Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 12

A sharp throb wakes Rain up from his slumber.




The monitor sounds as he jolts awake, amber eyes narrowing in a confused chill as he gazes around the white hospital room and at the flowers on the desk.

He attempts to move his body, but is engulfed in an intense pain. Fuck that shit hurts.

His forehead, covered with beads of sweat. His midnight black hair stuck to his pale complexion, making him seem fragile and innocent. Dark purple bruises are littered across his face, forming a scary contrast to his pale skin.

‘Ace what’s going on’

[Master, after you lost conscious the police came in, saw the state you were in and arrested your parents on the spot. They were taken into custody while you were taken to the hospital. They needed to call someone who knew you to ensure someone knew of your situation, when they came across the number Austin gave you and informed him of everything that transpired]

Rain snickered under his breath and shook his head. The original Rain should have done this in the first place, but he was too innocent and thought his parents beat him like animals in the wild for his own good. Oh well, as expected everything went according to plan. He mused to himself as the hospital door suddenly burst open.

Austin strode through the door way, stepped forward to clutch Rain’s slightly bruised small hand in his, as his narrowed golden orbs melted with concern and roamed his face with barely concealed anger. His flawless face drastically darkened and the room temperature dropped.

“How long” he asked, voice raspy and deep with anger and pain.

His golden phoenix eyes filled with love and pain as he stroked his bruised cheek comfortingly with his warm flawless fingers.

“Long enough.” Rain rasped out, his voice breaking slighting at the end before he looked away from those warm eyes.

It seems the original Rain’s memories affected me quite a lot for a moment. He thought as he cleared his throat and closed his eyes, attempting to rid himself of the tears that were forming.

“Stay with me.” A deep husky voice demanded.

What? Rains eyes flew open and widened into a genuine expression of shock. He looked up at Austin’s face and saw his tired complexion. He had darkness under his eyes, and looked like he didn’t sleep. He was dressed in a white t-shirt that had buttons undone at the top, making his exquisite, sexy collarbones slightly visible. His sleeves were rolled up, showing off his sexy toned arms. He looked exhausted, his mid night black hair ruffled as if he had been running his hand through it repeatedly in worry, yet his exhausted appearance did nothing but eventuate his charms further, as it gave him a languid and sinful just rolled out of bed look.

“Stay with me and I will promise you no one will ever hurt you again.” He vowed, his voice deep and husky. Rain shivered at the intensity of his voice. He saw truth, honesty and a promise. Those golden orbs held him captive as he stared into them as if hypnotized. He quickly realized he was staring too much and cleared his throat and looked away, a genuine blush coating his ears.

He wanted to stay with him, but he was too scared to answer. He was too scared to get close. Worried that in the end he will be betrayed, left to suffer the agony of loving someone who had hurt him and then realizing once again that he was never loved.

He slightly gripped the big strong hand that kept his small palm warm, as if trying to soak up the warmth. He fought with his demons in his mind, wandering whether or not he should give him a chance.

“Please. Just give me a chance, trust me.” His sinfully deep voice flowed out with a hint of desperation. His sword like brows creased in worry as he anticipated Rain’s answer.

A stray tear fell from his dull amber eyes as he thought of his life of loneliness. He made a resolution. If this person wanted him to stay with him he would tie him to his side, never let him go. Austin Vera would be his forever. If he dares to betray him he would make him regret it.

“Okay.” he rasped out as he entwined their fingers and looked into the beautiful golden eyes that were clouded with an unusual desperation before hearing his words.

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