Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 11

The door slammed shut. Its sound vibrating through the house.

Rain grimaced at the sound as he glanced up into the orbs of his mother. She resembled a demon, ruthless and ready to relish in her own sons’ pain. Disgusting Rain snorted inwardly yet looked into her eyes with bright wide amber eyes clouded with fear and panic.

“Ahh you little bitch it seems you know what you done wrong eh?” His mother hissed in his face, her spit flying everywhere as she painfully gripped his hair harder. She dragged him by his hair into the front room.

‘Shit this pain killer must be a knockoff’

[I assure you master it is not]

“Who do you think you are you little bastard? Going out during the day when you should be here taking care of us!! It seems we need to teach this little bastard a lesson what do you think honey?” She screamed in his face as she threw him harshly onto the floor before looking at her husband who was lazed on the couch with a beer in hand, relishing in the way his wife was treating his own son.

“Yeaaah I think we do”, he slurred intoxicated with alcohol.

Thus, the beatings began, they kicked, punched and clawed at him as though he were an intruder in their house. Rain made sure to scream and shout in pain extra loudly every time they landed a hit to guarantee that noises could be heard by the neighbor’s.

’Shit there are definitely going to be some broken bones’, he though as he struggled to get up on his feet after the beatings were finished.

His sight grew blurry and he was unable to walk. There were black dots clouding his vision. ′Shit. Ace where are the police.′

[Master the police are outside and are currently about to force their way into the house.] the cold monotone voice sounded with a hint of worry.

‘About fucking time’ he thought as he fell to the floor and slowly blacked out. The last thought in his head was of the person with the gold phoenix eyes that became warm and loving when they looked at him, and the warmth he felt from that person’s hand, as it protected him and made him feel loved.

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