Finding Reason

By SashaSecret All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 10

After spending the day roaming around town, with Austin treating him like a treasure and buying him practically everything Rain had laid his eyes on, they sat on the bench in the park.

The sky was dark, and the stars were visible in night sky. Austin kept his gaze on Rain as he sat comfortably on the bench beside him gazing up at the night sky. His gaze on Rain was extremely warm and protective. He wanted to protect this person, wipe his tears when he cried, give him a shoulder to learn on, and claim him as his. He reached out his hand and stroked Rains hand that was resting in his lap. He slowly grasped it, while keeping eye contact with the kitten to make sure he wasn’t scaring him away. His golden phoenix eyes incomparably warm and loving as he took his hand in his and entwined their fingers.

Warning bells were going off in Rains head. He was getting too close. Too close. Yet he was unable to withdraw his small palm from the loving warmth of the bigger hand. It engulfed his, as if wanting to protect him. He was genuinely shocked. No one was able to get past his barriers protecting him, yet this male lead had somehow left a dent in his steel wall. But he didn’t hate it, he knew in the end if he got too close and was betrayed, he would suffer again.

He had a genuine expression of fragility, innocence and pain as he lowered his head to hide his wet red lined amber eyes that were full of suffering and pain.

Austin noticed he had his head lowered. He grasped his small hand tighter as he reached over and placed his other hand under the kitten’s chin and raised his head. He sucked in a breath at the pain he saw in his eyes. He saw a desire to be loved yet being unable to allow someone to love him. He saw a deep-rooted pain in his eyes. A lack of self worth. He wandered who had hurt him to this extent and why they would hurt someone so precious. He reached down and placed a soft kiss on his forehead, letting his lips linger there for a moment before he pulled back.

Rain’s heart trembled. No no I can’t let him get this close its too close, he repeated in his mind. He took his hand away from the comforting warmth and looked away from the warm eyes that wished to carry all of his pain. He quickly suppressed his inner pain and put on the expression of simple innocence.

“I-I should get back home”, he stuttered as he averted his eyes away from the golden phoenix eyes that were narrowed on his expression.

Austin knew it would take time for him to open up and be the real him instead of hiding behind the wall that he built. He understood he needed time alone, so he dropped him home, kissing him once more on the forehead before leaving his number with him.


[Yes Master.] the cold monotone voice sounded out.

‘Are Rains shitty parents’ home?′

[Yes master, they are and they seem to be quite annoyed judging by the loud voices arguing inside.]

‘Well fuck me’ Rain grimaced as he thought about how to escape the beatings he knew were coming his way.

‘Have you got anything you can give me to suppress pain?’

[Yes Master, There are many different levels and types of pain suppression pills within the system shop but master only has 2000 points which master received within the starter pack.]

‘Starter pack? Why didn’t you tell me about this shit’

[Apologies master, I got sidetrackedthinking that you had a split personality’. Also since this is Masters first world there are no specific missions to complete.]

‘Alright whatever have I got enough to buy a low-level pain suppression pill’

[Yes Master, it will be approximately 200 points. It will suppress 50% of pain]

‘Alright that’s fine give it here’

’Ace can you call the police using a human voice and tell them that you can hear loud shouting and possible abuse happening in this house? Also hack into the camera on the street that is pointed towards the house and record everything that happens’. Rain smirked as he thought of a good idea to finally get rid of these shitty people.

[Yes Master, right away.]

‘Have you called the police yet?’

[Yes master I just did.]

’I see, wonderful′ he snickered under his breath as he tilted his head and tapped his chin with his flawless finger. His burning amber eyes narrowed with an icy chill and shone with mischief. Well, may as well get started.

Standing outside the house door, Rain took in a deep breath and knocked on the door. The door opened and there stood his mother. Her eyes were ablaze with fury and disgust as she glared at him before grabbing him harshly by his hair and pulling him into the house then slamming it shut.

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