Arrow Jack(Rough Draft)

By Ruenigami All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action


Far in the west lies an island, named Stoikia, an island full of greedy nobles, poverty, murder, witches and more. But Jackson Fen, and his older brother, Borison Fen, are the only sane and pure people on that island. Along with some other outsiders, and Jack's plan is to get off that island, and escape to a nearby island to the east, named Chrylotine, an island supposedly safer than any other. And start a fresh new village for the people of Stoikia, to take back from the nobles, and prove Jack`s worthiness of leadership. Could Jack and Boris find a way to save their people of Stoikia, or will they fail? This is the story of how Arrow Jack came to be.


~This Story is dedicated to my Grandpa John, going great distance, just to see us and spend time with us! Thanks for being there for us.

Marytstin 13/548 E3

The dead shrubs were swaying back and forth, rivers running gently as the wind blew harsh, reeking smells coming from unknown locations, skeletal corpses littering the land. The Homeless begging for any extra change which no one has. Everyone seemed miserable in their living conditions. Misery was the only thing that could be seen, welcomed by none but common to all. All but one strange family which lived in the far east of the island didn’t seem to know what agony was, for what they had was peace.

¨Hey Boris, I figured it out!” Jack said as he sat up.

¨Figured what out?¨ Boris asked as crossed his legs.

There was a little silence as Jack made his made his way towards a giant rock, picking up a nearby stick.

¨Its my village name, the village that will save the people here, the village that will show Pa that I can be a great leader!¨ Jack yelled out as he got ready to jump.

“Arrow Jack!” Jack yelled out as he stood on a nearby rock, holding a stick like it was a sword.

“Sounds like a dunce name,” Boris said as he leaned back in his chair, fiddling around with an arrowhead he had found.

“You're kind of a dunce!” Jack laughed out as he jumped off the rock.

¨I am sorry, it sounds funny, a village named after you?¨ Boris said as he shrugged

Jack rolled his eyes as he threw a rock at Boris, then he threw one back. They played a little war of throwing rocks for a while,

Then the boys playing swords with sticks, it was as if all the dreadful things in the world just disappeared for that moment, but they were still lingering around them, to remind them that they were still in a world of horror.

Stoikia was one of them, they were clueless.

“Supper is ready Jack! Boris!” Their Pa yelled out as the two boys stopped what they were doing, and made their way towards their house.

“You think Pa has brought Wisp meat stew as he promised?” Boris said as he put his hands on his stomach.

“I hope so! I always wanted to try, I want to go to Kalhea with Pa someday.” Jack said as he looked at the sky like he was wishing.

“Well, let us see what tomorrow has to offer!” Boris said as a man wearing a bird mask and leather cap caught his eye, making his way through the door.

The man glared at Boris with an evil stare, everything that was negative in the world came back to Boris`s mind.

The man confused Boris, but the eyes made him uncomfortable, he wanted his Mother.

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