’s mansion with rain dozing off half way and Austin secretly snapping photos of him, they both got out of the car.

Damn Is this a castle. He observed the building with wide eyes. The mansion was large and elegant, not too classy and not too overdone. It was refined and gave off a soothing atmosphere. There was a large water fountain in front of the mansion that only made the building even more extravagant. It was surrounded by red roses.

Rain snorted under his breath, his burning amber eyes shone with mirth under the sun, obviously If there’s a mansion there’s a water fountain. He was brought out of his thoughts by a deep soothing voice, “you don’t like it?” Austin asked as he narrowed his warm golden eyes.

“No, it’s just I forgot you were a CEO with the way you had the leech stuck to your arm all day. One would expect a CEO to be at work not playing dolls with gold diggers” he teased as he eyed Austin with eyes overflowing with mischief and mirth.

Austin’s narrowed phoenix eyes flashed with astonishment and surprise as he gazed at Rains face. “It seems I’m learning more about your personality as time goes by” he chuckled.

“Do you not like this me?” Rain asked, his voice dancing with mischief yet if one looked closely at his eyes they would see a trace of vulnerability.

“I love all sides of you”, he said as he reached out his flawless finger and tucked a stray hair behind his ear and pecked his head. He let his lips linger there, relishing in the softness of the kitten’s skin.

Rain tried to keep his expression cold and unfeeling but the warmth radiating from the lips on his forehead made him shiver, as his intoxicating minty scent wafted through his nose. Happiness flashed through his eyes and the redness rapidly spreading on his ears clearly indicated his feelings. He turned his head “come on let’s go or do you want me to live out here instead of the mansion” he huffed as he walked off.

A deep amused chuckle sounded behind him. Too cute.

After Austin had given Rain a tour around the mansion they sat down at to discuss matters.

“What will happen with my parents?” Rain asked, his voice muffled as he continued to munch on the pear in his mouth.

“I will deal with them, don’t worry”. Austin replied as he brought out his handkerchief and wiped his kittens’ lips softly as a doting and loving light flashed through his eyes.

“Okay, then which room will I be sleeping in” Rain asked with an innocent expression. He snorted inwardly obviously were going to stay in the same room, he’s mine now.

“You will be with me”, His amused deep voice rumbled as he gazed dotingly at the innocent yet mischievous expression on his kitten’s face. Such a sly little kitten

“So, what am I... are you my sugar daddy or something? I want to work, not be taken care of and not giving anything back”. His narrowed amber eyes holding a determination not to back down as his lips unconsciously formed into a pout.

Austin’s eyes darkened as his gaze lingered on his pout. He cleared his throat.

Austin sighed, “I wouldn’t mind you not giving anything back but if you insist on getting a job I think I have a perfect one for you”. His sinful red lips lifted into a smile as his golden eyes narrowed. And he mouthed, “my personal secretary”.

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