Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 13

Warning, contains slight sexual content

His narrowed golden eyes lit up, showing an extreme happiness, love and warmth as he gazed at Rain. His red sinful lips lifted into a captivating smile. Rain was stunned by the pure beauty for a moment before he cleared his throat, looking away with a blush coating his ears. His heart beating loudly in his chest.

Austin chuckled, his husky voice sending shivers down Rain’s spine as he closed the distance between them. The heat radiated off his body and seemed to calm rain yet cause him to heat up at the pure sexual energy he oozed. Austin reached out his other hand and stroked rains pouty lips, his golden orbs narrowing as they darkened, and he swallowed. Their faces were now so close that their breaths entwined. Rain could feel the cold, tantalizing minty breath brushing his face as he looked into the golden orbs that contained a resolution and looked into his as if asking for permission. He slightly nodded, entrapped by those dark demonic eyes clouded with love, lust and desperation.

Oh shit... is this really happening Rain thought as Austin abruptly closes the distance between their faces, his red slender lips licked and sucked on rains pouty soft lips as if he couldn’t get enough. So sweet so soft... just like I thought...

Rain responded just as eagerly, tasting those sinful red lips. Mmm minty, his hand reaching up to grab Austin’s luscious black hair as he pulled him closer, licking his sinful lips once more before biting his lush bottom lip and tugging it, teasing him. Austin’s gold orbs darkened even further as a growl left his throat. His strong arm pulling rain flush against him, making rain gasp in surprise. He took that chance to thrust his tongue into his warm wet mouth, his tongue eagerly reaching the depths of his mouth as he entwined his tongue with his small red one. A deep groan rumbled through Austin’s chest as Rain eagerly sucked on his tongue, tasting him. His strong hand grabbed Rains soft black hair, pulling his head back, demanding obedience before he regained control of the kiss. His gold eyes flashing with a predatory light. Rain let out a small moan at the pain and pleasure, his small moans only fueling Austin’s lust even more.

They both eagerly sucked, bit and tasted each other before a knock sounded on the hospital room door, taking them both out of the moment.

They both gazed into each other’s eyes, breathless before reorganizing themselves.

“Come in,” Austin called out, his voice deep and husky.

The female doctor entered, slightly flustered after seeing their red lips and disheveled appearance. ′Oh my god thank the lord for blessing me today, such hot hunks are together?′ She inwardly screeched as she fumbled around with her pen and equipment, giving Rain a health check.

Rain noticed this and inwardly smirked, amusement flashing through his eyes as he looked at the red faced and flustered doctor. Austin sat there, with an expressionless face yet warm, doting eyes narrowed on his kitten’s amused expression and his lips raised into a small smile.

After all procedures had been completed, Rain had requested to leave. After ensuring the doctor he would rest properly he left the hospital with Austin.

Hey guys its my first time writing something like this I hope it was alright ’^-^

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